Scorpio on the Alaska Airlines plane: Incident in Los Angeles

Los Angeles – The plane was on its way to the Los Angeles runway when the woman felt a sharp pain. Something had bitten her hand. And it quickly became clear what it was: a scorpion was crawling on the floor.

The woman did not hesitate long and kicked the animal dead. The Alaska Airlines plane turned around immediately, the woman was examined by doctors in the terminal. She declined further treatment, but decided not to fly to Portland.

After flight attendants searched the luggage compartments, the journey continued for the remaining passengers. The flight started about an hour late.

“We don’t know how the scorpion got on the plane,” said a spokesman for the airline. “The flight started in Los Cabos in Mexico, there are scorpions.” The airline offered the woman compensation.

There are about 1500 different types of scorpions. Only 30 can seriously injure a person with their sting.

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Music trip through America: New Orleans

NNew Orleans sticks to its traditions. We played the double bass even when all of America had already switched to electric bass. ”This sentence by Allen Toussaint reveals a lot about the relationship of the residents to their city. The uniqueness of the port metropolis in Louisiana makes its population proud. In the Creole cuisine, what are gumbo, jambalaya or alligator sausages are brass bands, Mardi Gras and Second Line in music. The pace is different in New Orleans than in the rest of the country, says Toussaint. Anyone visiting the city in the Mississippi Delta will be immediately taken by this slower clock. You take your time to eat, talk and enjoy.

America sounds

Nowhere else in the world are there so many musical metropolises. And each one sounds different. A trip to the cities that still set the tone.




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San Francisco

los Angeles


New Orleans



Electric blues, house, post rock and Chicago soul: virtuosity is very important here.

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Philipp Krohn

Philipp Krohn

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Even Hurricane Katrina could only change something for a short time. “There’s an attitude here that tomorrow will never come,” says Scott Aiges, executive director of the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Foundation, a foundation that aims to keep the city’s musical heritage alive. “A feeling of fatalism: life is short, you cannot predict the future. So let’s have a drink. “

After Katrina, New Orleans lost many residents. But the returning ones rebuilt the city – perhaps even more beautiful and colorful than before. At the same time, many young people have moved here who learn respectful old forms of play: Dixieland Jazz, brass band funk or the music of the big bands. The cradle of jazz music is undisputed here on Lake Pontchartrain. Buddy Bolden, who was born in New Orleans in 1877, is considered the first jazz band leader. “Satchmo” Louis Armstrong became a world star and Jelly Roll Morton the most important pianist of early jazz.

Old and new music can be heard everywhere in New Orleans. On Frenchmen Street in the city center you will meet a group of ten brass musicians who grooves irresistibly. Fifteen year olds earn pocket money with steppes on Decatur Street in the French Quarter. And if you’re lucky enough to be in town during the French Quarter Festival, you can play free legends like soul queen Irma Thomas or the only voodoo rocker, Dr. John, experience on stage. The whole of New Orleans is on its feet, with a stage on every corner where you can hear Zydeco, Dixieland, Funk or any other style that originates from the southern United States. With all the joy of making music, isn’t that museum-like? “What I love about New Orleans is that there are thousands of musicians here who focus on keeping the musical tradition alive,” says Barry Smith, who has his Louisiana Music Factory record store right in the middle of the action. This applies particularly to the brass band scene. “But they add something modern, funky, hip-hop elements to the music. They give her a very special twist that appeals to her. “

New Orleans has also contributed a lot to the development of pop music. Fats Domino was one of the greatest musicians of the rock’n’roll era. Professor Longhair influenced generations of musicians. In the 1960s Allen Toussaint dominated the scene as a songwriter and producer. He recorded his timeless classics with Lee Dorsey, the Meters, Aaron Neville and many others. But it was not possible to establish an independent music industry. “It was years before I realized that I had made records that made a lot of money. But I didn’t get any of it, ”says Irma Thomas, whose talent is in no way inferior to that of Aretha Franklin or Etta James, but who has achieved far less fame. To this day, young musicians from New Orleans are still drawn elsewhere. Even when the much-noticed bounce scene (a specific form of hip hop from the region) set up their own labels, it didn’t happen here.