Here is the impact of a cigarette on a fetus …

British researchers from the universities of Durham and Lancaster have just published a study on the reactions of a fetus when the mother lights a cigarette.

Thanks to 4D ultrasounds taken at 24, 28, 32 and 36 weeks of pregnancy on 20 expectant mothers (four of whom smoked an average of fourteen cigarettes a day, reports the site, the researchers were able to show that babies were more agitated when their mother smoked.

According to the lead author of this study, Dr Nadja Reissland, “the results can be used to encourage smoking mothers to quit.”

It should be noted that all the babies observed during this study were fortunately born without any abnormalities and are all in good health.


“Hawaii 5.0 works because it’s easy”

Los Angeles (United States)

From our correspondent

The luckiest police officers in the United States have resumed service two weeks ago for a fifth season. Between turquoise blue ocean and pretty girls in bikinis, Lieutenant Steve McGarrett and his team of “Hawaii 5.0” continue to make law and order reign on their paradisiacal islands.

Chi McBride, who obtains permanent character status in this season by playing Captain Lou Grover, promises that future episodes will leave more room “for the development of the private lives of several characters in the series.” “At the end of season 4, Grover’s daughter had been kidnapped,” he explains, “and that will have an effect on him and push him to move forward with his family. Because going outside and doing business does not immunize her from such a traumatic experience. It’s also the season of the 100th episode, which will be a very important episode where things that had been hanging around since the beginning of the series will be resolved, and new challenges will appear. The characters will grow and develop. “

The actor is full of praise for the series and its success, which he attributes mainly to the use of proven string. “I think Hawaii 5.0 works because it’s easy. The show has all the elements there to be a success. Already, it’s shot in a magical place, every time you watch the show it’s like going on vacation. There are the magnificent mountains, the beach, the ocean where the water is at bath temperature. And then there are the girls in bikinis and the fast cars. There are chases between cops and bad guys. It’s pure entertainment that makes you forget your little everyday problems. “

The archipelago, the other star

And using the codes of a successful 1980s series also has its advantages. “Just with the soundtrack you know what it’s about. Without that, it would be a detective series among many. Imagine doing Mission Impossible without the musical theme. It would be a flop! »Laughs the actor.

The series also offered a real showcase to the Hawaiian archipelago, which has seen a resurgence of tourist interest in its islands, speaking of the “5.0” phenomenon. “Tourists often wait for us at the airport because they know we turn there frequently,” confirms Chi McBride. And for now the viewers are, too, at the rendezvous: more than 3 million on M 6 last week.

In the plains as in the mountains, the madness of cycling holidays

The city of Utrecht is definitely inventing beautiful ones! This Dutch city, which hosts the start of the Tour de France on July 4 (this day, the riders will set off for a time trial, the next day they will pass in front of the Dom cathedral), had already invented the ‘bicycle- stop’. It is now announcing the construction of the largest bicycle parking lot in the world: it will be able to accommodate 12,500 bikes, nothing less! The goal ? Put a brake on the wild parking of bikes around the central station. Because in Utrecht, the 100,000 inhabitants use their bikes daily in the city center.

Loire Valley bike

We are not there yet in France, but cycling is also on the rise. We know the success of the Vélib in Paris and its ilk in the big provincial towns. But, it’s not just daily commuting. Now weekends, holidays and therefore tourism also rhyme with bicycles and other mountain bikes. Tour operators like Terre d’Aventure or La Balaguère and a few others offer bike tours, free or accompanied (depending on their tastes), but the craze seems such that The Guide du Routard is releasing these days a guide called The Loire by bike, instructions for use. This publication relays the promotion, already old, of this activity by tourism professionals in this region.

chartres Compostela too!

Much better, this year, Center-Loire Valley, launches, the first site dedicated to cycling tourism in the region and launches a new route: Saint-Jacques by bike.

Six cycle routes and 14 loop networks or more than 3000 km are to be discovered on which offers precise routes, dynamic mapping and detailed sheets to discover its territory.

Via Chartres and Tours, Saint-Jacques à Vélo is a 380 km route in the Center-Loire Valley region which borders on the path traveled by hikers on their way to Saint-Jacques-de-Compostelle. Those who are part of a pilgrim approach will be able to draw from it a new way of living the path. Those who subscribe to a more profane approach will nonetheless have an amazing experience thanks to this crossing of Beauce and Touraine following the valleys of the Eure, Loir, Loire and Vienne.

But many other regions or cities also use the bicycle to promote their destination. For example Brittany.


And all of Brittany!

Brittany offers new ways to take off by bike on its territory. Let’s judge!

* Gourmet holidays for two in Morlaix Bay: a magnificent one-week itinerary for couples! From Plougasnou to Plouescat via Carantec, Roscoff and the island of Batz, the route allows you to appreciate the beauty of the countryside and the local gastronomy.

* A weekend on the Pink Granite Coast by electric bike: it’s a hike gentle for non-athletes thanks to the electrically assisted bikes offered by Trébeurden and Perros-Guirec. The circuit proposes to discover a fairly mineral world between the Chaos of Ploumanac’h and other Breton menhirs.

* A sports day on the Emerald Coast: a first-rate route that alternates cycling pleasure, sport and discovery of breathtaking landscapes from Saint-Cast-Le-Guildo to Pléneuf-Val André via Erquy. The strong elevations will delight the most athletic, rewarded with magnificent views and a few easier portions.

Carantec2013_MG_2491 - copy
Brittany has other proposals, adapted to different audiences (young people, seniors, families, etc.) that can be found on the Sensation Bretagne site.

And even in the mountains!

(Photo D. Machet – Val d´Arly)

Of course, a cycling holiday can be scary if you are no longer very young or if you are not very fit. Fortunately, there are now electric bikes, as we have just seen in Trébeurden and Perros-Guirec! This allows you to think about cycling, including in the Alps, whether you are sporty or not! Indeed, the Arly Valley, at the crossroads of the two Savoys, is offering this spring to test the… electric touring bike! By pedaling between the Aravis and Beaufortain mountains, you can explore a region with a thousand flavors without much effort while admiring unique panoramas of Mont-Blanc and the Alps.

COPY _DSC2411-®david machet
(Photo D. Machet – Val d´Arly)

In the Arly Valley, the tracks run between green meadows and crystal clear lakes. We stop in villages and hamlets, time to discover the good tables or taste specialties: Savoy cheeses, smoked cold meats … And in the evening, typical inns and cozy guest rooms await travelers.

In short, all you have to do is ride a bike, electric or not!

Paula Boyer


Season 2 of the Nashville series starting April 13 on Série Club.

Every Monday at 8:50 p.m. starting April 13, broadcast of the drama Nashville season 2. On the Série Club channel.

Created by Callie Khouri, with Connie Britton, Hayden Panettiere, Eric Close…

Two weeks passed after the terrible car accident. Rayna is in a coma and Deacon, in prison, awaits trial. Rayna’s critical condition raises a wave of emotion in the city, which annoys Juliette Barnes, whose new album is due out soon … The competition quickly takes over in Nashville and this season promises to be rich in twists and turns, both on both personally and professionally, with the arrival of a new boss at the head of Edgehill Records…

Note that this season 2 welcomes 6 new characters including Jeff Fordham (Oliver Hudson), the new boss of the Edgehill Records label and Luke Wheeler (Will Chase) a country singer.

How Miami Vice inspired Florida Ice Cream Chef

The man who sits in the March sun in front of the café and a huge ice cream with fruit and whipped cream is marveled at in the busy Klosterstrasse. “That’s the boss,” an older man calls out – and wants to get off his bike. “Oh, you have to do,” he says and drives on when he discovers the photographer who is taking pictures of Olaf Höhn in front of the shop where everything began exactly 30 years ago to the day.

The history of the Florida ice cream manufactory goes back to Spandau in the 80s, when Olaf Höhn took over the ice cream parlor, then known as “Annelie”. A popular shop since the 1920s, also a meeting place for the first date. Höhn has long played in the national ice cream league, in addition to four Florida ice cream cafés in Spandau and Tegel, there is a 4,000 square meter production facility on the site of the former airport in Staaken, which delivered 1,200 tons of the cold candy last year.

The large retail chains have listed the brand in their range, the annual turnover is ten million euros, and Höhn currently employs 240 people. “Our growth is in the double-digit percentage range every year,” says the founder with unmistakable self-confidence.

Anyone who has an appointment to go for a walk with Olaf Höhn has to be patient. He is known in the neighborhood, many speak to him on the sidewalk and want to chat with him. Before we finally set off for the Havel, Olaf Höhn quickly introduces me to Edwina Schulze, who is standing behind the ice cream counter on Klosterstrasse in a black vest and who was there 30 years ago. “Without her I would not have become what I am. She is so attentive to the guests and always friendly, simply a role model, ”he says, while Edwina Schulze smiles slightly embarrassed. For the first seven years, Höhn, who studied mechanical engineering, still worked in the café himself – seven days a week. In the meantime, the 65-year-old has downshifted a bit and only works for six days, as he says.

Grown up in the boat

Olaf Höhn suggests a route for our walk that he used to take every day, preferably at noon – it leads from Klosterstrasse to the water, along the Havel over the market in the old town to the ellipse opposite the town hall. “I can take a deep breath on this walk,” says Höhn, looking over the water. As a native of Berlin, he has a special relationship with rivers and lakes and fondly thinks back on the sailing trips he took as a boy with his father, who ran a large bakery in Neukölln: “I grew up in the boat.”

Höhn likes to eat a scoop of ice cream on his walks, but never more than one, because: “I have to watch my figure.” You can’t really tell by looking at him. It’s always vanilla ice cream, by the way, although he now has around 80 recipes for milk and fruit ice cream in his range, in addition to the classics, including extravagant flavors such as peanut toffee, cherry chocolate chip or yoghurt & cranberry. Sometimes Höhn also has a slice of toast with him on his tours – to feed the ducks.

Down-to-earth is a word that Olaf Höhn likes. And that describes him. The man has experienced a lot, the stories just gush out of him. He pauses briefly by the river and talks about his dream of sailing around the world. In theory, he could just do that. Also play golf with friends – there is no shortage of invitations. But he only laughs briefly and wipes away his hand. In the end, none of this excites him enough, at least not as much as the goals for which he is passionate as an entrepreneur. Increasingly he has the feeling that he is running out of time: “In the meantime there is such a restlessness in me because I still want to do so much.”

“Miami” was already taken

The passion for ice cream came later. Rather coincidentally. In the mid-1980s, Olaf Höhn wanted to go his own way, and his father’s bakery was finally taken over by his brother. Through a business partner of his father’s, he learned that the ice cream parlor “Annelie” was for sale. Since then, Höhn has thought a lot about the importance of chance, which sets the course in life. A new name was needed for the long-established café: At first he thought of “Miami”. After all, the sports car lover is still an avowed fan of the cult TV series “Miami Vice” and has all 111 episodes on DVD in his home in Lichtenrad. But the name “Miami” was already taken – and “Florida” was an obvious alternative. The US state then became one of the Höhn family’s favorite travel destinations.

The entrepreneur also likes to talk about Spandau and its history. The citadel, for example – he is standing on the Havel pointing towards the castle – he likes. Once a year he is invited to dinner with Spandau dignitaries, “because I am now one of them”. One likes to show oneself with him. Politics at all. At this point he energetically starts an excursus on credibility. “The word ethics will become very important again, the days of acting are over” – he is firmly convinced of that. Rather incidentally, he mentions that he has known and valued the new Governing Mayor for a long time. Michael Müller is hardworking and “down to earth” – the word will come up quite often while walking.

In terms of ethics in the ice cream business, he is driven by the decline in quality in the cheap segment, where artificial creaminess is created with a lot of air and binding agents. “It’s dramatic what’s going on. The quality keeps dropping, ”he says seriously. Höhn resolutely counteracts this with his philosophy, talking about traditional craftsmanship and manufacturing processes that are also used in modern production halls. He prefers to compare himself to American premium providers such as Häagen-Dazs or Ben & Jerry’s. Sentences like this suggests where his company’s journey is going: “I visited the Ben & Jerry’s factory in Vermont at the end of the 1980s, and they were as big as I am today.”

The CO also fits the sun image that the Florida-Eis founder is working on2-neutral ice cream production. The initial spark in this case came from son Björn, who, as a qualified geologist, is appropriately sensitized. A year and a half ago, the now 32-year-old came to the company as a career changer, and his father is pleased. Olaf Höhn recognizes his own ambition in his son too – and he probably expects him too: “It is getting better every day. That can be something. ”

“I’m not afraid of work”

This brings us not only to the Spandau marketplace, but also to the subject of work that moves him personally and as a boss. Even as a teenager he was standing by the oven in his father’s bakery, “That’s why I’m not afraid of work”. If need be, he is also on duty on Sundays, and always helps out at events when the need arises. And how does his wife, who used to work in bookkeeping herself, cope with his six-day week? He hesitates to answer, then says: “This is still an issue, but no longer a dominant one. In that respect I’m a bit difficult, but otherwise easy to care for. ”The two Höhns have been married for 37 years.

Does someone like Olaf Höhn expect unconditional commitment from his employees? He frankly says that he does not particularly value “thinking about town hall”, and yes, “a few percent more commitment”, he would like to see that from his employees. Conversely, he is a carer, someone who is also personally interested in the employees and wants to be there when someone needs help. We are now standing in front of the Nikolaikirche with its solid tower and look at it. Olaf Höhn likes them, as does the pedestrian zone. Sure, everything could be a bit fancier, and yet: “Berlin doesn’t have anything like that.” One of his employees gets married in the church in the summer – the boss is invited. Of course he’ll go.

According to his own statements, he has long been paying more than the minimum wage in his production hall. And yet, recruiting employees is a constant topic in the company. Later in the café, when we are sitting at the table and spooning an ice cream, he will talk for a long time about it: Finding service staff is difficult in a booming tourist city like Berlin, but it is not easy in production either.

Employees arrive from Poland

Many of his employees travel to Spandau from Poland every day. So he soberly sees immigration as essential for survival for Germany as a business location: “Foreigners can come.” When the question arises in two to three years where the next production hall will be built in order to be able to expand further, Höhn wants the decision on the location also link to where he can find the best qualified employees.

Olaf Höhn is someone who also wants to know in detail what is going on in his company. He therefore answers emails from customers “90 percent” himself: “I really enjoy doing that.” Regardless of whether it concerns questions about possible allergies or requests for new varieties. He writes, he says, detailed answers. So as not to take off. That’s what he says when we stand in the middle of the market square. Here he likes to sit in a long-established pastry shop to drink coffee and eat a piece of cake. He likes to eat because well-made products and high-quality ingredients are what he appreciates. He is always looking forward to visiting trade fairs in Italy because he loves the country’s cuisine. He has to recognize pleasure trends early on. This summer, for example, vegan ice cream is all the rage – “that’s what retailers want,” he says. Does he see himself as a gourmet? His “no” comes quickly and decisively. That too is too far removed from him.

When walking and speaking, Olaf Höhn has a fast pace. Time is precious and he wants to keep working on his success story. One day last year he received a surprising call from Luitpold Prince of Bavaria. The result of this and many other discussions: the “König Ludwig Glace Royale” line in blue cups with the likeness of the fairy tale king, which is located in the premium segment and is available in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. For this purpose, co-owner Simone Gürgen, who is a self-trained confectioner, has developed ten of her own varieties with a team in the Florida ice cream laboratory, for example Bavarian crème. When Höhn talks about how he wrapped up the contract with the Bavarian “Schloss Kaltenberg Königliche Holding und License KG” last year, he looks like someone who is at peace with himself.

He feels fit enough to keep getting involved. Sport was always important to Olaf Höhn. He played swimming, soccer and motor sports. And on the side still working on the pilot’s license. Behind it is also, but not only, joy in movement. “When I have an opponent, I build myself up and fight,” says Höhn, and my blue eyes light up. So speaks someone who still has a lot to do.

Photo: Amin Akhtar


Test chaussures Columbia Peakfreak Xcrsn Xcel Outdry

Testing the Columbia Peakfreak Xcrsn Xcel Outdry shoes during a 15 day trip to Colombia with a 5 day trek in the tropics. Difficult conditions which pushed the shoes to their limits. Verdict!
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Amal Clooney to teach at Columbia University

The lawyer and wife of George Clooney is preparing to become a law professor in New York.

At 37, Amal Clooney is about to add a string to her bow. The wife of renowned lawyer George Clooney will begin teaching at Columbia University in New York this spring.

A move to New York

She will teach human rights there, her specialty as a lawyer. “It is an honor to be invited as a professor at Columbia’s prestigious faculty and such talented students,” Amal Clooney said in a statement. I look forward to meeting the next generation of lawyers specializing in human rights studying here “.

The couple, who live between Los Angeles and the United Kingdom, will therefore move to New York for a while, which is good news for George Clooney who is due to start filming Jodie Foster’s new film there, Money Monster.

Limited offer. 2 months for 1 € without commitment

With Nathalie Baye – Charlotte Gainsbourg draws leather in New York

Charlotte Gainsbourg was featured this Friday in New York. Alongside the director Benoît Jacquot, the daughter of Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg attended the US premiere of “Trois cœurs”, released in France in September 2014. This film, in which she co-starred with Catherine Deneuve and Benoît Poelvoorde, was screened at the opening of the “Rendez-Vous with French Cinema” festival.

Charlotte Gainsbourg was featured this Friday in New York. Alongside the director Benoît Jacquot, the daughter of Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg attended the US premiere of “Trois cœurs”, released in France in September 2014. This film, in which she co-starred with Catherine Deneuve and Benoît Poelvoorde, was screened at the opening of the “Rendez-Vous with French Cinema” festival.

Yvan Attal’s companion had chosen to dress in leather, opting for a Louis Vuitton look. Muse of her new advertising campaign, for the fall-winter 2014-2015 collection called “Series 1”, the 43-year-old actress and singer appeared in a black jacket over a top of the same color and a red mini-skirt and striped black playing with verticals and horizontals. Wearing black boots, she had left her hair loose.

Also posing on the red carpet during this evening, Nathalie Baye had chosen to wear a sober black dress highlighted in blue on the collar and at the waist. The 66-year-old actress was not there by chance. The film “L’affaire SK1” by Frédéric Tellier, released on January 7, is also on the program of this festival, a true showcase of French cinema in North America, which takes place from March 6 to 15. She embodies Frédérique Pons, the lawyer who had defended Guy Georges, the “killer of eastern Paris”.

Any reproduction prohibited

Charlotte Gainsbourg: The pain of mourning, her life in New York far from her mother …

Playing in Every Thing Will Be Fine, the new realization of Wim Wenders, the role of a mother who loses one of her children, run over by a car, Charlotte Gainsbourg is brought by the magazine Marie Claire talking about his own injuries and torments. The sudden disappearance of her sister, photographer Kate Barry, in December 2013, resurfaces for this great actress whose skin-deep sensitivity has illuminated screens since her adolescence.

I’m not a very funny person in life“, explains Charlotte Gainsbourg to try to explain why this melancholy label sticks to her skin. While specifying that she is not particularly carried towards the sinister, but that they are also beautiful roles which one proposes to her. She has always assumed her spleen and said moreover last January in Telerama that his parents had “not learned to live happily“: the daughter of the late Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin grew up with the idea that misfortune could be attractive.

If she willingly talks to Marie Claire of his relationships with others, admits to being a bit closed and recognizes his difficulty in making friends – “unlike a romantic relationship which [lui] appears much easier“- as well as her special relationship with her relatives and her family, she will refuse to talk about the mourning of her sister Kate:”I can’t speak publicly about something as serious as this … I don’t want to talk about death and fate, that’s not my thing. The disappearance of my sister is too intimate a personal event. I lost my dad twenty-four years ago, and I’m just starting to talk about it a little bit. There are people who can easily talk about bereavement, but I am not.

Charlotte Gainsbourg will nevertheless admit that having moved to New York with her companion Yvan Attal and their three children – Alice, Ben and Joe – allowed her to escape the heavy daily life linked to the death of her older sister: “I couldn’t stay any longer. I really couldn’t anymore. Here…“But don’t count on her to draw parallels between New York and Parisian lives:”It’s a bit reductive.“Today she is content to go back and forth to France to see her mother who suffers from an autoimmune disease:”All I can tell you is I miss her a lot.”

On the big screen, we will soon find it in Independence Day 2 and in the film that her lover is preparing, whose working title is #the Jews.

Find the full interview in the magazine Marie Claire of the month of June 2015

8,500 “extra” deaths since January due to flu

We sometimes tend to forget about it, but the flu continues to claim lives every year. And in 2015 a little more than in previous years, according to figures from InVS, the Institute for Public Health Surveillance.

The InVS has recorded an excess mortality of 8,500 additional deaths since mid-January. Observing such an excess mortality is not new in winter, but generally the figures for a traditional year are not so alarmist. 2015 is off to a good start.

Towards a record year

This year could reach, or even exceed, the peaks recorded in 2008-2009 and 2012-2013, where the excess mortality had reached 10,000 additional deaths. It is usually people over 65 who are particularly affected, in all regions. For 2015, these deaths are largely due to the flu epidemic, which was particularly virulent during this winter season.

Winter mortality higher than expected

The flu epidemic began to spread from mid-January. ” Winter mortality from all causes is 19% higher than expected winter mortality calculated from the previous eight years, an excess estimated at 8,500 deaths Explains the InVS. However, the institute cannot quantify the share due specifically to influenza, since the figure also includes deaths related to other causes.

Nevertheless, a ” beam “Points to the flu, which played” an important role In this exceptional excess mortality. In addition, since winter is not over, these estimates remain provisional.