Baltimore: the wrath of American rappers

After the riots that rocked Baltimore, voices are rising in the rap world. First to be outraged at the event that triggered the violence in recent days, the burial of Freddie Gray, this young black man of 25 years who died after being arrested by the police. But also to attack, vehemently, the system that […]

How Illinois Abolished the Death Penalty

Anthony Porter always protested his innocence. The black man from Chicago had even volunteered to answer the suspicion of murder against him. It didn’t help: a court found him guilty of double homicide and sentenced him to death – mainly because of a single, dubious testimony. Porter was on death row for almost 16 years. […]

10-year-old girl four months pregnant after being raped

A terrible drama caused a scandal in Paraguay. A 10-year-old girl became pregnant after being raped by her stepfather. But the latter can not abort, the termination of pregnancy is prohibited in this country. For the director of the children’s hospital in Asuncion, the capital of the country, Ricardo Oviedo, “A child is not in […]

Violence escalates in Baltimore – DER SPIEGEL

Unfortunately, the pictures are now all too familiar: Looted shops, burning cars, stones flying, police officers move up in full riot gear. The city administration imposes a curfew, the governor declares a state of emergency and mobilizes the national guard. This time it hits Baltimore, the “Charm City”, of all places. As night falls over […]

Baltimore: City in shock after riots

The smoke is still in the air. It burns in the nose, smells of burned plastic. In the northeast of the city Federal Street corner North Chester StreetWhere the shell of a church retirement home stood a few hours before, there is now a black, smoking emptiness. Only two elevator shafts protrude into the sky, […]

the 5 characters at the heart of the drama

The riots that have rocked Baltimore in recent days are a major blow to a city which, not without irony, calls itself “Charm City” but where years of economic crisis bring their share of daily violence, deep misery and corruption. Barack Obama condemns the violence in Baltimore and believes that there is “no excuse” for […]

VIDEOS. United States: state of emergency in Baltimore after riots

State of emergency, violence in the streets, massive deployment of soldiers, closed schools. The situation turned to chaos during the night of Monday to Tuesday in Baltimore (Maryland, Eastern United States), after riots linked to the death of a young black man, Freddie Gray, which left 15 injured among the police . And this Tuesday […]

Night of riots in Baltimore, in the United States

After Ferguson, last summer, an american town is again the scene of violent riots. Barack Obama has condemned Tuesday 28 April, the violence in Baltimore, which erupted shortly after the funeral of Freddie Gray, a young Black man, died of a fracture of the cervical vertebrae inflicted during his arrest by the police. Believing that […]

Migration: The Florida Boat Refugees – Economic Policy

Dhe pictures of boat refugees were familiar to the Americans long before the disaster in the Mediterranean. Here you will be connected to Cubans who have experienced and are still experiencing their very own refugee dramas. The stream of Cubans getting boats or lounging together to make the journey to Key West in southern Florida, […]