Holiday properties: Sun dreams for vacationers in Florida – rent and live

Dhe Swiss Esther Maisch has given her real estate company a name that doesn’t sound like property management, but still fits very well for her adopted home Florida: Sunny Dreams Factory – factory of sunny dreams. Sunshine is the big theme of Florida. The southeast American state is identified as the “Sunshine State” on the license plates of its cars.

For Europeans and especially for Germans this has a great attraction. “Florida is by far the most popular travel destination for Germans,” says Maisch, who emigrated to Florida with her husband in 1999. There is even a German enclave, Cape Coral, on the west coast of the state, where an Oktoberfest takes place every year.

Number three after Mallorca and Tyrol

America has other beautiful places to go on vacation. New York has the Hamptons, a series of small towns on Long Island to the east of the city. Massachusetts has the island of Martha’s Vineyard, where President Barack Obama relaxed with his family. California is also known for beaches.

But Florida was last year just behind New York the second most frequented American region by international tourists, reports the Department of Commerce. As a result, it is not uncommon for vacationers to consider buying a vacation home in Florida after a few trips. According to a recent survey by the vacation rental agency FeWo-direkt and the real estate agent Engel & Völkers among German vacation home owners, almost all American properties – 96.3 percent – are in Florida. After Mallorca and Tyrol, Florida is the third most popular holiday region among Germans abroad.

Florida is cheaper

Broker Maisch, who focuses on customers from German-speaking countries, bought a holiday home with a swimming pool with her husband in 1992 – even before she thought of emigrating. The reasons for the popularity of Florida are manifold: the flights from Europe are significantly shorter and cheaper compared to California. For families, there are attractions such as Disney World and Universal Studios in Orlando or Busch Gardens in Tampa.

The climate is very balanced. Even in winter the temperatures do not drop below 15 degrees Celsius. And the wallet of prospective buyers is not burdened as much as with property purchases in the northeast or in California. “With us you get a beautiful, new single-family home with 200 square meters of living space and a swimming pool in a desirable location for $ 300,000. In California, a comparable house would cost around $ 900,000 – not including a beautiful view or a good location, ”says Maisch.

Florida also has a favorable effect on Europe. According to FeWo-direkt, the average price per square meter of living space in Florida over the past four years has been 1252 euros – holiday apartments in Germany are twice as expensive. Only Sweden was cheaper than Florida at 857 euros per square meter.


US city of Atlanta receives Mercedes-Benz Stadium

Arthur Blank, owner of the Atlanta Falcons, and Stephen Cannon, US CEO of Mercedes Benz, seal the deal. The German car manufacturer has secured the naming rights to the new stadium for 27 years. Image: Mercedes-Benz USA

| from Frank Volk

In the sports-mad US, the deal is a big deal. The new sports facility in the capital of the state of Georgia is considered one of the most spectacular of its kind and is designed for 65,000 visitors. When signing the contract for the acquisition of the naming rights said Stephen Cannon, US boss of the German car manufacturer, that Atlanta was chosen to underline the special bond with the region. This is emphasized by the unusually long term of the deal: The car manufacturer has secured the naming rights for 27 years until 2042. The construction costs of the stadium are estimated at 1.5 billion US dollars. It is not known how much Mercedes is paying for the naming rights.

In return, the brand will be omnipresent in the stadium. Mercedes-Benz logos are emblazoned on the roof, the facades and the forecourt, as well as on the billboards in and above the stadium. Arthur Blank, owner of the Atlanta Falcons, said the automaker is the perfect partner on all counts.

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Charlotte Gainsbourg’s confidences: her daughter Alice and her life in New York

Charlotte comes out of the water, she spent the day at sea with her three children and Yvan (Yvan Attal, his companion, NDLR). She laughs a lot, with a childish laugh, very cheerful. She laughs at herself, her fears, admires the beauty and tranquility of her eldest daughter, Alice, tells how she tries to convey a strong family culture without sinking with it, greedily notes all the titles of the books you advise him.

Madame Figaro. – It is the first time, it seems to me, that I see a portrait of you where you are the adult, the protector, the big one. In a photo intended for the Comptoir des Cotonniers advertising campaign, all you need is one arm to hug your daughter …
Charlotte Gainsbourg. – Yes, that’s right, I was very happy to do that with her. However, I have long been against it. I was photographed a lot as a child with my parents, I didn’t care, it was normal, and then, when they broke up, it was a nightmare. Everything turned against them, against us, we were made to pay with paparazzi hidden in front of our house all the time. I told myself that my privacy should be preserved at all costs. So when the children were born, with Yvan, we did everything to hide them. I have toured with my son before, but it was almost underground. Alice, she wanted to. We talked about it. I started working at the exact same age, at 12 years old. It’s kind of his first job, and I was proud to accompany him. My mother came to the session before leaving for a train. She kissed us, happy to see us like this. And I am happy with the result.

Your daughter Alice has a very gentle, calm look, very far from yours at the same age …
Ah yes, I was just the opposite! I suffered the photos, it was terrible. I still don’t like to be photographed, and every second photo that is taken of me, I find it a failure. Not the photographer’s fault, but mine. There, when I see my daughter so beautiful, I am really happy. She is very quiet, unlike me, she seems to have no worries. But hey, you have to be wary of children who don’t seem to have too many problems, and stay alert! She is also extremely sensitive.

You’ve posed a lot, even if you don’t like it. You are very photogenic. Did you give him any advice?
Alice is very mature and doesn’t need any advice, especially from me. I am her mother and she is a very assertive teenager. What I love about her, besides a thousand other things, is that she is very different from me. She has an approach to femininity that is her own. She knows what suits her, what doesn’t, and it’s not at all what I like or that suits me! She’s really feminine, she loves dresses and wears nail polish, while I hate it. When we go shopping, we are always happy to go together, and it always ends badly. And then, we have opposite tastes. So each one pretends to like what the other likes, even if in real life we ​​don’t like it at all. She feels that I am forcing myself, as I feel that she is making an effort.

Still, I have a lot of admiration for her and the way she behaves. At her age, I was really retarded, especially from the point of view of my femininity. I was a tomboy, bad about myself, very secretive. She’s just as secret, but she has that sweetness that I missed. When I tell her about me at her age, she finds it hard to understand why I was like this. And today, with a lot of humor, she “sucks” me on my side “bad in my skin”. She asks me why I always dress the same, when she loves to have fun with clothes so much. Thanks to her, I am finally old. This is how she sees me – her old mother! Alice loves everything, she is always in a good mood and enthusiastic. In a photo studio, I am tense. If someone wants me to wear something that I don’t like, there’s no way I can change my mind. While Alice is ready to try everything: makeup, clothes … If she is not convinced, she still tries to see.

Your daughter is also living a childhood very different from yours, perhaps more reassuring?
At her age, I dreamed of being set rules, that my parents imposed bedtime on me, that they asked me if I had done my homework. I was lying (to my friends) to make it look like I had a normal family life. All children dream of having a normal life, right? With us, it was not quite normal! For example, for schooling, my father kept telling me: “Pass your bac! But it was a joke. I had made it a point of honor to pass it. Besides, going to school all year round gave me an excuse not to promote the movies I liked to shoot during the holidays.

What did you pass on to your children from your funny childhood?
I try to share with them the culture that my parents gave me, but I find it rather difficult. I don’t have to be very convincing! When I make them listen Les Variations Goldberg, by Bach, performed by Glenn Gould – a must in the rue de Verneuil discography – they laugh at me. When I was a teenager, I followed everything my parents listened to, I made it my own. I especially pushed my children for the films which marked me. I think they keep something strong about it. Musicals: West Side Story, Oliver!, My Fair Lady, Donkey Skin. I tried to insist with Forbidden Games, but they were so upset that I felt kinky for wanting to test them so much!

What do you tell them about your family history?
First, there is Yvan’s culture. The Jewish culture of Algeria. We have big parties. And then, it’s very cheerful. On my father’s side, I have my two aunts left. But this Russian side is less present. On the English side, inherited from my mother, it’s easier, even if I find it a bit artificial to speak to them in English. Now, my children have got used to it and they are bilingual thanks to the schools, finally. The great thing we had before was Christmas: a big family celebration where we respected traditions, with “stockings” (tradition of Father Christmas british), turkey and pudding. It was magical. We keep precious memories of our English Christmases. We often talk about it with children. Today too many people are no longer there. So Christmas was also extinct …

How do you tell Serge Gainsbourg to your children?
What I try to convey in the first place is the story of his family. My grandmother, my father and his sisters were in the occupied zone during the war. His father had gone to the free zone to work and earn money to provide for his family. My father and his sisters, at one point, were in hiding. They are in a convent, my father in a boarding school. My father, my grandmother, my aunt often evoked this period. Strangely, they spoke about it with a lot of excitement, in an almost joyful way, as if it was an adventure movie. The episode that came up most often was the one where the Gestapo landed at their home and my grandmother sat down on the false papers that could have compromised them. She told it with humor, having had incredible composure and nerve. My father’s family was small, since they left everything when they left Russia in 1917. During the war, the five survived, none were deported. My children are very attentive to this part of their history.

Then there is the artist Gainsbourg …
When my son, Ben, was born, I was still missing my father. I found it hard to talk about him. With Alice, it was easier. I made her listen to songs like Comic Strip or Harley-Davidson. By showing, casually, as many photos as possible, so that his face would be familiar to them. I call him “Papy Serge” in front of them – that would have sickened him! I took them on a tour of the rue de Verneuil, to which I continue to cling to absurdly. It’s been almost twenty-five years since my father died, and I would like nothing to change about him. I cling to material things, I cannot move an object. Everything is damaged, the paintings are faded. I would like to preserve the place identically, but it is impossible. All these years … and I can’t seem to evolve. It’s silly.

Did you read The Year of Magical Thinking, by Joan Didion (2)? She says that a friend of hers, after her husband died, couldn’t change anything about them, in case he came back, so that he wouldn’t be upset.
Oh no, but I have to read it. It’s for me ! I was advised recently A woman running away from the ad, by David Grossman (3): the story of a woman who refuses to hear that her son is dead.

David Grossman writes that putting his own words on what seems unforgivable to you allows you to no longer be a victim of it… Going to New York, writing a new album, is that also choosing your life?
Yes really. I was the only one who wanted to move. It was Alice, then, who helped me a lot to convince others, to make this possible. What I love about New York is that all cultures, all communities, all holidays are celebrated. I find that insane. When I walk around Brighton Beach and hear my grandmother’s Russian accent, it makes me happy!

Charlotte as the fashion icon

(1) Colombe Schneck has just published Sisters of Mercy published by Stock.
The year of magical thinking, by Joan Didion, Éd. Grasset, 281 p., € 19.20.
(3) A woman running away from the ad, by David Grossman, Ed. Points, 783 p., € 8.90.

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Idaho: Mile sign on Highway changed to prevent theft

If you drive along Highway 95 in Idaho, you will see a strange mileage table in the north of the state near the town of Coeur d’Alene: 418 and 419 are not followed by 420, but 419.9. The authorities want to prevent marijuana enthusiasts from stealing the sign. Because the number 420 is something like its cipher.

Why it is like that? A separate article on Wikipedia is devoted to this question. According to this, a group of people allegedly met at 4:20 a.m. in the 1970s in San Rafael, California, to look for an abandoned cannabis plantation. Gradually, 420 then became the code for marijuana smoking. On April 20 (4/20 in the USA), cannabis use is now celebrated in many places like at a folk festival.

The Idaho authorities don’t care about the origin of the 420 saga. The 420 was replaced by 419.9, said Adam Rush, an employee at Idaho’s Department of Transportation. It’s more of a precautionary measure. Rush said it was rare for mileage signs to be stolen. “In Idaho, people are more likely to shoot or scribble at them before they steal them. We spend more time fixing signs than replacing them.”

Just skipping the 420 and jumping from 419 to 421 wasn’t an option either, according to Rush. After all, the sign can be an important orientation aid for travelers.

Idaho is known for its strict marijuana laws, but shares borders with Oregon and Washington, two states with extremely liberal rules. Washington and Colorado, where marijuana buying and using is also legal, have also replaced 420 signs with 419.9 after the originals were repeatedly stolen. Oregon doesn’t have this problem because no highway is 420 miles long.

Sometimes a 420 sign makes the news if it’s not stolen. The largest marijuana discovery in Montana state history occurred at mile 420 on Interstate 90. During a traffic stop at that point, police found 115 pounds of marijuana in a car.

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The 6 best golf courses and golf clubs in Florida 2020

Overview of travel information – Florida Golf Holidays

The destination Florida with top golf courses is ideal for golf trips

Golfing in Florida – the dream destination for golfers

Florida, the Sunshine State, lives up to its name. The sun shines here all year round. Miles of beautiful beaches lined with palm trees, deep blue water, wonderful coral reefs, crystal clear lakes, impressive waterfalls and beautiful swamp areas determine the landscape. Florida is washed by both the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico.

Formerly marshland, Florida has now become a popular vacation destination. Natural and bathing paradises, numerous visitor attractions, unique flora and fauna, very good shopping opportunities and an exciting nightlife leave nothing to be desired. Water sports are also very important in Florida. Whether swimming, surfing, jet skiing, parasailing, snorkeling, diving, boating or fishing, active vacationers get their money’s worth.

Florida has now established itself as a mecca for golfers with its around 1,100 facilities. The places are mostly in a very well-kept condition and leave nothing to be desired. You can play golf here in autumn and winter.

Golf courses in Florida

Whether the “PGA National Resort & Spa” in Palm Beach, the Grand Harbor area at Vero Beach, the Marriott Beach Resort on the southern tip of Hutchinson Island, the Greenlinks Golf Resort near Naples or the PGA Village in St. Lucie County northwest of Palm Beach, golf courses that invite you to dream can be found throughout Florida.

Indescribable nature experiences in Florida

Florida is home to over 50 state parks that are extremely popular. In the designated areas, all of which are protected, visitors can admire the original vegetation of Florida. Ichetucknee Springs State Park is located 60 kilometers northwest of Gainesville and captivates with its beautiful landscape. Here you can let yourself drift along the crystal-clear Ichetucknee River on large tires and enjoy the romantic nature.

Wakulla Springs State Park is home to one of the world’s largest and deepest freshwater springs, the Wakulla Springs. On tours with glass-bottom boats you can explore the unique underwater world of Wakulla Springs. The State Park is also a popular destination for canoeing and kayaking.

Popular activities in Florida

Florida is also known for its numerous theme parks. Greetings from Mickey Mouse at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando. Here in the world’s largest amusement park, young and old will get their money’s worth. The resort is home to numerous theme parks, hotels and water parks. Other highlights in Orlando are Sea World and the Universal Orlando Resort.

The best time to go for a Florida golf vacation

Ideal travel time for Florida

While the northern part of the state has a humid, subtropical climate, the south has a tropical climate. The best time to travel to northern Florida is from March to May, while the winter months from November to February are particularly good for a visit to southern Florida.

Good to know

Culinary specialties in Florida

Florida offers pure culinary variety in addition to several fast food chains. Fried dishes are at the top of the menu in the north, while more grilled dishes are preferred in the south. Fish dishes are very popular everywhere due to their proximity to the water. The Florida Largemouth Bass, a largemouth bass, is one of the highlights here. If you prefer an exceptional culinary delicacy, you should definitely try an alligator steak whose taste resembles that of a piece of beef. The key lime pie is another Florida specialty. It is made from a sponge cake base and a filling of lime juice and milk.

Rules of conduct

Of course you don’t want to be noticed negatively when visiting Florida. Therefore, you should follow a few rules. On many beaches in Florida, nudism or “topless” is forbidden and is subject to heavy fines. Even small children are not allowed to run around naked on the beach. In American restaurants, staff are assigned a table. So do not storm in and besiege a table. After eating, it is customary to clear the table immediately to make room for the next guests.

Entry requirements

To enter Florida you need a machine-readable bordeaux-colored passport that was issued before October 26th, 2005 and is valid for the duration of the entire stay. Children also need their own passport.

Of course, entry is also possible with the new passport (ePassport), which was introduced in early November 2005 and in which biometric data (a digital photo, additional fingerprints from November 2007) are stored.

Since January 12, 2009, the United States has changed entry forms from paper form to the electronic, Internet-based system “Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA)”. You are required to obtain so-called ESTA approval no later than 72 hours prior to travel by plane or ship to the United States. The address in the United States and some other personal data must be transmitted online to the homeland security authority before entering the USA.

Traffic / arrival

Holidaymakers from Europe mainly travel to Florida by plane. International flights land in Tallahassee, Daytona Beach, Jacksonville, Orlando, Miami, Tampa or Sanford.


The currency in Florida is the US dollar, which is divided into 100 cents. Foreign currencies are not accepted as a means of payment here. Credit cards like MasterCard and VISA are accepted almost everywhere in Florida. Travelers checks are also a problem-free and secure means of payment. Shops, restaurants and amusement parks charge a sales tax of 6 to 7% on the stated prices.

Hawaii: Mark Zuckerberg & Co. drive house prices

property Luxury real estate

In Hawaii there is a housing shortage for billionaires

| Reading time: 3 minutes

Ever more difficult to have: luxury residences in Hawaii

Ever more difficult to have: luxury residences in Hawaii

Quelle: picture-alliance / AFP Creative

Luxurious homes in Hawaii are rarely on the market. They are costing $ 20 million and more. Mark Zuckerberg and his billionaire colleagues have to dig deep into their pockets.

Hawaii is still one of the most glamorous travel destinations for US citizens. And the popularity is increasing, as can be seen from the prices on the real estate market of the island chain. Above all, rich technology managers from Silicon Valley in California are increasingly appearing as buyers and driving up prices.

There are currently a total of 23 luxury residences on the market, for which more than $ 20 million (€ 18.11 million) are required. A new record.

The latest offer is a beach house in Waialea Bay with five bedrooms, two guest houses and 250 meters of its own private beach, according to the business news agency Bloomberg. According to the agency, the seller is the singer Neil Young, who has owned the house since 1997. He asked the equivalent of 22.18 million euros for it.

This makes the property the 23rd in Hawaii to be sold for at least $ 20 million. There have never been so many houses in this price range, says Matt Beall, co-owner of the brokerage firm Hawaii Life Real Estate Brokers.

Playground for rich Californians

“There is currently a larger number at the upper end of the price than at any other time in Hawaii,” says the expert. Beall, who takes care of the house in Waialea Bay, did not want to officially confirm who sells the property.

Just as the Hamptons have long been a retreat for rich New Yorkers, Hawaii is increasingly becoming a playground for wealthy Californians. The prices are higher than in the past real estate boom.

Surfers hope for the perfect wave in bad weather

Tropical storm Guillermo is currently raging in Hawaii. The coast guard has asked people to avoid the sea. Nevertheless, many surfers go into the water. They hope for the perfect storm wave.

Hawaii is one of a total of 15 US states in which residential property prices reached an all-time high in June. According to data from the market research company CoreLogic, single-family homes in the United States have increased in price by around 6.1 percent compared to the previous year.

Larry Ellison, billionaire and founder of Oracle, had bought a total of 98 percent of Lanai, the sixth largest island in Hawaii, in 2012. And last year, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg acquired two Kauai properties for a total of more than 90 million euros.

Houses are sold faster and faster

“That can’t be denied – Northern and Southern Californians are the top source for luxury buyers on the Hawaiian Islands,” said Chris Fair, president of Resonance Consultancy. The company publishes studies on travel expenses of wealthy Americans. “The next wave of wealth and development is now spilling over to Kauai,” says Fair.

It is probably the most beautiful beach on the island.

According to real estate agent Beall, the times when a home is on the market have shortened on all major Hawaiian islands – except Maui. On the Big Island, homes are now offered on average for 136 days before a buyer strikes. Last year it was 236 days, the broker’s data shows.

Even the current period does not exactly sound like rapid sales campaigns. But those who are interested must know: Selling luxury properties in Hawaii is not simply an open house.

Crowds of lawyers are often involved

Potential buyers may have to travel by private plane, sometimes bringing their families and employees with them. Transactions can include a whole host of lawyers, as well as agreements to protect the privacy of buyers and sellers.

Young’s property should quickly find a new owner simply because of its beach location. “It has white sandy beaches and almost a guarantee of sunshine,” explains Beall. “It is probably the most beautiful beach on the island. And I’m not just saying that. That’s where everyone wants to be. “