Orlando releases a Best of so that his songs “don’t fall …

Before becoming the most successful producer we know, Orlando tried his hand at song. Besides, Dalida’s brother released a Best Of. The opportunity to discover or rediscover his songs!

We know Orlando, the producer. What few people know, however, is that before taking charge of his sister’s career, Dalida, Orlando also tried his hand at singing, towards the early 1960s. Moreover, some record companies had thought at the time to put him in competition with his sister, which he refused, as he explained to our colleagues inParis here, to whom he gives an interview this week. “On the one hand, because I love my sister, on the other hand, because I wouldn’t have had a chance!”, he admits. However, Orlando confides that as a singer, he had “flair”. Indeed, some of his titles have been taken up by other artists, such as My love gone who became the famous Vanina of Dave.

While he thought this period of his career was now behind him, Orlando just released a Best Of. If he didn’t want to release this album first, Orlando finally reversed his decision. “I ended up accepting, because the first songs I recorded were going to fall into the public domain. They had to be preserved from gravediggers in this profession”, he explains in the columns ofParis here. If his real passion is to put other artists in the spotlight, Orlando however, admits that he is proud of his work as a singer. “I don’t have to blush, I have a very beautiful voice”, s’exclame the famous producer who however admits to having been influenced by Dalida. “Lots of intonations remind me of my sister”, he concedes.

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Facebook: Mark Zuckerberg buys mega-property in Hawaii

Hamburg – Mark Zuckerberg, billionaire founder and head of the social network Facebook, recently had a lot of trouble with his neighbors in San Francisco. The construction noise caused by the renovation work on Zuckerberg’s villa got on the nerves of the residents.

Now the IT founder is apparently drawn to other realms: As the US magazine “Forbes” reports, Zuckerberg has bought a huge piece of land in Hawaii for more than 100 million dollars (80 million euros). To be more precise: The 30 year old bought two pieces of land. One, called Pila’s Beach, cost him just under $ 50 million, the other, directly adjacent, called Kahu’aina Plantation, cost him an estimated $ 66 million. And that doesn’t even include a befitting house – it has yet to be built.

Zuckerberg’s new property is located on the north coast of the Hawaiian island of Kauai and, according to Forbes, has a beach more than 800 meters long. However, it is not private, because there are no beaches in Hawaii that are not publicly accessible, according to the report. The entire new property in Zuckerberg has an area of ​​around 2.8 square kilometers (around 280 hectares) and was previously used in part as a sugar cane plantation.

Zuckerberg does the Ellison

According to Forbes, Zuckerberg is now planning to build a home for his family in the area. According to the report, the Facebook founder will have to come to terms with a neighbor. An oil billionaire from Denver acquired a good 10 percent of the smaller of the two properties (“Pila’s Beach”) through an investment company. Zuckerberg tried to buy out the co-owner, according to Forbes. However, this was not interested in giving up his property.

Meanwhile, Mark Zuckerberg, who most recently weighed a good 32 billion dollars, is not the only IT billionaire with a penchant for the dream island group in the Pacific. In 2012, Oracle founder Larry Ellison, currently the fifth richest man in the world with 47.7 billion dollars according to Forbes, caused a stir when he acquired 98 percent of the Hawaiian island of Lanai for an estimated 500 million dollars. Since then, he has taken over two airlines, renovated the local hotels and launched green energy projects, it is reported. Obviously, the Oracle founder wants to practice particularly sustainable and environmentally friendly tourism on the island.

Five good reasons to discover the series! (VIDEO)

From this Saturday, October 11 at 8:50 p.m., TF6 rebroadcasts the first season of Nashville, which describes the fate and careers of two rival country singers. It’s not to be missed, and we’ll tell you why!

A real dive into the merciless world of the music industry, Nashville tells us about the crossed careers of Rayna Jaymes, a country glory on the decline, and Juliette Barnes, the rising star and darling of teenagers. But the series also knows how to tell us about more intimate quarrels and beautiful love stories, all carried by the omnipresent music, a real character in its own right.

Nashville definitely worth a visit. So if you missed it when it first aired, we give you five good reasons not to miss it this time:

1. Complex and touching characters. From the first episode, we empathize with Rayna. This loving mother and wife is above all an artist who refuses to compromise herself by agreeing to cut corners on the quality of her songs to make them more commercial. Her declining career will however force her to make a choice: to persist at the risk of losing everything, or to bow down and tour with her rival, just to give her image a facelift. Juliette is immediately unfriendly. Little diva with the character of a pig, she dreams only of glory and glitter. But it would be a mistake to stop there. Juliette Barnes has her own demons and if you scratch the varnish a bit, you realize that she is much more complex and not as smooth and hateful as she looks. Side supporting roles, Deacon, the mentor and ex-lover of Rayna will be torn between the affection, as well on the human level as artistic, which he has for the latter, and his desire to work for Juliette. The Scarlett / Gunnar duo are the cutest couple around, especially when they sing.

2. Music! Let’s face it, you don’t have to be a country fan to appreciate Nashville. Even if music takes a considerable place in history, those who are most resistant to the genre should let their guard down. Sometimes pop, sometimes traditional, each song speaks to us, tells us a story, feelings that the characters do not dare to admit, is the catalyst for the rivalry between Rayna and Juliette, or focuses the career challenges of these two -the. The music in the series is as much a character as it is a setting and constantly brings us back to the history of Nashville, the country capital which has established it as a true local religion.

3. The fabulous cast. At the head, the wonderful, the formidable, the sublime Connie Britton that we hoped to see again in a role commensurate with her talent since Friday Night Lights (non, American Horror Story, it does not count !). She literally radiates in the role of Rayna Jaymes. And when Rayna sings, it’s really Connie Britton who sticks to it. Beside her, Hayden Panettiere looks pale. But the ex-cheerleader of Heroes frankly does not have the beautiful role. She plays Juliette, a character difficult to love, but ultimately quite complex. Another strong point of this casting, the musical duets of Clare Bowen and Sam Palladio, where time stands still, and the sisters who play the daughters of Rayna, Lennon and Maisy Stella. The two girls show an insolent gift for singing and music. Their videos are also visible on Youtube.

4. The exciting story. Apart from a political intrigue not always captivating, the crossed destinies of the characters of Nashville grab you so they won’t let go. How do you experience the decline of your career in the limelight when you’ve been successful? And how do you accept to give way to a rising star with teeth scratching the floor? Do you have to compromise your ethics, your sincerity, to become number one again? How to bet everything on his career, in a last rescue attempt, without endangering his marriage and his family life? Can you live your dazzling fame with serenity when you are tracked day and night by paparazzi who do not hesitate to unearth the darkest aspects of your existence? Nashville has been able to highlight its female characters and their stories, in all their complexity, without neglecting either the men or the intrigues. The music industry is portrayed as a ruthless world, where sincere and seemingly lasting friendships can falter at the sight of a big, juicy contract.

5. The decor. Nashville, capital of country, is a huge stage. From small neighborhood bars that have seen fans parade like music stars on their open stages, to stadiums and other local events bringing locals together in droves, the city is the heart of all intrigue, and the object of all. lusts. The rivalry between Rayna and Juliet is also a turf war where the one who wins will become the queen of the kingdom that is Nashville. Beautifully filmed, the city bathes in a light, an atmosphere, which must have inspired more than one country singer.

Fill plans childcare

GIRD. Because the company Fill attaches great importance to family and child-friendly working conditions, the company is aiming for a company childcare facility in the near future that can be attended by children of the employees up to 12 years old.

“It is important to us that our facility does not compete with the existing community kindergartens, but that we want to create an additional offer”, emphasizes managing director Andreas Fill. During a visit to Gurten, Regional Councilor Doris Hummer is enthusiastic about this project: “The compatibility of work and family is a great challenge. It would be desirable if many companies followed this example. ”