US billionaire Malone buys Playmobil villa in Florida

The US media entrepreneur and multi-billionaire John Malone bought the villa of the late Playmobil patriarch Horst Brandst├Ątter on Jupiter Island in Florida for $ 38 million. It is the “by far highest price” that has been paid on the island for a property so far, as learned from Ken Meierling, head of the […]

The small state of Delaware, the irritating American tax haven

On June 17, the European Commission presented its action plan to reform corporate taxation with Pierre Moscovici, Commissioner for Economic and Financial Affairs, in charge of the project. In the rostrum, the Frenchman said that it was no longer acceptable “that certain companies pay almost no tax because someone carries a very heavy tax burden […]

Death sentence for Boston bomber confirmed: Zarnajew apologizes

The Boston bomber Zarnayev has shown remorse. He wanted to apologize to the victims and survivors, he said at the official announcement of his sentence. The judge upheld the death sentence that the jury had agreed on. The bomber at the Boston Marathon, Jokhar Zarnayev, who was sentenced to death, has apologized for his actions. […]

American Airlines: Los Angeles – Mexico at the start of the school year

The airline company American Airlines will finally resume at the beginning of September the road connecting The Angels at Mexico until then operated by Alaska Airlines, the Department of Transport (DOT) having given its approval to the exchange. The American company will inaugurate this route on September 3 rather than July 4, 2015 as initially […]

Law Enforcement and Torture in Reality and in “Mississippi Burning”

15940 Wikimedia Commons It was only 41 years after the murder of three young civil rights activists that one of the perpetrators was convicted. The murder case was filmed much earlier: Mississippi Burning there Martin Rath Questions about the popularity of police torture. advertisement The viewer, if not particularly strengthened in the rule of law, […]

In Honolulu, old buses are being transformed into homeless housing

To keep homeless people away from city centers, many municipalities do not skimp on means: urban furniture anti-homelessness, nauseous repellents, elimination of public toilets, masked anti-begging orders: prohibition of alcohol consumption, automatic watering, inclined surfaces … In Hawaii, Honolulu is no exception to this movement. After the city council, in September, adopted a measure prohibiting […]

In Honolulu, we transform old buses into housing for homeless people

To keep the homeless away from the city centers, many municipalities do not skimp on resources: urban furniture homeless, foul-smelling repellents, removal of public toilets, masked anti-begging bylaws: ban on alcohol consumption, automatic watering, inclined surfaces … In Hawaii, Honolulu is no exception. After the municipal council, in September, adopted a measure prohibiting homeless people […]

a young Creusotin is about to live the American dream!

Baptiste Perraudin has planned to fly, this Saturday, June 21, 2015, to Miami in the United States where he will present his film “The Walking Dead Genesis”. This short film is inspired by the successful American series of the same name. He caught the eye of the programmer of the Florida Supercon festival. Baptiste Perraudin […]

The longest fasting hours in Iceland and the shortest in Argentina

Muslims fast in Reykjavik, Iceland, on average 22 hours and 34 minutes, which is The longest day in the world for Ramadan this year, while the Muslims of the Argentine city of Ushuaia fast during a day of only 8 hours and 57 minutes.According to the prayer times announced by the Presidency of Turkish Religious […]

Amanda Vaill: Novel “Hotel Florida”: The Truth or Something – Culture

Today you can find a branch of the department store chain El Corte Ingl├ęs where the Hotel Florida once stood in Madrid. The hotel was built in 1924 as a ten-story building and was demolished in 1964. In between, 1936 to 1939, during the Spanish Civil War, Florida was badly battered, but at the same […]