The return of the Columbia House

Music lovers, rejoice!

After going bankrupt last August, the American branch of Maison Columbia will soon be reborn from its ashes to take advantage of the new vinyl craze.

The Wall Street Journal spoke with John Lippman, the businessman who got his hands on the company for a whopping $ 1.5 million. He hopes to attract Generation Y by relaunching the institution on the Web and promoting it on social networks.

A vinyl love

“For a [produit] which is more and more popular, there are not many options, ”notes the businessman who – obviously – did an incredibly cursory market research before buying the Columbia House.

Since the format’s rise in the purchasing habits of music lovers, a variety of web services offer the purchase of vinyl records online. Among these are Discogs, Insound, Decks, even Amazon and even Walmart.

Coming soon in Quebec?

As the Canadian branch of Maison Columbia went bankrupt in 2010, it is doubtful that Lippman will bet on Canada as soon as his project is relaunched.

In the meantime, we invite you to bet on your labels and local record stores.

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Tennessee high school student dies from gunfire while protecting three teenage girls

Zaevion Dobson died in a shootout Thursday night. He was shot in the head while protecting three young girls targeted by the shooters. Obama paid tribute to the young man on Twitter.

Since Thursday, America mourns its new hero. Zaevion Dobson died in an absurd shooting on the evening of December 17 in Knoxville, Tennessee. His sacrifice helped protect three young girls whom members of a suspected gang were targeting, apparently for no particular reason. This heroic gesture moved even the White House. On Twitter Barack Obama paid tribute to the young man.

“Zaevion Dobson died saving three friends from gunfire. He behaved like a hero at age 15. What’s our excuse for not taking action?” Tweeted the president. The end of his second term was marked by several killings. On December 22 the “Gun Violence Archive“listed some 324 shootings, or tragedies involving more than four victims.

Death in the arms of his brother

Just before the events, the young man was sitting in front of the porch of his house with his 17-year-old brother, Zach. It was around 10 p.m. when a group of men appeared who seemed to shoot people in the street at random. Seeing that three teenage girls were in danger of being caught under fire, he threw himself on them and acted as a human shield. The three girls escaped unscathed. Zach joined his dying brother. “I was shaking him, I was telling him: ‘I love you, wake up, I love you, I need you'”, he confided to CBS News.

Described as “a brilliant brother”, Zaevion was passionate about Football. Everyone at his Fulton High School and his family raved about him. Rob Black, his coach with the Fulton Falcons, speaks with Local8now of a young man “out of the ordinary”. He had great hopes for this player from a very disadvantaged background and who appeared to be an example to follow. Still at the same media, Zach explains that his brother lived for his sport. “He would come home from school, do his homework, watch movies, documentaries about football, the players. That’s what he liked.”

Madeline Rogero, mayor of Rausch and Knoxville, describes a “success story” and recalls that “Zae” was a “mentor involved in associations of the city”. With tears in his eyes, the headmaster of the school described a “boy who was always looking to take care of others, someone whose company we were looking for, (…) a clown”. As for the police chief, he uses the term “hero”. Zaevion Dobson will be buried on December 26.

The alleged murderer found dead 2 hours later

Who killed Zaevion Dobson? It seems the hapless teenager was the victim of a settling of scores between rival gangs. The house of a certain Brandon Perry, in another neighborhood, had been targeted by gunfire earlier in the day. Her mother had been slightly injured. It seems that the offender wanted revenge by organizing a punitive expedition in the district of Zaevion.

Two hours later, the same Brandon Perry was found dead, shot and killed, driving a car that crashed into a house. Two of his accomplices who were in the vehicle were arrested.

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• University of Mainz hopes for new perspectives with the cyclotron

In the future, a new particle accelerator will complement the research landscape at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (JGU) and will also be available for clinical applications in medicine. The cyclotron was brought into an underground building of the Institute for Nuclear Chemistry on the JGU campus on Thursday. It will generate short-lived isotopes, which are mainly needed for basic research, but also for positron emission tomography (PET). The cost of the large-scale research device is around one million euros and is funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) and the Rhineland-Palatinate Research Initiative. The cyclotron is scheduled to go into operation in spring 2016.

Introduction of the cyclotron on the campus of the University of Mainz | Photo: Hans-Martin Schmidt

The cyclotron is a circular particle accelerator that has a floor area of ​​around 7.5 square meters and a height of two meters. The device, which weighs 50 tons, was brought into an underground structure from above with the help of a crane through an opening in the ceiling. In addition to the room for the cyclotron itself, this new building also includes rooms for technology, control and monitoring as well as a lock. The building is directly connected to the nuclear chemistry extension with all safety-relevant devices.

By accelerating protons to an energy of 9.7 megaelectron volts (MeV), the two radioactive elements fluorine-18 and carbon-11 can in future be produced in the facility, which are mainly used for research in chemistry and pharmacy, but also in medicine Diagnostics for imaging using PET are needed. F-18 and C-11 have a short half-life of two hours and 20 minutes, respectively, and must therefore be produced near the point of use in order to be available in sufficient quantities. Radiopharmaceuticals labeled with C-11 have not yet been produced in Mainz because of their particularly short half-life. This is now possible with the new device at JGU.

(from left) Univ.-Prof.  Dr.  Tobias Reich (Executive Director Institute for Nuclear Chemistry), Prof. Dr.  Norbert Trautmann (Institute for Nuclear Chemistry), Dr.  Waltraud Kreutz-Gers (Chancellor of JGU), Univ.-Prof.  Dr.  Georg Krausch (President of JGU) and Univ.-Prof.  Dr.  Frank Rösch (Institute for Nuclear Chemistry) introducing the cyclotron on site
(from left) Univ.-Prof. Dr. Tobias Reich (Executive Director Institute for Nuclear Chemistry), Prof. Dr. Norbert Trautmann (Institute for Nuclear Chemistry), Dr. Waltraud Kreutz-Gers (Chancellor of JGU), Univ.-Prof. Dr. Georg Krausch (President of JGU) and Univ.-Prof. Dr. Frank Rösch (Institute for Nuclear Chemistry) introducing the cyclotron on site
| Photo: Hans-Martin Schmidt

“The cyclotron will further strengthen the existing infrastructure and remove a bottleneck in the production of radioactive nuclides,” Univ.-Prof. Dr. Frank Rösch from the Institute for Nuclear Chemistry. “It will significantly facilitate the development of new radiopharmaceuticals, their preclinical assessment and, in cooperation with the Clinic and Polyclinic for Nuclear Medicine, the potential applications in humans.” Nuclear medicine in the field of the development and evaluation of new PET radiopharmaceuticals also cooperate with external institutions such as the Clinic and Polyclinic for Psychiatry of RWTH Aachen University and the Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research Mainz.

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Florida: Why you need an umbrella in the “Sunshine State”

ZWei women swim their laps in the pool. They wear floppy hats to protect their hairstyle. Not before the chlorine water, but before the downpour. The tiled path to the beach is already flooded, there are no gullies anywhere.

The pool attendant has placed himself under the parasol, from which it pours down in streams. He wipes the pools of water with the white bath sheets. A few meters further on, shallow lakes and streams have formed on Clearwater Beach, where seagulls bathe. Joggers run barefoot through the puddles.

25 degree shower

The raindrops are pleasantly lukewarm like a 25-degree shower, here in the subtropical part of Florida. After a few minutes the sun breaks through the clouds and everything steams at 95 percent humidity like in a sauna.

Anyone who travels to Florida needs sunglasses – and an umbrella. Because rain is no exception in “Sunshine State”, as Florida calls and markets itself. It is the rule. At some point it rains every day, so you don’t need a weather forecast, say the locals.

Between June and September, i.e. in summer, daily cloudbursts are quite normal, but it can always shine briefly and vigorously in the rest of the year. “We call it the ‘liquid sunshine’,” says George Cretekos, 58, Mayor of Clearwater. He needs to know, he was born here in the Tampa Bay region of western central Florida. He is currently campaigning for a second term at a rainy charity gala.

Water-loving: Out and about with the dog on the Stand Up Paddle in Tampa

Source: Oliver Rösler / Lufthansa

Sunny nickname

Warm rain in the Sunshine State doesn’t bother him, cold does. Frost is only known here if you take ice-cold beer bottles out of the cooler. But many tourists obviously take the sunny nickname too literally and are annoyed when the sun is not shining. There is no guarantee of sun.

Vacationers should rather do the same as the locals, who appreciate the liquid sunshine as a change, advises the Mayor of Clearwater. And it’s not like a Florida vacation falls into the water when it rains. You can be happy here in any weather.

Florida is the warmest state in the United States, according to the National Climatic Data Center. In summer, however, it is also the country with the most rainfalls – and the fifth rainiest in winter.

Meteorologist Morton D. Winsberg of Florida State University states: “Since Florida is widely regarded as a sunshine state, many think that its climate is also particularly suitable for solar energy. Unfortunately, that is not the case. The many cloud periods make this technology commercially unworkable. “

Like a 25-degree shower: when it shivers, the rain is lukewarm

Like a 25-degree shower: when it shivers, the rain is lukewarm

Credit: Getty Images / Moment RM

Longest sunshine duration

The cities and resorts on Central Florida’s west coast still advertise with an average of 361 sunny days a year – how is that possible? A sunny day is also counted as such if it rains from time to time. The Guinness Book of Records lists the city of St. Petersburg (called St. Pete) as the longest sunshine location on consecutive days – 768 days from February 1967 to March 17, 1969 when the sun appeared.

The local newspaper “Evening Independent” was even issued free of charge whenever the sun had not shone at all on one day. In 76 years, from 1910 until the newspaper was discontinued in 1986, this was only the case 295 times, i.e. less than four times a year.

T-shirts and flip-flops

On the west coast of the Gulf of Mexico around Tampa Bay with the three cities of Tampa, St. Pete and Clearwater, the average annual temperature is a pleasant 23 degrees Celsius. In summer at 30 to 32 degrees, in winter at 19 to 22 degrees. T-shirts, shorts and flip-flops can be worn all year round.

In summer, early morning is the best time to visit the beaches. The day usually starts with blue sky and sunshine. The first thick cumulus clouds only appear at lunchtime, which are dense water clouds that wave over the Gulf of Mexico like domes or even cauliflower florets.

In the late afternoon, dramatic storm clouds pile up on the western horizon, moving east over Tampa Bay. After a few minutes of downpour, the sun often flashes again.

Typical for the west coast of Central Florida: in the late afternoon, storm clouds sometimes pile up on the western horizon in summer

Typical for the west coast of Central Florida: in the late afternoon, storm clouds sometimes pile up on the western horizon in summer

Source: Oliver Rösler / Lufthansa

White powder sand

Because the region on the coastal strip and on the upstream dune islands has some of the best, award-winning sandy beaches in Florida, it is worth getting to know a new one every day. They all have white powder sand. The water temperature is pleasantly lukewarm, all year round by 24 degrees. Because the beaches drop gently, they are well suited for families with children. Even a short rain shower hardly disturbs the bathing day.

And with wet sand it is better to build sand castles anyway. One of the most popular party and family beaches is Clearwater Beach. There are plenty of bars and restaurants as well as the legendary Pier 60. Free sunset parties with live music, fire-eaters and handicrafts also take place here every evening, provided the weather is good.

Fifth best beach in the world

For coastal tours, the bus line called Jolley Trolley (five-day ticket) is worthwhile. The yellow and red bus starts in Clearwater Beach and also stops on the beaches of Indian Rocks Beach, Madeira Beach, Treasure Island – and on the popular St. Pete Beach. It was voted the fifth best beach in the world by the TripAdvisor rating platform.

Because it is located on one of the narrowest parts of the peninsula, the sun rises here in the morning and sets in the evening again, in the east in Tampa Bay, in the west in the Gulf of Mexico.

If you are looking for lonely beaches, go north to Honeymoon Island. From there, continue by ferry for $ 14 to Caladesi Island. It has been under nature protection since 1967 and the stay is limited to four hours. For this you have the island overgrown with mangroves with white sandy beaches and a five kilometer hiking trail almost to yourself.

It is particularly interesting for shellfish seekers, and with a bit of luck you will even find washed-up round sand dollars – especially if it has been storming a day before. These are white, palm-sized sea urchin shells with five geometric patterns that are arranged like petals.

Source: Infographic The World

“Dalí Wish Tree”

The museums in the region are prepared to ensure that visitors like to come when it rains. There are therefore “umbrella bags” for the dripping wet umbrellas at the entrances. The Dalí Museum in St. Pete is particularly recommended. With 2140 works, the futuristic building houses the largest exhibition of Salvador Dalí’s works outside of Europe.

It’s worth asking about the art connoisseur Sigrid, 63, an emigrant from Berlin. It gives visitors the opportunity to put on their sunglasses again, and of course in the museum. Only then does the surrealist Dalí painting “Gala Look at the Sea” turn out from a distance of 20 meters when you look through your glasses as a portrait of Abraham Lincoln. The “Dalí Wish Tree” grows down in the garden, where visitors can hang small, colorful pieces of paper on the branches and make a wish – maybe a little more sun (

“Busch Gardens”

In the “Busch Gardens” north of Tampa, the weather doesn’t matter for visitors anyway. It is a mixture of a huge amusement park and an ambitious game reserve. The big advantage in rainy weather is that the waiting times for the most adventurous roller coaster rides are significantly shorter. The latest attraction is Falcon’s Fury, a drop tower. Here visitors fall vertically downwards from a height of 102 meters at a speed of 90 kilometers per hour.

Alternatively, visitors can watch rhinos on an off-road vehicle safari and feed giraffes with lettuce, accompanied by the shrill screams from the drop tower ( Afterwards, a visit to “Plaza International”, the largest shopping center in the area, with 200 shops and 15 restaurants, is of course covered and air-conditioned.

And if the traditional sundowner at Clearwater Beach’s Pier 60 falls into the water due to the rain, there are countless bars as a great alternative. We recommend the beers from smaller breweries – such as “Barking Squirrel Lager” or “Big Storm Wavemaker Amber Ale”. The “Mahuffer’s” in Indian Shores between St. Pete Beach and Clearwater Beach is open until two in the morning.

The almost 40-year-old bar is decorated with bikes, boat parts and junk. Thousands of bras and signed business cards hang from the ceilings. While it’s raining outside, the jukebox plays “It’s raining again” from Supertramp.

Tips and information

Getting there: Lufthansa ( flies several times a week from Frankfurt to Tampa, the only non-stop connection from Germany. British Airways flies to Tampa with a change in London (

Accommodation: “Sheraton Sand Key Resort”, on the beach in Clearwater Beach, double from 169 euros,; “The Vinoy Renaissance”, St. Pete, double from 196 euros,; “Le Méridien Boutique Hotel”, Tampa, double room from 121 euros,

Information desk: Tampa,; St. Pete,

Participation in the trip was supported by Lufthansa, Visit Tampa Bay and St. Petersburg / Clearwater. You can find our standards of transparency and journalistic independence at


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Fargo S02E09 : Massacre à Sioux Falls

Fargo season 2 is coming to an end soon … Last night, FX broadcast “The Castle”, episode 9, finally telling the famous massacre of Sioux Falls. Warning for spoilers.

Review of “The Castle”, episode 9 of season 2 of Fargo … Watch out for spoilers.

The Sioux Falls massacre, long awaited since this mention of Lou Solverson in season 1, has finally taken place. An almost unreal event as he had confided, and as the narrator with the English accent reminds us, strangely resembling the voice of Martin Freeman (spoiler: it’s him). A story told like a scary tale.

A massacre that bears its name well: a dozen police officers killed and a Gerhardt family and their men put six feet underground. A bloodbath simply orchestrated by the stupidity of a police captain and the betrayal of Hanzee. As the narrator explains to us, the latter’s turnaround is inexplicable, and the consequences are terrible. As terrible as that narrow-minded, hay-eating Captain Cheney’s plan to ambush Mike Milligan with the help of Ed and Peggy Blumquists. Obviously, he gets rid of Lou, the only character to feel the disaster has arrived.

Lou was, like many others, an amazing character in this season 2 of Fargo, who always knew how to keep his cool and his calm, even in the most extreme situations. But Cheney’s stupidity was, quite logically, too much for him. It arrives far too late at the scene of the massacre, time to face Bear and be close to death … Until the arrival of a flying saucer, which allows Lou to stick a bullet in the head of his enemy .

“It’s just a flying saucer, Ed!” like the point Peggy who runs away from that crime scene, for one of the best lines of the season. An astonishing arrival which could pass like an inappropriate Deus ex machina. And yet, this little plot has been particularly well constructed from the start, with some elements integrated into the episodes, like this silhouette observed by Betsy, or the mysterious symbols in Hank’s room. This saucer, if it remains surprising, fits logically into all this absurd “Coenienne” story constructed by Noah Hawley.

Mike Milligan, absent for a large part of the episode, will still have had the opportunity to show him at the end of the massacre before quickly disappearing to the sound of the sirens of approaching police. A scene full of humor after several minutes of nameless violence. With the escape of the latter, that of Ed, Peggy and Hanzee, the serious injury of Hank and Betsy who collapses in his kitchen under the horrified eyes of Molly, the final episode of season 2 of Fargo promises us another great hour of television. Is there still a lot to tell, and more deaths to be expected?

In France, the Fargo series is available on Netflix.


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Drugs, passports, credit cards: what you can buy on Facebook

How to buy illicit products on the Internet? Until then, it was thought that the sale of these was reserved for parallel networks – or “darknets”. They have few users and are used in particular by dealers and receivers to sell drugs, weapons and stolen bank cards on black market platforms. Thus, any Internet user equipped with the Tor browser could purchase their drug use on the Silkroad black market, before it closed. Other such platforms have since taken over and still offer the same kind of services.

Now, they are competing with another, more popular: Facebook. On Mark Zuckerberg’s social network, many private or public groups have been created to allow the sale of drugs, passports, visas or stolen bank cards. To find them, just do a simple search “buy ecstasy” or “buy credit card” on the social network. We went around some of them and talked to some of the administrators.


A page named in English “Buy ecstasy!“actually offers to acquire all kinds of drugs: LSD, methylone, ecstasy, cocaine, ketamine, or even heroin. It is administered by a certain Igro, who poses on his profile in shorts, cap upside down, and applied the blue-white-red filter in solidarity with the attacks in Paris to his photo. From Kiev where he claims to live, he promotes his products, certified “98% pure”. We contact him by e-mail to order ecstasy. The man agrees to count us in his circle of friends and almost immediately replies that he needs to know our country of residence to determine the cost of the shipment.

We explain to him that we want to order 100 pills, he explains: “We are in Ukraine. Here’s how it works: We sell a minimum of 100 pills for $ 4 each. Charges are free for an order of 100 pills, below that you pay for shipping ”. Regarding payment, Igro explains wanting to be paid via Western Union or Moneygram [un fournisseur de transfert de fonds, ndlr] addressed to the name of a woman named Nina, postcode number 03059, in Ukraine.

We expose our fears to him that we will never receive the product, to which he replies: “I’ve been in this business for eleven years, I’m correct. How you treat your customers the first time determines your success. So I’ll make sure you get the drugs right and I’m sure you’ll order more ”. As for the risk of selling drugs on the social network, he gives an astonishing answer: “No fear, I’m paying for ads to sell on Facebook. ” Igro implies that since it pays out money, Facebook turns a blind eye to its petty traffic: “SIf you reserve your page for users above a certain age, they [Facebook, ndlr] will not pay attention “.

Before ending the discussion, we ask him to send us pictures of our products, to be sure that he has them in his possession. Igro gives us a quick response, with two square photos of multicolored pills. After verification, these images are, in reality, those of a police seizure in the Tournai region in Belgium, echoed by VTM Nieuws last July. Everything therefore suggests that Igro is not really a drug seller, but that he actually uses Facebook to set up scams, as is frequently the case on the Internet. The consumer will probably never receive his pills, but our interlocutor will receive his $ 400 by cash order.

Dozens of other such pages exist, such as «Buy MDMA and Ecstasy Pills» [acheter de la MDMA et des pilules d’ecstasy, ndlr]. His profile picture shows white pills – presumably ecstasy – and a cannabis head held in the palm of one hand. The administrator explains in the description of it, “Get high quality ecstasy at a very affordable price, discreet and fast delivery, quality products, secure payments”. Through a public statute dated November 24, the dealer indicates a list of prices: $ 70 per gram of heroin, $ 6 per pill of Ritalin or $ 10 per 30 milligrams of morphine. A total of 25 different drugs, antidepressants or medications available in packs of 30, 60, 90, 120, 150 and 190 pills. Shipping costs are free, the page listed in the “health / well-being” category, of course. This time our interlocutor is not in Kiev, but in Chicago. He offers to call or send a message to a phone number located in Chicago (starting with “+ 1-132”), with his precise command. What we do, without getting an answer.

Stolen credit cards

Among all such spaces that exist, the most prolific is a private group of 378 people created last September, as a meeting place for users who want to sell or buy stolen credit card numbers. Almost every day, members are looking to buy or sell bank cards of all types. “I want to buy paypal accounts to buy pharmaceutical products” explains one of them. “I sell a French credit card (number, expiry date, and verification number) for 15 dollars only, payment in bitcoins”, wrote another.

The administrator of this one explains in a publication of November 17 that it belongs to a group of hackers based in Malaysia. The latter accepts us in his circle of friends, again in the minute, details in private discussion: “I sell bank cards all over the world. The price is $ 10 each. We check it before delivering it. ” We claim to want to order a French menu, he writes: “let me check the stock… No, I don’t have any more, but I have American women. You send me the payment in Bitcoins, then you wait 15 minutes and I send you the number, validity date, verification number, the name of the holder, his address, his postal code and his country by private message on Facebook. “ Nothing could be simpler then.

Regarding the risk, our Malaysian interlocutor, who also sells them on the black markets of parallel networks, reassures us: “I have never had a problem on Facebook don’t worry. I’ve been doing this for a long time. Facebook can take 30 minutes to post an ad before posting, that’s all. ” In view of the number of announcements on the group (around a hundred), the social network therefore considered that they comply with its rules or preferred to close their eyes. When contacted, some members confirm that the scheme works: selling and buying stolen credit cards on Facebook is no problem.

On another private group of the same type (accessible by invitation), some even regularly post valid bank card numbers free of charge.

False passports and visas

Dozens of groups and pages also offer to buy identity documents for a few tens of dollars. One of them, for example, offers Syrian passports: “Our services provide a valid Syrian nationality title”. Again, a number is indicated for communication via Whatsapp, Viber or Tango [des services de messagerie en ligne, ndlr]. Other pages offer fake student cards, identity cards, or permits for just € 29.98. The group refers to the site of a “company” based in Germany and specializing in the manufacture of fakes.

Some smugglers also go so far as to offer migrants the crossing from Libya to Europe or Canada by boat for a few thousand dollars – we were telling you about this a few weeks ago. Once again, it suffices to contact a direct Libyan telephone number.

Read also On Facebook, smugglers are becoming tour operators

What Facebook says

While in some cases it is probably possible to buy these products through Facebook, some resellers are also taking advantage of the platform’s popularity to set up simple scams. Unlike the black markets present on parallel networks, the famous platform brings together more than a billion people, or as many users likely to want to buy illegal products. Since Mark Zuckerberg’s social network was not originally thought of as a commercial platform, unlike specialized resale sites, the transaction is therefore necessarily less supervised (hand to hand), and the risk of more important scam.

For Facebook, it is clear that these products are prohibited because they are illegal. Problem: their moderation works mainly thanks to its community. For content to be banned or removed, it must be reported by one of the third-party users. Drug, bank card or passport resale groups and pages target a specific community of consumers and dealers who have no interest in reporting it. They therefore continue to exist by the hundreds, without the network intervening in particular to censor them. The sanction, if it does not come from the platform of Mark Zuckerberg, can, on the other hand, come from the police forces of the countries concerned, which have already arrested several of them too boastful.

Gurvan Kristanadjaja


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Implants in the fight against impotence: how and why

Pills or surgery: what to choose. The story of a patient who dared to have an operation

Implants in the fight against impotence: how and why

Patients struggle with the problem of erectile dysfunction on a par with doctors and scientists. Read the story of one of them who decided to give up the tablets and dared to have an operation.

Pills or surgery: what to choose

Gordon Lawson suffers from prostate cancer, high blood pressure and kidney problems – it may seem that with such diagnoses he has a direct route to problems with sexual function (simply impotence). Has changed: in spite of all the illnesses above, Lawson remains sexually active like an eighteen-year-old boy. The reason for this isn’t a little blue pill.

He really tried to drink Viagra for several years. Pills sometimes helped him maintain an erection, but planned sex kills all the beauty of the moment.

“It was as if my wife and I had always tried to catch a train that went off at a certain time with a certain platform” – said Lawson. This is a very common complaint from people who use Viagra. According to recent research by British scientists, men over 50 who use PDE5 inhibitors (this includes Viagra, Cialis and Levitra) still have problems with sex, and the main problem is the lack of spontaneity in sex.

Lawson decided to find an alternative, he tried injections. But the problem remains: a few minutes before sex, he should make an injection into the penis to increase the blood pressure in the erectile tissue of the penis. This also reminded a little of spontaneous sex.

Lawson tried all methods, but all was unsuccessful, and then he got the help of Dr. Bryan Steksner, director of the Institute for Men’s Health in Jersey. He offered an unusual way to solve the problem: inserting the penile implant (penis prosthesis). “Although this method of treatment has been used since 1973, it was not 100 percent reliable,” says Steksner. So when in 1998 the first tested PDE-5 inhibitors appeared on the market, most men preferred to use them.

But since then science has taken a giant leap and implants have become popular again. Every year, according to Steksner, about 25,000 such operations are performed in the US. As a result, approx. 94% of the patients then say that they are completely satisfied with the result.

How is the operation performed?

So how it works: a doctor inserts a small pump into the scrotum through a small incision, which is filled with sterile water from a reservoir, and this reservoir is placed behind the abdominal wall. When you squeeze the pump, two new containers installed in your penis will be filled with water. As a result, an erection occurs.

The entire implant operation takes 45 minutes, and in America most insurance companies cover the cost of its implementation. “The risk of infection as a result of such an operation is extremely low – about 5%,” – said Dr. Judd Moul, director of the Center for the Study of the Prostate at Duke University (USA).

We know what you’re thinking now, “Someone want to reveal my penis with a knife? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that!”

Lawson also doubted himself, but decided to try every means just to restore the joy of spontaneous sex to himself and his wife. “I’m a Marine Corps veteran, so there are few things in this life that can scare me,” Lawson jokes.

He planned everything specifically for his wife’s birthday, he wanted to be fully armed and surprise her. “The full recovery took about 6 weeks and the operation was a little painful,” says Lawson.

“The main thing is to focus on the ultimate goal – to get an erection when you want to. These thoughts helped to overcome all the complaints. ”After 4 weeks after the operation, his doctor showed him how to deal with his new“ device ”- lightly squeezing the pump in his scrotum. A short time later, Lawson and his wife were able to have sex when they wanted.

Before the operation, Lawson recalled that his dysfunction always leads him into a state of apathy and discouragement. “It creates your confidence, and not just in the bedroom – it applies to all areas of life.” But now everything has changed, in fact – it was even better. “Now I can’t stop after the first orgasm – says Lawson – I can try any position in bed and my penis will stay hard. As much time as you need. “

Nevertheless, my advice to you, before you start with the implants, try sexual enhancers, which you can buy in the online pharmacy at cheap prices. But before buying these products one should consult with the doctor, he can recommend the right medication. I wish you good health and love

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