Surfing in Hawaii: The O’ahu Surf Mafia

“Hey TJ, come over! The food is ready, it’s ready!” Makua Rothman stands in soaking wet shorts on a large porch on the beach section “Pipeline” in the north of the island of O’ahu, Hawaii. Rothman’s voice sounds nasal, his typical Hawaiian singsong is reminiscent of a nursery rhyme. But the peaceful impression is deceptive: Rothman’s words on the beach, named after a famous wave, are not an invitation to dinner, but an invitation to fight. You apply TJ Barron as Rothman is an internationally known professional surfer. Barron collided with Rothman on the water, and he’s supposed to pay for it.

This exchange, which the author himself observed, was three years ago. That evening, Barron escapes to his sponsor Billabong’s beach house. Later, Makua’s father Eddie Rothman storms into the villa, in which Billabong’s marketing vice-president Graham Stapelberg also lives. Nobody dares to stop Eddie Rothman from beating Stapelberg up badly, JJ Baron is not in the house at the time. Rothman Sr. has been feared as the godfather of the Hawaiian surfing community since the 1970s. Stapelberg leaves the island the following morning – without reporting anything.

The Northshore on the largest Hawaiian island of O’ahu is made up of palm trees, white sand, blue water and perfect waves. The ideal setting for a surf competition. This is exactly why the ASP umbrella association celebrates the season finale of the world championship tour here every year shortly before Christmas. This was also the case this year, when the Brazilian Gabriel Medina secured the title in the waves of Pipeline.

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But the idyllic facade is deceptive: the famous beaches are virtually unlawful – if you disregard the law of the thumb. Anyone who wants a piece of this paradise has to come to terms with the authorities of the local surfing scene, men like Eddie Rothman. Surf fashion giant Billabong felt that too. Not just because the Australian company’s marketing vice-president was beaten up in his home.

Hard drugs and violence

The company holds the naming rights to the season finale, the “Billabong Pipeline Masters”. But how much does the company really have to say about your own event? The 2011 contest was carried out in the three days after the fight, although better waves were announced for a later date. The rumor persists that the Billabong crew feared for their lives and therefore didn’t want to stay on site longer than necessary – even if the company denies it.

“The surfing industry is holding back the truth. It presents viewers with an illusion of the Northshore: great waves and people enjoying themselves in them,” says Chas Smith, author of the novel “Welcome to Paradise – Now Go to Hell”. He sheds light on the balance of power in O’ahu’s surfing scene and calls the leaders of the gangs by name. There is another side to paradise, says Smith. “Hard drugs are ubiquitous, as is territorial violence. People get beaten up over trivialities.”

For Smith, the publication of his research means that he will no longer be able to return to the Northshore: “When I was writing it was clear that this would be my last winter in Hawaii. If I set foot on the island again, I will be knocked out. “

To avoid this fate, the international surf press has taken a vow of silence, believes Smith: “The surf magazines do not dare to publish the real stories, because then they would be excluded from Hawaii forever – which would mean bankruptcy.” Photos and videos of the famous Northshore waves are too important to be without them. The waves are the bargaining chip of the inhabitants.

Rivalries with Australians and Californians

The fight against the supposed paternalism by strangers has a long tradition in the Hawaiian surfing scene. After white missionaries wanted to ban traditional surfing in the early 20th century, the sport became the epitome of Hawaiian culture. After the surf boom in the early 1960s, more Australians and Californians visited the Northshore every year, and the first rivalries with local surfers broke out. In the 1970s the local group “Da Hui O He’e Nalu” was formed, which in the winter of 1976 forcibly expelled all Australian professionals from the island. It was years before the Australians dared to return to O’ahu.

One of the founders of “Da Hui” was Eddie Rothman, who still heads the gang today. If ASP wants to host competitions on the Northshore, he has to negotiate with Rothman. The fact that he claims to be an advocate of Hawaiian values ​​seems a little strange in view of his vita: the 65-year-old only emigrated from the mainland to the island in the late 1960s. After just a few years, he was one of the defining figures on the Northshore scene – a status that he still has thanks to his reputation as a cold-blooded thug.

“This is the Wild West. What do you want to do? Call the cops? Have you seen any here?” Nathan Fletcher raises his eyebrows questioningly. He is one of the stars of the big wave scene and belongs to the hard core of the Northshore. In contrast to the capital Honolulu, patrol cars are actually not to be found on the north coast. “The locals arrange things their own way here – and it works pretty well,” says Fletcher.

The German surfer Nic von Rupp experienced that the unwritten laws of the Northshore even apply in official competitions: “In the contests in Hawaii things run differently than in the rest of the world. The locals come first. I only take the waves that no one else does want.”

“Every professional surfer can tell stories like that,” says author Smith. “If you want to make a career as a surfer, you have to come to Hawaii because this is where the best waves are. But this paradise has its own rules.”

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12 things to know about Anthony Davis, the new NBA star

21 years old and already so dominant

The rankings of the various individual statistical categories of this NBA season leave no room for doubt: at 21, Anthony Davis is already one of the best players in the league. At his post, as in a more global way. The interior of the New Orleans Pelicans ranks in the top 10 for averages in points (3rd), rebounds (9th), blocks (1st) and percentage of success on shots (7th). Ninth in the league in total number of interceptions (48), Davis sits above all at the top of the statistical tool determining a player’s contribution and efficiency, the Player Efficiency Rating, with a “PER” of 32, 5 which would make it the best season in history on that front. All while being “only” 16th in terms of minutes played. “It does not hurt you in a particular sector, analyzes Ryan Hollins, the pivot of the Sacramento Kings. It hurts you all over. “

A rising star, an ambition in tune

In his third NBA season, Davis is gradually sporting a superstar profile. Ahead of the start of the season, a survey of league general managers placed him second (tied with Kevin Durant and behind LeBron James) of the players they would pick first to build a franchise today. A popular basketball blog, The Friendly Bounce, launched the “Anthony Davis Alert” to keep abreast of his exploits. Another indication of a rising profile: the Pelicans have aligned his security with that of the stars of the NBA. The star is climbing. And she wants more. “I want to be in the conversation about the best player in history,” he said in Sports Illustrated. I am in no way close to it today. But that’s the goal I want to achieve. “

Already an MVP season?

With 24.6 points, 10.2 rebounds and 3 blocks on average per game, Anthony Davis has one of the best seasons in history for a 21-year-old. To the point of being able to claim the title of MVP (best player)? If the results of his Pelicans in a tight-knit Western conference should do him a disservice, many are already making him a serious contender for the highest individual honor. “He’s a wonderful player, he’s a candidate for the MVP title,” confirms Gregg Popovich, coach of the San Antonio Spurs. “He’s a monster,” says Joakim Noah, the NBA’s best defenseman last season, in an interview with ESPN. There aren’t a lot of things he can’t do on a pitch. He influences the game in a number of ways. He’s a crazy talent. “

A student (applied) of his own game

Not the type to rely on his talent, Anthony Davis does not hesitate to infuse himself with long video sessions at his home in Metairie (Louisiana) to watch his own matches and point out his faults. Even if it means rewinding the same sequence several times if necessary. An activity sometimes shared with passing friends. “They comment on all his dunks,” said Russ Smith, rookie and Davis teammate at the Pelicans. He is looking for his mistakes. It makes sense, therefore, to discover that the boy always arrives before his teammates in training. Or to learn that he returned to the gym… 48 hours after his world gold medal with Team USA this summer.

A profile like “an invention of God”

At the beginning of December, Anthony Davis was entitled to the honor of the cover of Sports Illustrated magazine. In a long article, journalist Lee Jenkins looks back on the sporting rise of the Pelicans interior. With laudatory words which sum up the status gradually taken by the person concerned: “Davis is the invention of a God who had already made Kevin Durant and decided to be even more creative. »A dithyrambic sentence explained by his unique athletic profile: a giant body with the perfect attributes of a modern interior (listed at 2.08m for 100 kg, even if he announces that he is today at 111 thanks to the work of bodybuilding , with a perfect arm span to counter… 2.31m!) mixed with movements and mastery of a rear, up to dribbling between the legs, a legacy of his youth. His teammates like to compare him to an elastic toy. “You can shoot him anywhere,” confirms point guard Jrue Holiday. He will catch up with her. An already fatal weapon which should still do damage for many years to come.

A registered trademark single eyebrow

This is often the first thing laypersons notice when viewing the boy in the picture. The monosourcil (“unibrow” in the language of Shakespeare). Emmanuel Chain of the parquet floors, Anthony Davis has made of his special hairiness a marketing and commercial asset. After having signed with Arn Tellem and the Wasserman Media Group to represent him as his agents in June 2012, the number 1 of the draft of the same month will file in the wake of the commercial rights of the slogans “Fear The Brow” and “Raise The Brow” . A single eyebrow as a registered trademark, you had to think about it. Davis did it.

Tim Duncan, this model

Game intelligence, mastery of fundamentals, humility, hard work, the ability to change the game of a game all by himself, the parallels between Anthony Davis and the illustrious Tim Duncan – for many the best winger in the history of the NBA – are multiplying. Former House Spurs Dell Demps and Pelicans general manager and coach Monty Williams even admit taking inspiration from the way San Antonio handled the 1997 Draft No. 1 career to shape the Draft No. 1 career. 2012. Until in the way of building the workforce around him. A comparison that is found in an anecdote that says a lot. Aware of his chance to evolve in the NBA, Davis sometimes interrupts the time-outs of Pelicans matches to say aloud: “You realize that this is what I wanted to do all my life and that am I really doing it? “Monty Williams then always remembers what his young teammate Tim Duncan whispered to him on the Spurs bench in the late 90s:” Dude, we get paid to do that … “

One year at university, a title in my pocket

Recruited by the shaping of future NBA stars, John Calipari, to evolve at the University of Kentucky, Anthony Davis will spend only one year on the Lexington campus before giving in to the sirens of the lucrative NBA. A season during which the interior will bend over backwards to learn from the staff and lead the Wildcats to the national title (he will be voted best player of the Final Four) despite a relatively modest production (14.2 points per game). Enough to amaze Calipari: “Sometimes he would do things that made me sit on my bench. “

Gold in shambles on the international scene

Selected by the Team USA staff for the London Olympics in 2012, at the age of 19, Anthony Davis will fulfill his role of bench end player without complaint (3.7 points and 2.7 rebounds per game for 7, 6 minutes on average). Two years later, the interior is one of the basic men of American success at the World Cup in Spain, where he dominates the debates in rackets: third scorer (12.3) and second rebounder (6.6) of a titled American team without trembling. Already awarded several titles of “player of the year” during his only university season, Davis has also added to his collection some individual bonuses in the NBA: second in the vote of rookie (beginner) of the year in 2012-2013 behind Damian Lillard, inside the Pelicans took part in the All-Star Game last season. A 2013-2014 exercise he finished best blocker in the league (2.82 per game) and third in the election of the “player with the most progress”.

An always attentive dad

Raised in Chicago’s South Side ghetto, Anthony Davis saw his father, Anthony Davis Sr, a carpenter, build him a basketball court in the backyard of the family home to save him the trouble of playing on the playgrounds and hanging out. in the streets. Years later, the father continues to send encouraging texts to Anthony before every NBA game: “Have fun. And always involve your team. Words of a humble leader that fit well with the attitude of the dad when we compare his son to the legendary Hakeem Olajuwon. Anthony Sr is content to frown or roll his eyes…

A course far from superstar standards

Product of the US school system, where sport takes an important place, the stars of the NBA have often been in the spotlight since childhood. Anthony Davis, on the other hand, did his high school years at Wolves of Perspectives High School, a school that competed for the least successful championship of this age category in Chicago and where training took place in a church and then in a cafeteria. Not enough to make it spotted by recruiters from the largest universities despite growth which has seen it go from 1.87m to 2.08m in two years. At the end of his third year at Perspectives, only one college offered him a scholarship: Cleveland State. His first match with the MeanStreets team on the AAU circuit, in the spring of 2010, will change everything. A scout records a video of the prodigy which he transmits to several university coaches. The latter fell under the spell and his career was launched. At Perspectives, Anthony will learn how to become a leader (he notably monitors the notes of his teammates, whom he shouts in case of absence from training). And will complete his technical background by taking on the role of leader-back to compensate for the shortcomings in these positions. Above all, he learned how to lose in a team at a not-so-good overall level: “It was hard to live with but I knew that would make me a better leader. ”

A star who remains a young person of his age

Already star of the NBA at 21 years old, is Anthony Davis still a boy of his age? To listen to the testimonies, yes. With Russ Smith, his Pelicans teammate, the interior often has fun drawing … cartoon characters. In the New Orleans locker room, Anthony is the great specialist in magic tricks and has fun giving nicknames to pre-match dishes. At home, he likes to use his pool table and remains curious about the world around him. Last season, invited to the kitchen by the manager while he was having dinner in a restaurant in New Orleans, Anthony decided… to help the staff fill up pies! Quite the opposite of the big head effect.

Mental illnesses more common cause of death – Naturopathy & Naturopathic specialist portal

Most people in Germany die from cardiovascular diseases, followed by cancer. People are also dying increasingly from mental disorders.


Cardiovascular diseases continue to rank first among the leading causes of death in Germany. This is announced by the Federal Statistical Office (Destatis) on Thursday in Wiesbaden. Accordingly, more than 350,000 people (39.7 percent) died last year from a disease of the cardiovascular system such as a heart attack or bleeding from the brain. “92 percent of those who died from a disease of the cardiovascular system were 65 years and older,” Destatis continues. Cancer was the second most common cause of death. In 2013, around a quarter of the deaths with around 220,000 victims were attributable to malignant tumors. “Mental disorders” are increasingly being cited as the cause of death.

The number of deaths in Germany rose by 2.8 percent
Statisticians recorded an increase of 16 percent compared to 2012 in mental and behavioral disorders. In 2013, 36,117 people died of such a disease, with 80 percent of these deaths being caused by dementia.

“3.8 percent of all deaths were due to a non-natural cause of death, such as injury or poisoning (34,133 deaths),” Destatis said. 10,842 people lost their lives due to a fall, 10,076 committed suicide, with 73.9 percent of men choosing suicide being almost three times the proportion of women (26.1 percent).

Overall, the number of deaths rose 2.8 percent last year compared to 2012. (ag)

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Do not keep additional contributions artificially low – naturopathy & naturopathic specialist portal

Experts warn: Do not keep the health insurance contributions artificially low


With the future additional contributions, Federal Minister of Health Hermann Gröhe (CDU) wants to create more competition among statutory health insurers. However, experts fear that some health insurances could get into financial difficulties if they keep the additional contribution artificially low.

Financial difficulties of individual cash registers


From 2015, the statutory health insurance companies in Germany can independently levy additional contributions on the general contribution rate of 14.6 percent of gross income. According to a message from the dpa news agency, it was said on Tuesday evening in circles of the health insurance funds that the additional contribution could be kept artificially and would not be based on financial needs so as not to lose any insured persons. Since the additional contribution is expected to increase significantly in the coming years, such an artificial cap could quickly lead to financial difficulties for individual health insurance companies.

Additional contributions from the coming year
As of January 1, 2015, the legislature will lower the previous general contribution rate from 15.5 to 14.6 percent. From then on, the health insurers themselves have the option of determining an additional contribution to be paid solely by the insured. This is intended to achieve more competition between the individual health insurance companies. In future, the insured must inform the insurers of whether other insurance companies have cheaper offers and, if necessary, let the members go. For 2015, the Ministry of Health forecast an average additional contribution from the health insurance funds of 0.9 percentage points. In health insurance circles, it is assumed that in the first year of the competition, most health insurance companies will largely orient themselves to the specified average value. Some should be just below that at 0.8 percent, others just slightly above. In some cases it was stated that no additional contributions were to be raised at first.

Rise in health insurance costs
Jens Baas, CEO of Techniker Krankenkasse (TK), expects that the additional contribution will increase very quickly after 2015. At a “Handelsblatt” conference in Berlin, he referred to model calculations of his till. As a result, there is already a risk of increasing to 1.16 percent in 2017 and to 1.41 percent in 2017. This would mean that by the end of the legislative period the average premium burden will rise from 15.5 to over 16 percent for health insurance alone.

Increase in general expenses
On the part of the GKV estimating group, which is made up of experts from the Federal Ministry of Health, the Federal Insurance Office and the GKV umbrella association, a rise of 4.1 percent in general expenditure per insured person had already been forecast for the coming year. Christopher Hermann, CEO of AOK Baden-Württemberg, considers the forecast for 2015 to be very optimistic and said: “The group of appraisers has not yet taken note of the fact that economic expectations have deteriorated significantly.” (Ad)

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Satisfied with the health system – naturopathy & naturopathic specialist portal

Germans find the solidary health system fair


Most Germans are satisfied with the health system. This was the result of a population-representative survey by Forsa on behalf of the Techniker Krankenkasse (TK), the results of which were presented in Berlin on Thursday. The majority of those questioned rated the solidarity system of the statutory health insurance companies as positive.

The healthier the Germans are, the more satisfied they are with the medical care in this country
About two thirds of Germans consider the health system to be so resilient that it will be up to the task in the future. In 2006, only half as many shared this assessment. “People are most pessimistic in the ‘rush hour of life’ between the mid-20s and mid-50s. In addition, doubts are increasing the higher the level of education and the worse the state of health,” explains Forsa Managing Director Prof. Manfred Güllner.

Health care is rated particularly good by those in Germany who are healthy. Three out of four respondents said that they are satisfied or even very satisfied with the health system in this country. This result also speaks for the health of the Germans. Ten years ago, not even one in ten came to this rating.

Almost 85 percent of the survey respondents expect contributions to statutory health insurance to increase in the future. “In addition, more than half (54 percent) believe that the scope of services will have to be restricted in the future, and just under half fear that the quality of medical care will decline (47 percent). Here, people in the countryside are significantly more pessimistic than people in the big city, ”the TK said in a message.

Germans positively rate solidarity in statutory health insurance
More than 80 percent agree with the solidarity concept of statutory health insurance – financially better-insured people support poorer people. However, only one in two would be willing to pay higher contributions.

In order to continue participating in medical progress in the future, two thirds would be willing to accept an increase in contributions. “As health insurers, we need a strong negotiating position here with service providers such as pharmaceutical companies, whose job it is to increase their profits by nature. This is the only way to ensure that our policyholders continue to have access to progress at a reasonable price. And this goal is out of the question for us, “explains TK CEO Dr. Jens Baas.

In the countryside, medical care is much worse than in the city
Almost one in two Germans is satisfied with the range of general practitioners and specialists in their area, although there is a clear urban-rural gap: While 60 percent of the townspeople have adequate medical care in their area, this applies to only 40 percent of the rural population. “In the TK opinion pulse, one in five respondents who live in the country already find a holey supply network. In the big cities, only every eleventh sees deficits, “said Baas.

Three out of four respondents are in favor of the fact that medical personnel such as nurses or nurses are assigned more tasks to relieve the country doctors. For example, they could carry out routine checks on chronically ill patients or provide support for spa applications. Telemedicine could also be a good alternative for at least some of the rural population. “A good third of Germans (37 percent) can imagine communicating with a doctor via video if they can avoid long journeys and get quicker access to a specialist,” reports the TK.

Most Germans rate doctors positively
All in all, the doctors received a good certificate from the insured. Seven out of ten respondents were satisfied with their last visit to the doctor. Most of the participants stated that they wanted to communicate with their doctor at eye level. “The bottom line is communication between doctors and their patients. With around seven out of ten respondents, a clear majority is satisfied with their doctor’s empathy and information. Most of the criticism was expressed by patients about the information about the risks and side effects of medication, ”explains Güllner.

More than every second respondent has been offered an IGeL service when visiting a doctor at least once. IGeL services are medical services that are not covered by statutory health insurance and must therefore be borne by the patient himself. According to the survey, about three out of four Germans use such private services.

With regard to private coverage in the case of nursing care in addition to the statutory nursing care insurance, the younger Germans are much less concerned than the older ones. “The Germans quite realistically assume that statutory long-term care insurance only covers part of the cost of care in old age. Nevertheless, four out of ten Germans state that they have not done anything to protect themselves. “(Ag)

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Warning of legal drugs – naturopathy & naturopathic specialist portal

Herbal Blends: Police warn of legal drugs


In Trier, Rhineland-Palatinate, the police warn of dangerous herb mixtures. In recent months, several adolescents in the region have been admitted to local clinics with signs of intoxication after consuming legal drugs.

Several adolescents had to go to the hospital
In Trier, Rhineland-Palatinate, the police headquarters and the Mutterhaus clinic warn of dangerous herb mixtures. In recent months, adolescents with symptoms of intoxication have been brought to local hospitals after consuming legal drugs in Trier, Saarburg and Wittlich. The intoxication promised by the providers through the so-called “legal highs” therefore often ends in the intensive care unit of the nearest clinic.

Exact composition mostly unknown
As reported by the police and the Trier clinic at Borromean mother house on Tuesday, it was not until Monday that an 18-year-old and a 17-year-old who had consumed so-called synthetic marijuana had to be brought to the hospital. Narcotics are often added to the tobacco or tea-like mixtures. However, the exact composition is usually not known to consumers. They can cause symptoms such as nausea and vomiting, sweating, rapid heartbeat or hallucinations. Depending on the content, there is also a risk of experiencing a weakness or fainting.

In the worst case, heart attack threatens
“In the worst case, the reduced blood flow to the heart muscle can even lead to a heart attack,” warned the chief doctor for pediatric and adolescent medicine in the clinic, Wolfgang Thomas, according to a message. Already in September there had been several treatments based on such herbal mixtures. Such mixtures can be ordered from internet shops, among other things, but they are sometimes mixed in so-called backyard kitchens themselves.

Hardly any information about the dangers
The current cases in Rhineland-Palatinate, however, are not the first cases of this kind. For example, in November last year, smoking a herbal mixture for two adolescents from the Franconian town of Bad Neustadt ended in the hospital. Even then it was pointed out that there is hardly any educational work on the dangers of such legal drugs. One of the few exceptions was the website (“”) of the Federal Center for Health Education (BzgA), which provides information about the effects and risks of the new drugs. (ad)

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Test strips not only available in the pharmacy – naturopathy & naturopathic specialist portal

Bundeskartellamt tilts agreement for blood sugar test strips between pharmacists and cash registers in Westphalia-Lippe


On Thursday, the Bundeskartellamt overturned an agreement between the Westfalen-Lippe Pharmacists’ Association and the health insurance companies, according to which blood glucose test strips have so far been distributed primarily through pharmacies. For this purpose, a so-called control and influencing ban was agreed. “In particular, the health insurance companies had to refrain from influencing doctors and insured persons, obtaining blood glucose test strips directly from certain other providers and not directing the supply of test strips to direct distributors via diabetic focus practices,” the Bundeskartellamt informed in a message.

More competition in the sale of blood glucose test strips in the future
An agreement between the Westphalia-Lippe Pharmacists’ Association and several large health insurance companies, which assures pharmacies an almost exclusive position in the sale of blood sugar strips, violates free competition. The Bundeskartellamt decided this Thursday. “This made it difficult for competitors, such as direct mailers or medical supply stores, to sell,” the agency said. In particular, the agreement included “that patients with blood sugar strips should preferentially be supplied through pharmacies in Westphalia-Lippe”. The health insurance companies should therefore always refer to the pharmacies as sources of supply for the test strips and not to possibly cheaper alternatives such as medical supply stores or direct mailers.

According to the cartel office, the pharmacist association Westfalen-Lippe has agreed in the course of the procedure to “waive its rights from the control and interference ban”. A competitor had previously complained about the agreement, so the agency took action.

Exclusivity in the sale of blood glucose test strips for pharmacies cannot be justified
“There is no justification for the exclusivity of pharmacies in this area. By giving alternative providers a chance, competition in favor of health insurance and legally insured patients is stimulated. Other health insurance companies and service provider associations should check whether they have agreed similar clauses in their contracts, “said the President of the Bundeskartellamt, Andreas Mundt.

Since October 2011, physicians have only been able to prescribe type 2 diabetics who are not insulin-dependent, according to a decision of the Federal Joint Committee, only in exceptional cases blood glucose test strips based on a prescription, which increases the price pressure for manufacturers and retailers. (ag)

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New therapies for skin cancer – naturopathy & naturopathic specialist portal

New cases of skin cancer have increased dramatically in recent years


With no other type of cancer, the number of new cases increases as rapidly as with skin cancer. For this reason, 800 experts will be giving advice on the latest research results at the German Skin Cancer Congress in Frankfurt this weekend. According to the experts, however, these appear to be promising, so that the conference even speaks of a “revolution”.

Persons with outside professions are particularly at risk
Skin cancer has the largest increase in incidence among cancers. There is a particularly high risk here for people who work in outside jobs and are therefore more exposed to the sun than others, such as construction and transport workers, postmen, gardening workers or lifeguards. Therefore, until the weekend, 800 experts at the German Skin Cancer Congress in Frankfurt will discuss the latest research results, which are atypically positively evaluated with terms such as “enthusiastic” or “grateful” in connection with the topic “cancer”.

“Many advances that ensure long-term survival”
The reason for the euphoria among the experts: on the one hand, the number of new cases is increasing, but more and more effective treatment methods are being developed that could be effective even in the case of deadly black skin cancer. “We are reluctant to use the term healing,” said Prof. Dirk Schadendorf, chairman of the Dermatological Oncology Working Group, to the “dpa” news agency. “But we are seeing a lot of progress that will ensure long-term survival,” emphasizes the doctor are very valuable for many people, because in this country alone 220,000 patients develop new skin cancer every year, in 20,000 cases it is malignant melanoma (black skin cancer), which has almost always been fatal in the late stage, resulting in the cancer registry 3,000 deaths per year.

Increasing number of cancer cases due to frequent vacations and more older people
From an expert’s point of view, the more frequent and longer vacations in distant countries and the aging of the population are responsible for the increase in new cases: “When the sun-kissed generation gets old, they experience skin cancer”, said the congress president and head of the German Dermatological Society, Prof. Dr. med. Roland Kaufmann, but Kaufmann also sees good opportunities for the future in the development of new treatment methods: “We have legitimate hope that a fatal illness will become a chronic illness – with a good quality of life.” So far, the main concern has been black skin cancer, which is less common, but at the same time much more dangerous than the bright form. “Only five percent of patients with advanced malignant melanoma have survived more than five years so far,” explains Peter Mohr from the Dermatological Oncology Working Group to “dpa”. On the other hand, light skin cancer (basalioma) is considered to be treatable by the affected area surgically removed and permanent healing is achieved in 95% of cases.

“Revolutionary” developments in the treatment methodn
Nevertheless, in the unanimous opinion of the representatives of all professional societies, looking back over the past five years, one could speak of several “revolutions” in the development of new therapeutic approaches. For a final assessment of long-term success in already spread black skin cancer, however, this would require a longer trial. But according to Mohr, it can be assumed that the survival rate “will soon be 40 percent.” As Mohr goes on to say, two new forms of medication for advanced stages have now been approved in Germany. Accordingly, one preparation would target the mutated “BRAF” gene, which occurs in half of the patients and could therefore be an effective therapy for many. With the other option, however, the focus is not on cancer treatment itself, but on strengthening the immune system. According to Kaufmann, the advantage here is that it can be transferred to other tumors, because “the skin is the model organ for cancer research.”

From 35 every two years for skin cancer screening
In view of the dramatic increase in skin cancer numbers in recent years, dermatologists at the congress repeatedly warn clearly against too much sun. This is especially true in summer, when the UV values ​​are highest during the day – then the full sun should be avoided entirely, which is especially true for children and fair-skinned people. “We recommend not getting dressed in the sun, but getting dressed and avoiding the sun completely at lunchtime. At higher UV values, stays in the shade and suitable clothing offer the most effective protection against skin cancer, ”says Professor Dr. Eckhard W. Breitbart, Chairman of the Dermatological Prevention Working Group (ADP). In addition to appropriate clothing, sun hats and sunglasses could also offer further protection, as could evenly applying a waterproof sunscreen cream with a sun protection factor (SPF) of at least 30 important because these spots burn the fastest. From the age of 35, skin cancer screening should also be carried out at least every two years, although this is recommended even more often for people with red hair, a weakened immune system or an outside profession due to their increased risk. (No)

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Columbia University investigates gang rape

In November, Rolling Stones published an article based on the testimony of a student, accusing members of a student fraternity of gang rape. The magazine is now calling on the university to investigate the “editorial process that led to the publication” of this paper.

Rolling Stone said Monday that he had asked the famous Columbia School of Journalism to investigate a misfire, an article published in November about a gang rape at a university that had caused a scandal but then became questionable.

Jann Wenner, co-founder of the magazine, said in a statement to appear in the next issue of the newspaper, that Columbia would investigate “the editorial process that led to the publication” of this 9,000-word article on gang rape in the University of Virginia (east). “As soon as they finish, we will publish their report,” he adds, referring to two school officials, Steve Coll and Sheila Coronel.

Early December, Rolling Stone had expressed his regret, without retracting, about this article, stressing that he should not have blindly believed the alleged victim. The long article published on November 19 had created a shockwave and provoked student demonstrations as well as the suspension of “fraternities” at the University of Virginia, reviving in the process a national debate on rape on the campuses of American universities.

Rolling Stone “Deserves a red card”

Unusually and at the request of the subject of her article, a first year student simply identified as “Jackie”, the reporter from Rolling Stone Sabrina Rubin Erdely had not contacted the men accused of taking part in this gang rape at a fraternity party. “Based on new information, it now appears that there are some inconsistencies in Jackie’s version of events and we have come to the conclusion that our trust in her was misplaced,” said the magazine on its website. The statement rekindled controversy, with many commentators arguing that Rolling Stone blamed Jackie for his editorial mistakes. The article is still on the magazine’s website, along with a note from editor-in-chief Will Dana who did not respond to calls for his resignation.

Columbia’s School of Journalism is part of Columbia University in New York and the prestigious Ivy League of major Northeastern universities like Yale or Harvard. The school publishes a magazine, Columbia Journalism Review, in which, ironically, she quoted on Monday the article from Rolling Stone as the perfect example of the worst journalism in 2014. “He deserves a red card for having blamed someone else for his ultimate failure and many others for all the faults that led to it” , says the article.

Detroit is no longer officially bankrupt

On July 18, 2013, Detroit, once driven by the success of the Big Three, General Motors, Ford and Chrysler, filed for bankruptcy. The former American industrial city officially left it on Wednesday, December 10, with management powers reverting to the mayor and city council.

American justice approved in early November Detroit’s plan to come out of bankruptcy, the largest in the history of municipalities in the United States, by renegotiating its staggering debt of nearly $ 18 billion (14.47 billion dollars). euros).

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“It was a very difficult and complicated process for a lot of people”, said Rick Snyder, the governor of the state of Michigan, where the city is located on Wednesday.

“Now, the most important thing is to open a new chapter for the city where it will be about bringing it back to growth after decades of decline. “

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Detroit, a city founded by the Frenchman Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac in 1701 and which takes its name from its location at the confluence of the Great Lakes and the St.Lawrence River, has experienced for several years a strong economic decline resulting in entire neighborhoods left behind. neglect and high crime, thus becoming the symbol of the 2008 financial crisis.

Part of the funds released by debt restructuring will be used in particular to rehabilitate urban infrastructure. The city suffered a giant power failure in early December which left schools, hospitals and prisons without power. To avoid any further slippage, however, the city’s finances will now be placed under the control of a committee made up of representatives from Michigan.

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