Connie Britton, double-triggered star in “Nashville”

At 46, Connie Britton plays an aging country star in the “Nashville” series. A role that could make her an actress finally recognized. When Callie Khouri, the creator of Nashville, offered him the role of Rayna Jaymes, country star with the heckled career, Connie Britton was worried. “If I’m already made to play an aging […]

“Nashville”, the series that sings right

Take out your guitars and cowboy boots. Welcome to Nashville, capital of country music and theater of the series of the same name which starts tonight on TF6 (8:50 pm). Here, singer Rayna James has been queen for a long time but is starting to struggle to fill concert halls. Juliette Barnes, she is the […]

Sylvie Vartan in Nashville: memories, memories …

In 1963, Sylvie Vartan left for the United States to record an album that was to become cult for her fans: “Sylvie à Nashville”. 50 years later, she returned there to record “Sylvie in Nashville” (it will be released on October 14). Pure country rock music, moving, anxiolytic, resolutely positive. It opens in style with […]

Hawaii Five-0 4×10 Old World (Ho’onani Makuakane) with episode critique

Inhaltsangabe zu der Episode Hawaii Five-0 4×10: «You Are My Everything» The attempted murder of a Pearl Harbor war veteran takes the team back to ancient evidence pointing to a terrible crime within an internment camp on Oahu during World War II. Hawaii Five-0 relies on melodramatic elements every now and then. In this episode, […]

Detroit is still moving

The city, more than 80% black, has lost more than half of its population in sixty years (on the left, Micah, a resident of the Northeast Side). Fighting against isolation, a punk-hippie population has gathered in the district of Goldengate Street: the inhabitants themselves repair the abandoned houses and cultivate a piece of garden (opposite, […]

Manuel Valls confirms the availability of Dash for October

On July 26, the deputy mayor of Saint-Paul, Huguette Bello, requested confirmation of the arrival of the Dash-8 water bomber from the Ministry of the Interior. Saint-Paul was just emerging from a two-day fight against a major fire in the Saint-Paul pond. In a letter signed by Manuel Valls, the Minister of the Interior, he […]

[Preview 2013/14] Number 21 – New Orleans Pelicans

From September 23, Basket USA offers you its previews for the regular season. Like last year, we have decided to count down from 30th to 1st place. Today, we are talking about hornets transformed into piscivorous aquatic birds … Tom Benson won the NFL title with the Saints and if he has put his hand […]