American Gods: Fired, Orlando Jones (Anansi) shouts racism and accuses

In legend of the second publication of his video on his Instagram account, Orlando Jones also involves several stars (African-American or not) to substantiate his allegations also targeting Fremantle Media, production company ofAmerican Gods and TV programs like America’s Got Talent : “I was fired from American Gods on September 10, 2019. Just like Gabrielle Union, Mel B, Nick Cannon, Heidi Klum, who all said that working with Fremantle is an absolute nightmare“he writes. Revolted to be treated like a”second class citizen“, the actor promises other revelations to come:”I’ll tell the whole truth, nothing but the truth“, he indicates, giving with this formula of court of justice a procedural turn to his indictment. On the other hand, he does not forget to address his thanks to the showrunners of the first two seasons (Neil Gaiman, author of the fantastic novel whose series is the adaptation, and Bryan Fuller and Michael Green, the creators), who also allowed him to be a screenwriter and producer on the project.

Simple question d’intrigue ?

On the production sideAmerican Gods, Orlando Jones’ accusations did not go unanswered. A spokesman denied that his ouster had any connection to political or racial considerations, saying it was all a question of scenario: “The intrigues ofAmerican Gods have continued to change and evolve to reflect the complex mythology of the original material. The role of Mr. Jones was not selected because Mr. Nancy, like other characters, does not appear in the portion of the novel on which season 3 is based. Several new characters, most of whom have already been announced, will appear in the world of Shadow Moon [theheroplayedby[lehérosjouéparRicky Whittle, Editor’s note] to continue making the series one of the most diverse on television“, said the representative.

Not sure that these objections convinced the main interested party. After refusing to name the showrunner he was targeting, contenting himself in a tweet to designate him as “born in Connecticut and passed through Yale“, Orlando Jones put on Instagram a video of mocking support Charles Eglee for the recovery of African-American codes.

Florida: Welcome to Disneyland for Retirees – Economy

The Villages in Florida has more than 100,000 residents. Almost all of them are retired, children are not allowed. Is that the future of aging?

When you think of boom cities in the USA, you think of San Francisco and its IT billionaires. Or to New York and its investment bankers. But hardly anyone comes to the fastest growing city in the United States. It’s called The Villages and is located in Florida, an hour’s drive northwest of Orlando. 114,000 people now live here, and 300 new houses are built every month. All residents are old, The Villages is a retired town.

Time for a site visit. One of the poorest parts of America is located between Orlando’s airport and The Villages. Swings rust in the front gardens, windows are boarded up, the streets are dusty and full of potholes, the few shops that are still open are liquor stores or one-dollar discounters. Then turn once to the entrance of The Villages. Paradise is behind the barriers. The paradise for the old. Anyone who wants to buy a house must be over 55 years old. Children are forbidden, they are allowed to visit for a maximum of 30 days a year, and only with advance notice.

The Villages is one gated community. Anyone who wants to drive in is photographed and registered; anyone who wants to stay overnight needs a guest pass. The palm trees sway in the wind, lawn sprinklers sprinkle, golf carts almost only buzz on the perfectly paved roads. They even have their own lanes. There are 76 swimming pools, 40 golf courses, and supposedly a black market for cheap, over-the-counter Viagra. Anyone visiting here as a young person is eyed, especially the young women. “Take care of yourself, you never know with the elderly,” advises Dave, one of the bartenders in the retired town. “The old people consider themselves irresistible here.”

Behind The Villages is a real estate developer who passed away almost a year ago. He never talked to the press and the Villagers never got to see him, even though he lived in the middle of the retirement settlement, behind high hedges. The “developer”, as the residents call him, had bought hectares of land during his lifetime and raised The Villages. Everything belongs to his family here: the local newspaper, the local radio station and the TV station. The golf cart dealer, the insurance company, the bank, the kiosks where you can buy your beer at happy hour. She sends private law enforcement officers through The Villages, the Community Watch, which patrols the streets with white cars so that no one loafs around or places a dwarf in the front yard. Front garden decoration is prohibited. All houses look the same, the lawn is the same length and green everywhere.

The Villages is a utopia for the elderly. Vacation to the end, fun, fun, fun every day. Is that the future of aging?