The American Columbia adapts its ambitions to the crisis

VIDEO – To double its sales in five years, the American outdoor group must accelerate in Europe.

The Chamonix store. The mountain and walking collection is
The Chamonix store. The mountain and walking collection is “Europeanized” this winter. @ Monica-Dalmasso

Models worthy of Abercrombie & Fitch dressed in down jackets waddle in music in the shower to prove that the garment is really waterproof. Between fir trees and artificial snow, Columbia Sportswear launched its new advertising campaign in New York. The first of this magnitude in over ten years. With the same stainless “muse”: Gert Boyle, 91, non-executive president of the outdoor clothing and footwear company, founded in 1938 in Portland, Oregon, by his family, of Jews who fled the ‘Nazi Germany. The matriarch makes people laugh, heroine of humorous spots. She tested “tough” (“tough” says the slogan) clothes in extreme and absurd conditions.

Columbia, listed on Wall Street, is profitable and growing. Its turnover rose from $ 3 million in the 1980s to $ 2.1 billion in 2014, where it soared 25%. Its profits jumped 45% to 137.2 million. But sales, for a long time

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Hawaii: Telescope is dismantled due to protests

The mood in paradise is bad. One of the largest telescopes in the world is to be built on the Hawaiian volcano Mauna Kea. But a broad alliance is making a stand against the construction of the Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT). Because it is said to be in the most sacred place of Hawaiian religion and culture – and there are already a dozen other telescopes there.

Now the University of Hawaii has announced a step to appease its opponents. The Ukirt infrared telescope, erected on Mauna Kea in 1979, will be demolished without replacement in six to seven years. It would be the third observatory to disappear before the TMT is built. Previously, plans to dismantle the larger Caltech Submillimeter Observatory and the smaller Hoku Kea training telescope at the University of Hawaii had become known.

With the announcement for the demolition of the third telescope, a specification by island governor David Ige is implemented. He had promised in May that a quarter of the previous telescopes on Mauna Kea would have to give way before the TMT can be switched on.

Construction work on TMT has been on hold since massive protests in April. Sometimes several hundred people had come, Hawaiians as well as environmentalists. Whether the demolition announcements are enough to satisfy the opponents remains to be seen.

US President Barack Obama recently announced another measure designed to improve the mood: On Monday, he presented a program of visits for residents at an astronomy night in the White House. Interested Hawaiians should be able to look around once a month in two telescopes on top of Mauna Kea. Accompanied by experts.

The mountain is an interesting place for astronomers because the air at 4200 meters is very thin and extremely dry. As a result, the observations are only slightly disturbed.

The Thirty Meter Telescope promises a new quality of sky observation in the near and medium infrared range. The main mirror is to be composed of 492 individual parts – and from 2024 onwards, some images will be ten times sharper than the “Hubble” space telescope. The TMT costs more than a billion dollars. The money comes from the USA, Japan, Canada, India and China, among others.

Icon: The mirror

Congress: Focus on Mental Health

OTTENSCHLAG. Numerous doctors, psychotherapists, psychologists and an interested audience found their way into life. Resort Ottenschlag and took part in the sixth congress “Mental Health in Dialogue”. Leading experts presented their findings on the subject of “Psyche and Pain: Somatoform Disorders”.

The “Mental Health in Dialogue” congress took place last weekend at the Lebens.Resort Ottenschlag. The speakers examined the connections between psyche and pain from different perspectives.Somatoform disordersThe diagnosis of somatoform disorder was of particular importance. Somatoform disorder is basically physical complaints for which no organic cause can be found, common symptoms here are headache, abdominal pain, but also back pain. Johannes Püspök, Medical Director in Life.Resort Ottenschlag: “I am pleased that so many participants have found their way to the Waldviertel. This shows us that the Mental Health Congress has established itself as an important training event in recent years. In addition to the professional team here in Ottenschlag, I would like to thank the many well-known experts who come back to the Lebens.Resort every year and share their latest findings with us. ”Henriette Walter, specialist at the Medical University of Vienna / AKH, was the scientific director Member of the “Burnout” working group of the Vienna Medical Association. At lunchtime and in the breaks, delicious treats awaited the participants.

Wonderworks, the family amusement park in Orlando

Learn while having fun and having fun learning in Orlando.

It is through experience and simulation that we learn best. After having almost finished with a match, you know that you shouldn’t play with fire, and after your failed 3rd quiche, you know that you have to follow the recipes to the letter. However, have you ever thought of finding yourself in the middle of a hurricane? From a mad scientist’s laboratory on the verge of explosion? Within a secret space mission? Everything becomes possible at Wonderworks in Orlando, the amusement park that aims to educate in a fun way, using your imagination.

Level 0 – Discovery: An indoor amusement park

A top secret experiment that has gone wrong, a tornado created by Professor Wonder who turned his laboratory upside down… You will find something to take care of as soon as you enter the park. Wonderworks. The impossible then becomes possible in this universe where everything is done indoors and whose goal is to combine the educational environment with entertaining attractions.

The little extras : you can organize birthdays, special events, or just enjoy a good pizza in front of a magic show.

Level 1 – The challenges: Fun and fun experiences

Wonderworks is built for you education in a fun way: on the program, in particular, simulations of natural disasters, space discoveries, laboratories from the imagination, etc.

“Natural disasters” for example plunges you into the heart of a earthquake, hurricane and pushes you to test your limits by trying to keep your hand in ice for as long as possible… You then learn more about the limits of your body but also the terrible powers of Mother Nature.

Level 2: Experimentation / Incredible attractions

If you are tired of learning, or you already know everything, go to level 2 with its attractions stunning: at ” 4D XD Motion Theater experience », You embark on virtual adventures and face crazy Martian robots. You can also test your skills and courage on a course suspended in the void and challenge Grandpa in the laser game.

After the effort, comfort, with a dinner show in the company of the surprising Tony Brent. Behind a stage name that promises glitter hides a real show of improvisation, magic and imitations, which concludes this intense day in style.

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