French retro premiere by Georgia O’Keeffe, unclassifiable artist, at the Musée de Grenoble

It is the first monograph in France devoted to the American painter Georgia O’Keeffe. The Grenoble Museum exhibits 80 works from 15 prestigious American museums. Event.

Carried out with the participation of Georgia O’Keeffe Museum in Santa Fe (New Mexico, United States) and the support of the Franco-American network of museums FRAME, this exhibition-event traces the career of an icon of American art as famous in the United States as Jackson Pollock.

From his first creations in New York until his installation in New Mexico in 1949, Georgia O’Keeffe was strongly influenced by modern photography. To reflect this, the exhibition brings his paintings into dialogue with the images of his photographic friends and forms a total of 80 works from fifteen prestigious American museums, as well as from major German, Spanish and French institutions.

Georgia O’Keeffe, feminist, avant-garde, companion of photographer Alfred Stieglitz, produced an unclassifiable work, from abstraction to figurative, from the 1910s to the 1970s.

Report Isabelle Colbrant and Damien Borrelly

duration of the video: 02 min 05

Georgia O’Keeffe museum Grenoble

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Raillencourt-Sainte-Olle: work has resumed at Columbia where investments are underway

When they arrived this Tuesday at 8 a.m., the staff representatives were not long in being invited by the site manager, Vincent Liagre, and the human resources manager, Ghislaine Dheilly, to sit around of a table. And it was at the end of this meeting, after the representatives asked the staff whether or not to maintain the movement, following the new information in their possession, that the decision to resume work was taken. ” We only got certain things, explains Sandrine Monteiro, CGT delegate of the American company. But the staff decided to go back to work. »

While this movement has therefore not made it possible to retain all of the employees (six + one voluntary departure) affected by the elimination of seven jobs announced by the works council a fortnight ago, one of them was nevertheless reinstated. This is the person who held the position in variable, that is to say the most versatile. And the staff representatives, inevitably disappointed at not having succeeded in keeping the other employees in post, nevertheless managed to renegotiate their departures upwards. A lesser evil in view of the current economic situation, where the hunt for fixed charges has become legion.

“Our team is united”

« Whenever there is a breach of contract or layoffs, I consider it a failure, indicates for his part, Vincent Liagre, a priori affected by these layoffs. We are losing talent. And it’s still painful. »

If he was surprised by the movement, the site director, on the other hand, appreciated the nature of the negotiations. ” This kind of announcement always elicits reactions that are understandable. And I’m very happy with the way people got involved. Of their listening, too, and also of this solidarity which was expressed. This is proof that our team is united and united. From now on, what matters to me is to support the people who leave us and to perpetuate the site. »

And to reassure: ” Two years ago, we were clearly in a crisis situation and we had to readjust the number of positions in order to hope to regain a certain volume of activity. But in the meantime, there has been a very strong devaluation of the currency which has prevented the group from investing in Europe. But today, there is an alignment of the activity with the American distribution centers. That is to say that we will very clearly reduce tasks to ensure that we invest more in order to regain the usual volume of work and gain market share. Big investments are underway. In fact, the volumes are increasing. And we will develop e-commerce. »

Finally, it should be noted that the company is also in “ negotiation phase of a new lease With the Houtch transport company, which rents part of its premises to it.

unusual ski resorts

In Hawaii, we also surf on the snow

If Hawaii is best known for its waves, you can also surf on the snowy slopes of Mauna Kea, a dormant volcano in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. It is one of the highest mountains on the main island of Hawaii (4205 meters). Geology suggests that the last eruption of the volcano dates from 1650. According to legend, Mauna Kea and Maula Loa (slightly smaller neighboring mountain) were the domains of two opposite goddesses, Poliahu and Pelé. This is not the most equipped area, we go there to “go on an adventure”. No lift or terrace-restaurant, but a road to take by car to reach the summit. Generally, amateurs take turns shuttles, picking up skiers at the foot of the slopes, and so on. In winter, temperatures vary between – 4 and 4 ° C, with milder weather from April to November.

More information:

Mauna Kea Beach Hotel, 62-100 Mauna Kea Beach Dr, Waimea. Tel: +1 808-882-7222

Ski in Gulmarg, with a panorama of Mount Everest. Jerome Bon / Flickr / cc

A view on the roof of the world

You don’t have to be an expert skier to hit the slopes of the Himalayas. The Gulmarg estate is located in the north of India, in the region of Kashmir. At the top, you have a breathtaking view of Mount Everest. We go there for the wild and sporty side. There is something for all levels, from undamaged pistes for powder snow lovers, to the flatter ones where beginners can train. Since the end of the conflict with Pakistan in 2003, the Kashmir region has been increasingly visited by tourists. Hotels are being built to accommodate the 150,000 annual skiers. Gulmarg and its 300 stations invite fans of strong sensations and the great outdoors.

The Vintage Gulmarg, 2739 Circular Road. Tel: +91 1954 254 582

Welcome Hotel Gulmarg, Boulevard Road. Tel: +91 9622 899 417

The Khyber Himalayan Resort & Spa, near the cable cars. Tel: +91 9906 603 272

In Morocco, on the Atlas chain

Renowned for its imperial cities, its deserts and its beaches, Morocco hides other assets. That of the snow-capped peaks. We ski there in an exotic setting. We land in Marrakech, at the foot of the Atlas, to reach the highest point in all of North Africa, 75 kilometers away, the Toubkal (4164 meters). Oukaimeden is the mountain station, located at 2620 meters above sea level. You can go there from December to March, to ski under a blue sky. 3 green slopes, 4 blue, 8 red and 3 black, each one finds something to suit them. One hour by car from the ocher city of Marrakech, you can go skiing one day, and visit the city the next. The road to get there is superb, and allows you to discover many villages perched on top of the hills. The fields of fig trees gently give way to the ocher rocky plains. Total change of scenery. For a break in the sun or to sleep, the Anghour inn, nestled at 2,675 meters, offers rooms and a restaurant.

Chez Juju (Anghour Inn). Tel: +212 524 31 90 05

Lapland: skiing under the northern lights

The snow-covered plains of Lapland. Timo Newton-Syms

There are around 75 stations in Finland, often located on hills near towns or villages. The most famous are in Lapland, in the North of the country. Aurora borealis in the evening, exceptional light from morning to end of the day, the rays of the sun pass the horizon and light up the snow on the trees. The place is ideal to practice sports activities in a dazzling nature. The high season runs from February to early April. These tracks are less visited than in France or Switzerland, you do not spend hours queuing for chairlifts.

Two essential stations in Finland are separated by around fifty kilometers. Two friendly places to ski in radiant landscapes and stay in ultra-comfortable hotels.

– Levi: incredible area for cross-country skiing. Certificate of Excellence on TripAdvisor. The most popular in the country. Two snow parks; the village is very lively, it can be easily reached from Kittilä airport, a few kilometers away. Here are two hotels that have Travelers’ Choice 2015 on TripAdvisor.

Spa Hotel Levitunturi, Levintie 1590. Tel: +358 16 646 301

Hotel Levi Panorama, Tunturitie 205. Tel: 358 16 336 3000

– Ylläs: legendary resort for tourists. The first ski lift was installed in 1957, and the six hills which surround the village have kept their authenticity. A hotel holds the Certificate of Excellence on TripAdvisor.

Lapland Hotel Saaga, Iso-Ylläksentie 42. Tel: +358 16 32 32 holiday-club.html

The only two stations in southern Africa

– Tiffindell (3000 meters), about half an hour from the South African capital Johannesburg, offers two kilometers of trails in fifteen hectares of land. There is a restaurant and four bars. The snow cannons are activated there for three months, from June to August.

– Afri-Ski (3222 meters) is an area made up of several pistes, including a snow park, in the north of Lesotho, landlocked kingdom of South Africa. An alternative in the middle of July, the coldest month in this country, where temperatures can drop to -4 to -11 ° C. The idea to create a station there comes from the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, in partnership with the Austrian HSP Alpine, in 2005. One kilometer from the slopes, the “Oxbow Lodge” and its bar offer ready spaces for conviviality to receive more than 200 people.

Lodges are available on the estate. More information: +27 87 230 84 08


The Brooklyn-Boston Trade

In 2013 the Nets took full risk to win the championship: Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Jason Terry were knocked out of the Celtics via Trade. The experiment failed miserably – and over time it becomes more and more apparent how devastating this deal was for the future of Nets.

From today’s perspective, the following statement is difficult to understand, but there actually was a time when the Brooklyn Nets were one of the most interesting teams in the league.

It wasn’t even long ago! Strictly speaking, it is the year 2013. At that time, the Nets were still on everyone’s lips after a more than productive offseason. On paper, eccentric billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov’s team had one of the league’s strongest squads and was seen by many as the Heat’s biggest competitor in the east.

In addition to some obligations such as Shaun Livingston, Andray Blatche or Andrei Kirilenko, a trade was the most important factor. A trade that was seen as a kind of home run at the time. A trade that probably still regularly causes Nets GM Billy King sleepless nights today.

Master dreams in Brooklyn

King had managed to break Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Jason Terry (and DJ White) away from the Celtics. Three champions, three still productive veterans, three players who, as leaders in the locker room, would complement the existing star trio Brook Lopez, Deron Williams and Joe Johnson, so the hope.

Pierce in particular was considered an absolute coup. Actually, it was considered certain that The Truth would end his career with the Celtics, where he had absolute legend status at least since the title in 2008. It was actually always Danny Ainge’s plan – however, Boston’s GM was weak at the offer he got from Brooklyn.

Not because of the players – none of them still play in Boston today. But because of the picks. Ainge had realized that the old core around KG, Pierce and Rajon Rondo would probably no longer represent serious competition for the Heat. So he started accumulating assets to initiate the rebuild. And then King came in handy.

A total of three first-round picks went to Boston (2014/16/18), and the Celtics will be able to swap their first-rounder with the Nets in 2017. This season at the latest it will become increasingly clear how much Boston has “won” this trade.

“Situation was terrible”

The 2013/14 season was anything but a triumphal procession. The cogs didn’t mesh as well as you’d hoped. Jason Kidd, who had just switched from player to coach, had yet to learn his trade. And it didn’t fit in the locker room either.

“The situation in Brooklyn was terrible,” Pierce said in the summer of 2015, looking back. “It wasn’t like there were only young players there. They were veterans who didn’t feel like playing or training. I looked at KG and asked: ‘What’s going on here?’ Without Kevin and me this team would have completely collapsed. “


Map of Boston city with all places •

Never again get lost in the city.

From the Boylston Club to the City Library to Trinity Tower, there is no shortage of places in Boston that are worth exploring and also fun. The urban environment of Boston City may not have as many locations as the rest of the game world, but considering how small an area they huddle together, it is easy to lose track. For this overview map we zoomed in a little further, because otherwise you would hardly be able to see anything in the tight crowd. Just take a look at your Pip-Boy card and drive over the city area: one symbol next to the next.

Our Boston city map provides a better overview. Whether you’re exploring college grounds, wanting to loot the nearest police station, or struggling to find Bunker Hill, we’ll show you where to look. If, on the other hand, you are looking for a place outside the city, then look at our world map.

Fallout 4: City map of Boston with all locations.

1. College administration
2. College Square
3. Cambridge Police Station
4. Kendall Hospital
5. Cambridge: College-Diner
6. Krater in Cambridge
7. Monsignor Plaza
8. College Legal Office
9th fraternity house 115
10. Ticonderoga
11. The institute (only available after joining)
12. Greenetech Genetics
13. Cambridge Polymer Labs
14. CIT-Geldings
15. USS Riptide wreck
16. AADTSL Regional Office
17. Bunker Hill
18. Weatherby Savings & Loan
19. House of the Cabots
20. Vault-Tec-Regionalhauptsitz
21. Pickman Gallery
22. Old North Church
23.Railroad Headquarters (only after joining)
24. Back Street Apparel
25. Hangman’s Alley
25a. Mercer Shelter (after completing the Mercer Shelter Railroad quest)
26. 8. Revier
27. Fens Street Sewers
28. Diamond-City-Markt
29. Parkview Apartments
30. Diamond City
31. Hardware Town
32. Amphitheater at Charles Lookout
33. HalluciGen, Inc.
34.Boston Bugle Building
35. Haymarket Mall
36. Garden Terrace
37. USS Constitution (after completing the side quest, otherwise east of Bunker Hill)
38. Old Corner Bookstore
39. Faneuil Hall
40. Mass Fusion Building
41. Goodneighbor
42. Postal Square
43. Fallen Skybridge
44. Massachusetts State House
45. Old Granary Burying Ground
46. Park Street Station
47. Boston Common
48.Swan’s pond
49. Boylston Club
50. Vault 114
51. Hubris Comics
52nd Boston City Library
53. Trinity Plaza
54. Trinity Tower
55. Dartmouth Professional Building
56. Layton Towers
57. Wilson-Atomatoys-Firmenhauptsitz
58. Mass Pike: Osttunnel
59. Combat Zone
60. Mass Bay Medical Center
61. Medical Center Metro

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62. Hester’s household robots
63. D.B. Technical High School
64. Custom House Tower
65. Schankhaus Shamrock
66. Hotel Harbormaster
67. Yangtze
68. Four-Leaf-Fischverarbeitungsanlage
69. General-Atomics-Fabrik
70. Gwinnett-Brauerei
70a. Andrew Station
71st South Boston Police Station
72. Restaurant Gwinnett
73. The castle
74. High School Süd-Boston
75. University Point