Champéry – Valais – Mountain resort

Located at 1050 m, at the foot of the Dents du Midi and the Dents Blanches, Champéry belongs to the gigantic area of ​​the Portes du Soleil which links it to the resorts of Morgins, Les Crosets, Val d’Illiez, Champoussin, Torgon, but also Châtel, Les Gets or Abondance in France, summer and winter. Its famous Palladium, a covered sports center accessible all year round, allows you to practice ice skating, curling, swimming pool, aquabike, tennis, fitness and even escalade thanks to a giant climbing wall.


Nearly 600 km of skiing are accessible via the cable car which departs from the station and descends 1000 m in elevation in just a few minutes. If you do not have cold eyes, the No Chavanette, commonly called the “Swiss Wall” is one of the most impressive tracks in the world. As to Cuboré sector, it is one of the favorite places for “powder hunters”. From the top of the chairlift, just choose the corridor for a descent freeride unforgettable. Do you prefer to take your time, enjoy the scenery and breathe fresh air? The station offers a loop of cross country skiing, routes of walking tours or to snowshoes as well as a rink. For lovers of thrills, Champéry has walls of ice to climb. Do you want to explore the region in three dimensions? Fly to the sun in paragliding.


When it comes to active leisure, it’s a real paradise that awaits you. 300 km of marked routes for Mountain biking make the largest domain in the world thanks to the Bikepark of Champéry-Morgins, without counting the 800 km of walking trails all levels (special mention on the stroll on the Stroller Path!) which allow you to observe an exceptional flora and fauna and even to practice agrotourism in the Berra Farm or the trout fishing at Chalet Rosalie, charming guest room. Take advantage of a hike on the heights to sleep or watch the cheese making at the Lapisa alpine chalet. Routes and recharges for Electric mountain bikes make it possible to reach the summits with less effort and more pleasure! As for the 21 ski lifts in the area, they allow you to make the most of the landscapes while saving your energy. For those who like thrills, the tree climbing Organic Adventure Park makes families happy and the via ferrata of Tière offers to be scared in complete safety. It crosses the Tière stream in several places and allows it to be crossed by suspended walkways. Trott en Stock is also making a splash by offering more than 10 km of downhill scooters.

Archery Hunting – Activity

Today (and for a few more years still), we are no longer obliged to hunt for food, much to the relief of the defenders of furry animals and other cute game animals. But why not find our ancestral hunting reflexes by leaving, quiver on the back, tracking down big animals, for fakes?

Archery in the forest
This is what the Bureau des Guides Jura Evasion offers, on a hunting trail in the heart of the Vallée de Joux, to discover three-dimensional targets. After an introduction to archery, you leave accompanied by your instructor, in search of large furry beasts in … wood! Aim for the tempting side of a bison or the slender thigh of a doe, without guilt! The route, in the heart of the forest, will make you discover the secret places of this beautiful region, on foot or on snowshoes depending on the season, and improving your archery. An activity right on target!

Lac Noir Ice Palace – Activity

Along the road to Lac Noir (Schwarzsee), in the canton of Friborg, a magical building takes shape each winter thanks to the tourist office which has taken over from the artist Karl Neuhaus. The original instigator of the Palais des Glaces, nicknamed the “Tinguely des Glaces”, had been wanding since 1984.

Winter stroll in family

As impressive technically as it is aesthetically pleasing, the attraction is made up of a multitude of structures built in snow or ice (some of which are 15 m high!). Determined to give back its magical dimension in winter, the builders decorate all their concretions of multicolored lights… Between caves, igloos and palaces with crazy shapes in which one can enter or that one can climb, visitors stroll the along sandy paths or stop at the refreshment bar to warm up or have a snack. Inside the icy constructions, many surprises await the children such as the mountain of penguins, a playground, a large swing and a pirate ship! To do at night, for a most romantic digestive stroll or in broad daylight, with all the smala!

Nendaz – 4 Valleys – Valais – Haute-Nendaz

Nendaz is a family resort in the Valais Alps, rich in activities for all ages, all year round.


As soon as you arrive at the station, you will quickly be won over by the beauty and authenticity of the place. In front of you, a breathtaking view is offered over the Valais Alps. Nendaz is linked to the 4 Vallées ski area, which includes 412 km of slopes and 89 ski lifts in a single package. Its innumerable possibilities, including a giant 120,000 m2 snow park in La Chaux, as well as the quality of its snow and sunshine, make the 4 Valleys an exceptional site. With the highest point of the Mont-Fort glacier (3330 m), this ski area linking, in addition to Nendaz, the resorts of Verbier, La Tzoumaz, Bruson, Veysonnaz and Thyon delights all lovers of skiing, whether expert or novice . The youngest take their first ski steps under the benevolent eye of the monitors of the snow gardens of Siviez, Tracouet and the two structures existing in Thyon. As for freeride enthusiasts, they feast on the Freetracks: six secure routes but not groomed, with central markup. Neophytes learn about the Tracouet Fun Park, a mini snow park where young and old alike rub shoulders with bumps, banked turns, small jumps and other rails that spice up the discipline! If you want to vary the pleasures, other winter sports await you thanks to 100 km of marked paths for walkers, six snowshoe trails, but also a hike-park inaugurated in February 2019 and regrouping five ski touring routes between Nendaz and Veysonnaz. Want to taste the fresh snow? Go and have fun on the toboggan run! Lastly, on the Lac de Tracouet site, where the snow garden and sun loungers make excellent housekeeping, snowtubing will lead children and those who have stayed that way in crazy descents on inner tubes, not to mention the specially designed electric snowmobile circuit for 3-12 year olds. And to recover from all these emotions, head to the incredible Spa des Bisses, a true oasis of well-being open all year round.


Are you tempted by a summer in the heart of nature and the countryside? Nendaz is the ideal destination: a true haven of greenery where to relax with the family. First of all, it is to the eight bisses of the region that we will have to pay attention. These small ancestral irrigation canals offer bucolic and varied walks that delight young and old, like that of the Giants of Balavaux, on the track of centuries-old larches. In all, count more than 250 km of all-round walks and 200 km of mountain bike and E-bike routes. Very popular with families, the Tour du Mont-Fort allows you to cycle through the 4 valleys: 50 km of hikes for 8 hours of walking. And since 2013, the barefoot path in Siviez allows nature lovers to feel forgotten sensations, while the panoramic path of Tracouet stretches masterfully through dry meadow, scree and arolliary, offering many educational, playful or sporting positions as well that a breathtaking panorama of Bietschorn at Mont-Blanc. Another exceptional site: the Japanese Garden nestled at the bottom of the Tortin Valley, a little masterpiece of nature accessible via an easy walk. Finally, note the many summer activities offered by the resort: treasure hunt, summer camp, playgrounds, thematic and fun walks, etc.

Leysin – Vaud – Mountain resort

Skiers and snowboarders have the opportunity to indulge in their favorite sport in a splendid area linked to that of Les Mosses – La Lécherette and offering 100 km of slopes. Leysin snowpark is very popular with freeriders. Leysin – Les Mosses – La Lécherette is an overview of the endless possibilities of winter sports in the Vaudois Alps in the Lake Geneva region. Note that the station is just as attractive in summer …

Panoramic view at altitude

Take advantage of relaxing at Kuklos, the revolving restaurant in Berneuse, or on its new terrace “Bar 2048”, which offers one of the most beautiful panoramas in Switzerland. Leysin is also a multisports center, an indoor swimming pool, an ice rink, curling tracks, first flights by helicopter, paragliding, Nordic Walking and many hiking possibilities.

Fun slides at Tobogganing Park

Latest originality, the resort has a unique park in the world for snowtubing with, among other things, 360 ° turns, launching laps to gain more speed, a track with a jump in a BigAir Bag and a looping. The youngest can also indulge in the joys of sliding on mini-tracks. The Tobogganing Park, an activity reserved for the most frosty … After so much emotion, you can eat at the Snow Village, under an igloo or under a yurt!

Columbia Platinium 860 TurboDown down jacket review

Test of the TurboDown down jacket by the Colombia brand in Finland during a winter season. It has been tested in all conditions, from snowstorms to bright sunshine and from -30 ° to + 5 ° C. The activities were varied: hiking with or without snowshoes, with or without dogs, cross-country skiing and cross-country skiing. Notice after 5 months of testing.
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Boston bombers: Who is Dzhokhar Tsarnaev? Panorama

As the death penalty is announced in the courtroom in Boston, shows dzokhar to the outside there is no reaction. With a stony face, he listens to how the twelve members of the Jury, explained how they evaluated each of the 30 charges. Unanimously, the jury decided that Tsarnaev should be sentenced to death. No one knows what’s going on in the 21-Year-old, whether he repents of his murderous deed, or whether he repented of it, in the process, on the advice of his lawyers not to say.

Constantly had been discussed in the well for two and a half months of on-going process about why Tsarnaev showed outwardly no emotion. Observers speculated about how the five men and seven women would take in to the Jury this attitude. The only Time the young man there were tears in the eyes – he was crying, because its from Russia traveled aunt broke out in tears, and in the meantime, from the courtroom had to be brought.

He had, however, cried not a single Time the, four people, he and his older brother, killed, or the more than 260 injured, was not only by some of the commentators in the local newspaper Boston Globe critical seen. Of his guilt, which had already been in the beginning of April noted, had passed no doubt.

The defence to the renowned attorney Judy Clarke had focused their strategy on an Argument: It had been the older brother Tamerlan, the radicalized first, and the Islamists have changed. He had manipulated Dzhokhar tsarnaev, who had admired him so, that he had been involved in the assassination plan. The judgment shows, however, that this Argument convinced one of the twelve jurors.

Roots in Central Asia and the Caucasus

Dzokhar is born in 1993 in the former Soviet Republic of Kyrgyzstan, his father is Chechen, the native of the Caucasus Republic of Dagestan. In 2002, the parents with Dzhokhar tsarnaev, their youngest child migrate, in the U.S. state of Massachusetts, where a Relative lives. The older sibling Tamerlan, Ailina and Bella to come months later. The family applied for asylum, in 2007, the Zarnajews obtain a residence permit.

Youth in the United States

In Massachusetts, the Zarnajews pull in a working-class district. The father, who was in the old country lawyer, works as a car mechanic, the mother as a beautician. Dzhokhar tsarnaev fits easily into his new life, his age – he is at the time of arrival in the United States just nine years old – for the benefit of him. The Boy attends a public school, with comes well in class, sports, later captain of the school wrestling team. As a Teenager, he likes to go to parties, smokes occasionally marijuana. Otherwise, classmates and teachers to identify any truck.

“If someone had asked me how this kid is on it, I would have said, he has a heart of Gold”, – quotes the Boston Globe after the attacks, a former teacher. “He was so gracious as can be. To me, all of this seems surreal.” Classmates show up as in disbelief: “He was one of us”, say fellow students, to journalists, Dzhokhar tsarnaev’ve learned with you, and celebrated, was a nice guy and lovable.

In 2011, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev makes his graduation, writes to the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth for marine biology studies. 11. September 2012, he will receive the US citizenship. In his spare time, he engaged voluntarily in a program for people with disabilities.

With the school, the problems are piling up, however: The family of the Zarnajews decays. The father goes back to Russia, the mother a short time later, in 2012, the parents divorce. Dzhokhar tsarnaev and his siblings remain in the United States alone. As at 15. In April 2013, bombs at the finish line of the Boston explode Marathons, the then 19-Year-old in the second year of study and living on Campus. The study is expensive, Tsarnaev owes the University $ 20 000. Fellow students that he was selling marijuana to get money. He is already liked by several courses.


Boston Marathon bombings: death penalty for Djokhar Tsarnaev

Jurors reached a verdict this Friday evening in the trial of the Boston Marathon bombing of April 15, 2013, cutting for the death penalty and not life imprisonment for Djokhar Tsarnaev, a young Muslim of Chechen origin aged 21. Three people were killed in the attack, including an 8-year-old child. 264 people were injured, including 17 amputees, when two homemade bombs exploded almost simultaneously in the crowd near the finish line.

Djokhar Tsarnaev showed no particular reaction when the verdict was read in the packed courtroom of the federal court in Boston, in the presence of many victims. He was convicted on April 8, and 17 of the 30 charges charged were punishable by death. Jurors were unanimous on six of these counts.

As a serious act of terrorism, Tsarnaev was subject to federal justice, in a state of Massachusetts which has abolished the death penalty since 1984 and where no one has been executed since 1947. But the former Minister of Justice Eric Holder had demanded the death penalty, stressing the particularly hateful nature of the attacks which had targeted the famous Boston Marathon on April 15, 2013, which each year attracts thousands of spectators.

“Lost Child”

Federal death sentences are rare in the United States: It is the 39th since 2004. Executions are even more so: only four since 1963. But prosecutors had insisted that Djokhar Tsarnaev deserved it. He is a remorseful terrorist who deserves him for killing innocent Americans, the prosecution said at the end of the trial on Wednesday, highlighting several aggravating factors. The defense had pleaded the extenuating circumstances, asking for life imprisonment for a “lost child”, under the influence of his self-radicalized older brother Tamerlan. But only three jurors found in the verdict that he was actually under the influence of his brother.

Prosecutor Steve Mellin also recalled the bloody inscription discovered inside the boat where Tsarnaev was found, which explained that he wanted to avenge the American wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the innocent Muslims killed. He had refused to make a difference between the two brothers. “No remorse, no excuses. These are the words of a terrorist convinced that he did what he had to do. He found it justified to kill, maim and seriously injure the innocent, men, women and children”, said the prosecutor. “His actions deserve the death penalty”, had insisted, recalling, photos in support, the “appalling” sufferings of the victims, the three dead, the amputees, the families who will never recover.

The defense, on the contrary, had insisted on the uprooted past of Tsarnaev, born in Kyrgyzstan, who then lived in Dagestan, before arriving in the United States at the age of 8 years. He was the youngest of four children, “invisible” in a family where his mother and older brother, whom he adored, had radicalized, and where the father was mentally ill, said lawyer Judy Clarke. Some jurors have recognized him extenuating circumstances, such as his father’s illness and the radicalization of his mother, but without influencing the verdict.

Policeman killed

They also acknowledged that Djokhar, who at the time was a student and had obtained American nationality in 2012, had no criminal record, and had friends and aunts in Russia who loved him. “Djokhar Tsanev was not the worst of the worst, and that is what the death penalty is for,” pleaded Judy Clarke, also stressing that life imprisonment in a very high security prison would avoid to make him a martyr. “In any case, he will die in prison,” she said. In addition to the three marathon deaths, he was also convicted of the death of a police officer killed three days later in his car. Jurors had a choice only between life imprisonment and capital punishment.

This verdict is the first failure for Judy Clarke, a famous lawyer who has avoided the death penalty for several notorious convicts in the United States, including the author of the attack on the Atlanta Olympic Games in 1996, Eric Rudolph, the “Unabomber” Ted Kaczynski, and the French Zacarias Moussaoui in connection with September 11.

Arizona (4) The saga of the Code talkers navajos

DSCN5328 We are in Kayenta, Arizona. This small town is a 4 hour drive from Phoenix, the state capital, 35 km from Monument Valley where the sandstone towers and tufts of sagebrush are so characteristic of the landscapes made famous by the westerns produced by John Ford with John Wayne. In front of us, the Black Mesa mountain (black plateau), with remnants of snow. Peckish ? Why not try the Burger King experience? Admittedly, a hamburger and fries is not very healthy, but frankly, the Burger King by Kayenta is worth the detour. Not for his food, but for his exposure to the saga of the Navajo Code talkers.

DSCN5339 Code talkers? Literally, this means “speakers of the Navajo code”. During the second world war, many Navajos served in the American army: in 1942, 420 Marines “Navajo Code talkers” will protect communications of the American Marines by encrypting the messages using 274 words of the Navajo language. A language which has no connection with a European or Asian language and which, as a result, the Japanese enemy will be unable to decipher, which damn contributed to the American victory in the Pacific. It was Philip Johnston who proposed to the American staff to use this language: he had this idea because as a child of a missionary, he was raised on a Navajo reserve in the San Diego area. He therefore knew very well the complexity and the particularity of this language. This story inspired John Woo’s film “The Messengers of the Wind” with Nicolas Cage and Christian Slater.

DSCN5340 If the Burger King of Kayenta (Arizona) devotes an exhibition to them, it is because King Paul Mike (1916-1993), the father of the present owner was a veteran of the Marines and one of these famous Code talkers. We can also see him in the photo with all his medals in the central window. DSCN5333 The exhibition consists of four display cases, in which there are objects, helmets, photos, many photos with captions. We also learn, with supporting images, that the recruitment of Navajos code talkers was done in two “waves”.

DSCN5336 Finally, if we wonder what this code could have looked like, we will take a look at a panel that gives the equivalences between Navajo and English words.

Even if you don’t want to bite into a burger, it’s worth stopping by Kayenta’s Burger King. We’ll let you quietly watch the exhibit without asking anything.

As a sign that we are in Navajo land, in the courtyard of the Burger King stand three Hogans, traditional earthen houses built on wooden supports. And the sign that marks the entrance and signals the exhibition also indicates, without complexes, “Navajo culture center”.

Today, with more than 300,000 individuals, the Navajos are the largest Ameridian nation. They have American nationality and the right to vote but, because they are also recognized as a Nation, they administer themselves with their own institutions on the territory of the reserve which was granted to them in Arizona. Clearly, the strategic role that some played during the Second World War is one of the important moments in their history. Moreover, still in Arizona, in Tuba City, the museum devoted more widely to the history, traditions and spirituality of the Navajos, does not miss the opportunity to pay homage to these Code talkers.

While traveling in Arizona, we will have the opportunity to hear other times about this saga of Code talkers. For example, in Ganado, at the Trading post. This trading and barter post was held by the Hubbel family from 1875 until 1963. The founder of the post died in 1930 at the age of 77. Her children continued for some time.

On site, you can visit the Hubble’s private apartments with piano and library, reflecting the prosperity brought on by this bartering activity in this barren, arid corner of Arizona.

Today, almost transformed into a museum – it is indeed a fairly authentic testimony of life in the American West at the time when barter was the most common mode of exchange -, the Hubbel post also sells in the boutique – quite expensive – pretty silver and turquoise jewelry, carpets, handicrafts, harnesses and horse collars but also tin cans, flour, etc.

If this post was once important, it is “because Mr. Hubble spoke Navajo perfectly,” said Ailema Benally, a Navajo woman who guides visitors. “At first, Mr. Hubble bought from the Navajos only goat and sheep skins, wool. Subsequently, he also bought them baskets, crafts, etc. Often these products were exchanged for everything in the store at the time, including food, “she said. “Here,” she adds, “it is a place of remembrance of the time when the inhabitants of the region did not have cash. Navajo people often come to visit him, by the way. ” “Today, the Navajos run the store,” insists Ailema Benally.

DSCN5335 What about Code talkers? We are not that far, despite appearances! Ailema Benally’s grandfather was named John. John Benally, exactly. He was a sergeant. And, she slides proudly around a sentence, “he did coding! ” In a display case at Kayenta’s Burger King exhibit, we find Sergeant John Benally, with his photo (in a group) and his name. Ailema can be proud of her grandfather! As for the Navajos, it is clearly a saga of which they have decidedly been proud. (to be continued)

To find out more about these Code talkers, visit

Read also: Last Navajo Code Talker of WWII disappears

To visit Arizona, visit www.visitArizona.Fr

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New Orleans: Monty Williams sacked – basketball – NBA – Pelicans

Coach of the New Orleans Pelicans since 2010, Monty Williams was fired on Tuesday by the Louisiana franchise. Williams, 43, had one more year of contract with the Pelicans, where he enjoyed his first steps as head coach. This decision surprised saw the qualification in the play-offs of New Orleans (swept in the first round by Golden State) which was a prerequisite to maintaining Williams in his post.

He ends his tenure with 173 wins and 221 losses in the regular season, or 43.9% wins, the worst percentage for a franchise coach born in 2002.