Helena Bonham Carter | Moviepilot.de

Helena Bonham Carter, born May 26, 1966, is a British actress best known for portraying Marla Singer in David Fincher’s cult film Fight Club. British actress Helena Bonham Carter was born in London on May 26, 1966. Instead of financing an acting education, as a 13-year-old she used the money she won in a writing […]

Orlando Bloom | Moviepilot.de

Orlando Bloom became famous for his role as Legolas in The Lord of the Rings: The Companions of the Ring and Will Turner from Pirates of the Caribbean. In the meantime, Orlando Bloom is traded as an up-and-coming young star in the film business, despite controversial facial expressions. Orlando Bloom was born on January 13, […]

Peter Jackson and The Hobbit’s “Enormous Power”

MEETING – The New Zealand director returns to the controversy that opposes him to Tolkien fans and expresses his need to finally leave “middle earth”. By Jean-Paul Chaillet, in Los Angeles Stopover in Los Angeles for Peter Jackson in full promotion of Hobbit, The Desolation of Smaug, second part of the trilogy inaugurated last year […]

City of New Orleans: Steve Goodman | Country.de

Railroad songs have a long tradition in country music. Rarely are new songs written on this subject as beautiful, vivid and lasting as this one by Steve Goodman in 1970. In Dorothy Horstman’s book “Sing Your Heart Out Country Boy” (Country Music Foundation Press), Goodman recalls how the Song: “I got married in February 1970, […]

Joaquin Phoenix appears with his new girlfriend, 19 and DJ

Joaquin Phoenix enjoys marginality, including in his romantic relationships. On screen, the eclectic comedian sees hearts popping out of his eardrums when he hears the voice of a woman coming out of his computer (Scarlett Johansson, whom the Golden Globes will not nominate for this amazing performance), and In town, Phoenix pursues a romance with […]

Future of Columbia: “There was never any question of leaving Raillencourt”

For some time now, it has been rumored that the situation is not rosy at Columbia, in the Actipôle area. With in particular a decline in activity for the American giant specializing in clothing. ” We felt it during the summer season », Slips Sandrine Montero, CGT delegate of the company. Since then, the arrival […]

The Bay Psalm Book: The Treasure of the Puritans of Boston – Books

Nhe has spent so much money on a book before. David Rubinstein, co-founder of the Carlyle Group, one of the world’s largest private equity firms, bought “The Whole Booke of Psalmes”, printed in 1640 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, for $ 14.2 million at Sotheby’s in New York on Tuesday evening. Patrick Bahners Features correspondent in Cologne […]