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Pop star for four decades. Star of failed cosmetic surgery operations. Star of pedophilia lawsuits won or settled amicably with millions of dollars with the parents of the alleged victims. Star of dads who almost drop their child from the balcony in front of the photographers. Yes, Michael Jackson was a star. Sometimes disturbing, of course, but a star.

Originally, Michael was black. If you have any doubts, its record covers still prove the opposite, fortunately. But an obsession, that of cosmetic surgery, and a certain self-hatred, pushed him to distance himself from this body which reminded him of so many bad memories, those of a difficult childhood. The most successful artist of all time, according to the Guinness Book and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the King of Pop did not follow a linear trajectory. But, by releasing seven albums – with monuments that have had a lasting influence on music in them – he revolutionized his art, popularizing music videos and the Moonwalk. With a billion records sold, he is the equal of Elvis Presley and the Beatles, and his Thriller album is the best-selling of all time, which has never prevented him from running out of money, ruined by his pharaonic ranch Neverland.

Mickael Jackson married twice, with Lisa-Marie Presley, daughter of, then with Debbie Rowe, the nurse of his dermatologist: during their three years of marriage, they had two children, Prince Michael Junior born in 1997, and Paris Michael the following year. They divorced in 1999. Jackson would have a third son, Prince Michael II, born by artificial insemination with the help of a surrogate mother.

He died accidentally on June 25, 2009 following a drug overdose. His doctor, Conrad Murray, accused of giving him a lethal dose of propofol, was convicted of manslaughter.

11 reasons to catch up with the Philadelphia series (now)

As there are not enough (good) sitcoms, we let ourselves be caught up by one of those that last (10 seasons, and it’s still running) and whose reputation … was not very important, and that’s failure. Probably benefiting from the Charlie Day effect (which appeared this summer in PACIFIC RIM), there were no longer any doubts: we had to at least give it a go. And then inevitably, we got hooked. Addicted to the lots of nonsense, idiocy, filthy humanity and beers that coexist here. Anti-sitcom par excellence, IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA worth a look. We explain why in ten reasons plus one.

1) it’s a classic story

Three (nice) morons (egocentric around the edges) work in their own bar in Philadelphia. Thirty-something fantasy? Almost, but on the spot (or a close perimeter) they happen to all the possible adventures. Obviously, when you think you know everything about the world, being more deserving and humble when it’s quite the opposite, things quickly go wrong. Basically, the trio (reinforced by a thunderous Danny De Vito and an inevitably boring female presence) is a problematic knot that causes most of the twists and turns that will illustrate each episode.

2) But not so much

Without fuss, the series plays with realistic situations to go far enough into a selfish and very secondary delirium. With the confidence of the seasons adding up, our little troop no longer hesitates to leave in a total gap, even going so far as to dabble in historical flashback or musical comedy, while playing political correctness. Watching them dress in Nazi costumes, mocking the poor or stealing wheelchairs for the disabled, everything quickly becomes normal. It recalls an old side “rednecks” of cities, in the tradition of a MY NAME IS EARL without the good conscience.

3) Philadelphia, the setting

Philly may be less than 200 kilometers from Baltimore where THE WIRE, the two series share the same background of a city with large and particularly poor neighborhoods. Bathed in this everyday realism, between drugs, scheming and alcoholism for any survival, the series does not lose its roots. And far from the flashy New York series (type HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER), she does not run out of steam despite the repetition of situations.

4) A look at America

Far from the little hassles of everyday life, or the clean streets of Wisteria Lane, the series gently (or not) makes fun of America’s quirks. Ordinary prejudices, way of life and cultures flush with the daisies, the main trio of IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY… does not deprive itself of anything and manages to make people laugh with substance. Hat.

5) a real bunch of friends


You will quickly notice in the credits, the three boys on the screen are also producers, writers and directors. Here is a family affair, which would be reminiscent of the big brothers (East side) ofENTOURAGE. But in real life.

6) Charlie Day is crazy

You will have noticed it in PACIFIC RIM, here he is at home. And Charlie Day is a locomotive. Tired voice, energy to spare, his character juggles between fleeting madness and false good ideas. More innocent than his two cronies (and the rogue De Vito), his only goal in life is to seduce the waitress at the local café. Challenge accepted, without the costume.

7) F*cking Danny De Vito

We would have almost forgotten in the cinema, but here is Danny De Vito back on the series side and without complexes. A sort of mentor to the series, he embodies a strange and potentially embarrassing side, but gives himself body and soul. Literally.


8) It’s broadcast on FX

An American cable channel, FX has often tried crazy things without having the same feedback as its big sisters. And yet, it broadcasts legendary series: SONS OF ANARCHY, AMERICAN HORROR STORY, THE AMERICANS, LOUIE CK… And that is right now. Before it was THE SHIELD, RESCUE ME, NIP/TUCK… So she is also in the sitcom that works!

9) Already 10 seasons

We don’t ask ourselves many questions about the audiences, but the series is already in its 10th season (which begins in 2014), even if … the series moves on to the little sister of FX, FXX. Which makes it one of the oldest sitcoms today. Enough to cultivate hopes of seeing them last longer? Each season, between 7 and 15 episodes, knows how to spare itself to keep energy.


10) And on the French side

Yes, we could talk to you for hours, tell you the multitude of anecdotes that make up each episode, but the best is to watch them. In 2009 a box set of the first 2 seasons was released, a priori still available, and for the rest the series is broadcast on Canal + under the title of PHILADELPHIA.

11) Enjoy

Welcome to Philly!

“Country Roads”: West Virginia chooses Denver song as its anthem

Charleston – “Almost Heaven, West Virginia”: This is how the world hit “Take Me Home, Country Roads” begins. With immediate effect, residents of West Virginia in the United States can officially sing about their homeland with the song by John Denver. Because that was elected by the parliament of the US state on Friday with a large majority as the new national anthem.

The world hit describes the beauty of nature in the otherwise not exactly prosperous state. The song, released in 1971, is so popular that the people of West Virginia now call their state “Almost Heaven”: almost heaven – and there is even a beer with that name. However, “Take Me Home, Country Roads” is not West Virginia’s only anthem. There are already three State Songs, the youngest was added in 1962.

Denver wrote the song with Bill Danoff. Danoff had never been to West Virginia before and is said to be wondering why the song is so popular in Germany of all places. Denver didn’t really have much to do with the state either. His favorite state was Colorado, from whose capital he borrowed his stage name. The son of a German family is actually called Henry John Deutschendorf. He died in 1997 when his plane crashed in the Pacific.

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