the hostage who neutralized the terrorists

He was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Thursday, April 18, around 11 p.m., on Brighton Avenue in Boston, Danny, a young entrepreneur of Chinese origin aged 26, had just put his brand new black Mercedes 4 × 4 along the roadway to respond to a text.

He suddenly finds himself, gun to his head, forced to let up the Tsarnayev brothers, authors of the Boston bombing, who have just coldly killed a policeman not far from there, in Cambridge.

The incredible composure of this unlucky motorist, reported on Friday by the Boston Globe – and who asked to be cited by his American nickname – alone made the savage team of Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnayev abort, saving many lives .

When the two men invite themselves into Danny’s car, the assassination of Officer Sean Collier turns their plans upside down. Listening, Danny hears his captors conversing in an unfamiliar language, but grabs the word “Manhattan”.

Do you know about the Boston bombing? It’s me who did it.

“Where are we going?” He asks shortly after. “New York,” replies Tamerlan, who loads mysterious packages with his brother in the trunk. Suitcases, Danny thinks. They are in fact several homemade bombs, the model of those set off on Boylston Street the previous Monday.

“Don’t do anything stupid,” Tamerlan said intimately. Do you know about the marathon attack? It’s me who did it. And I just killed a policeman in Cambridge. ”

The next ninety minutes, writes Eric Moskowitz in the Globe, “resembles a Quentin Tarantino film” and its burlesque dialogues between disoriented killers.

Danny, who wonders how he is going to be able to get out of this situation alive, talks to his captor about the comparative virtues of cars, cellphones and girls, as he drives west, a gun resting on his head, followed by Djokhar in a second stolen car.

Until Tamerlan discovers the vehicle has run out of gas. If they want to reach New York without delay, they must refuel as soon as possible. Here is a Shell station on Memorial Drive in Cambridge. Djokhar leaves to pay in cash, while Tamerlan, visibly tired, relaxes his attention, handling the fuel pump in one hand, a GPS in the other, his revolver stored in the storage compartment.

I am not a hero

“I don’t want to die,” the young hostage, from central China and freshly graduated from Northeastern University, recalls. I still have too many dreams to fulfill. ”

In a flash, he ejects from the vehicle, slaloms between the fuel pumps and disappears into the darkness, pursued by Tamerlan’s curses. Who surely measures the gravity of this moment of inattention.

Danny reaches a second gas station across the street and dials the police emergency number, 911. His phone, left in the cabin, will be used to track the two fugitives, soon cornered in Watertown. Where Tamerlan is to be killed, run over by his younger brother trying to escape … with Danny’s 4 × 4. A week later, the discreet hero of those dramatic hours fears that his real name will appear in broad daylight, when he will have to testify under oath. “I am not a hero,” he confesses. I just wanted to get out alive. ”

Dzhokhar Tsarnayev was deemed sufficiently “transportable” Friday to be moved from Beth Israel Hospital in Boston to the federal high security prison at Fort Devens, sixty kilometers from the city.


Gang imposes law at Baltimore prison

In Baltimore, on the American east coast, even a prison can become a nerve center for drug trafficking. On Tuesday, 17 people, including thirteen prison guards, were charged with helping a gang, seven of whom were imprisoned, to make their business flourish. Some of these supervisors even had intimate relationships with the gang leader Black Guerrilla Family. “Four supervisors became pregnant. Two of them had a tattoo with the name of the detainee – Tavon White-, on the neck or on the ankle, “writes the Washington Post , which reveals the case. These women also obtained high-end cars and valuable jewelry from the 36-year-old leader, known on the street as the Bulldog.

The young women, aged 24 to 36, are accused of helping the gang in their business by providing them with mobile phones, drugs and other trafficking, hidden in their clothes. Some also warned them of upcoming cell searches. The gang members also obtained the title of “worker”. This category of detainees is paid to assist the management of the prison and has the right to move freely within its precincts. The gang could thus continue to manage its business quietly and sent money to the members who still operated on the streets of Baltimore, made infamous by the HBO series The Wire.

“If one guy wants to beat up another, well, he comes to see me”

FBI investigations have also shown that the gang controls everything that happens in the penitentiary. “It’s my prison, do you understand?” I make all the decisions here, nothing is done without my approval, “said leader Tavon White during a telephone call recorded by the police. “Everything goes through me. All. If one guy wants to beat up another, well, he comes to see me, and I tell him when to do it, or if he should forget. If one guy wants to plant another, he’ll run to see me before … ”Tavon White confirmed this during a conversation with a supervisor. “I am the most important person here. The law is me. If I tell a guy to hit a cop, kill a guy, whatever, well, he does it. Here.”

“This case reveals the extent of corruption in penitentiaries in Baltimore,” said the FBI. “The detainees literally took control of the prison, which has become a haven of peace for them. It is not tolerable. ” These revelations aroused indignation from the local political class, who demanded an investigation into the prison administration. “It is hardly believable. We have to comb through the entire prison system – the number of deaths among inmates, the way these prisons work, and how the guards are recruited. The public safety department must explain, “said the president of the Senate of Maryland. The accused face 20 years in prison.


Rick DesLauriers, the Boston sleuth

As discreet as he was effective, the boss of the FBI in Massachusetts oversaw the hunt for the Tsarnayev brothers.

By Maurin Picard

Rick DesLauriers gives a press conference on Friday after the arrest of one of the Tsarnayev brothers, suspected in the deadly Boston attacks.
Rick DesLauriers gives a press conference on Friday after the arrest of one of the Tsarnayev brothers, suspected in the deadly Boston attacks. STAN HONDA / AFP

He is the great, very discreet man of this manhunt with an unexpected outcome. Less solar than Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, less stocky than impressive State Police Hercules Timothy Alben, Special Agent Rick DesLauriers led the hunt for the two Chechen brothers with an iron fist, while Boston was sinking into psychosis. Wearing the gray or blue suit-jacket of an official like a second skin, the somewhat frail boss of the FBI in Massachusetts has become a public figure, at the turn of two martial sentences: “It is now a global investigation, assures t he in front of a forest of cameras. We will find those who did this and we will go to the ends of the earth if we have to. ”

The quiet determination, the firmness behind the smile let exude a reassuring professionalism in this 53-year-old man born in Longmeadow (Massachusetts) and raised in a Catholic environment. No lost gaze or ill-contained anger:

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A police officer shot dead on the MIT campus in Boston

Night of tension and stalking in Boston and its surroundings. A police officer was shot and killed Thursday night in a shooting on the campus of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge, on the outskirts of Boston, still reeling from the double bombing committed Monday during the marathon . A chase then started in a locality close to the campus. The FBI confirmed what the press had said: this shooting is linked to the Boston bombings. Those who shot the MIT cop are the suspected bombers.

The victim, who worked on the MIT campus, was called to the Vassar and Main Streets area on Thursday evening, following a report of uproar. The first detonations were heard at 10:48 p.m. Seriously injured, the policeman was found riddled with bullets. He was pronounced dead in hospital.

A manhunt has been launched to find the murderers. Many police officers arrived at the scene and helicopters were flying over MIT. On its website, the prestigious university in the evening asked its 11,000 students “not to go out and stay away from the sector” of building 32, near which the shots were reported. The situation was “extremely dangerous,” said MIT. A few hours later, the alert was raised as it was certain that the suspect was no longer on campus.

It all started with an armed robbery

At around 1 a.m. (7 a.m. in France), several members of the police began a chase in the district of Watertown located north of the university. Witnesses reported gunfire and explosions, a police officer was injured. Two suspects are said to be involved in the events in Watertown. But the situation is extremely confused, the reporters on the spot, who recorded the detonations, were asked to leave the area for their safety. They were also asked to turn off their cellphones so as not to set off potential explosives.

According to the British daily The Daily Telegraph, whose correspondent follows the radio exchanges between police officers, it all started with the report of a theft of Mercedes at a gas station by “two men of Middle Eastern appearance”. The driver of the stolen vehicle could have quickly escaped. The New York Times described the suspects as “two armed young men with rucksacks”, one of the hallmarks of the two men wanted in the Boston bombings. The authorities confirmed, after carrying out checks, that this was indeed the case. One of the terrorists succumbed to injuries received during the confrontation with the police.


Boston bombings: second suspect arrested

– A suspect still on the run. Djokhar
Tsarnayev, 19, is still on the run. Her brother, Tamerlane, 26, was
killed last night. The two are suspected of being responsible for the attacks
Monday’s murderers. Of Chechen origin, the brothers had immigrated to
2003 in the United States, an uncle, Ruslan Tsarni, said on Friday
“ashamed” of the idea that they may have been involved in
attacks that left three dead and nearly 180 injured Monday in Boston. And he
appealed to his youngest nephew, asking him to “surrender and
ask for forgiveness “, if he was still alive.

– Boston, city
. The population of Boston and its suburbs – approximately one million
people-, spent the day locked up at home, by order of the authorities.
All public transport was stopped, shops and schools closed, everything
overflight prohibited. Trains weren’t running between New York and
Boston. The governor announced, however, that people can now go out and try to get back to normal, while remaining vigilant. The police will continue their patrols.

– 9000 men following him.
Thousands of police officers in helmets, in combat gear, some posted on the
roofs, checked, house after house the streets of Watertown, in the suburbs
west of Boston, where the hunt for the two brothers took place during the night,
in a spectacular acceleration of the investigation.


In Boston under siege, the incredible hunt for terrorists

Night fell on the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a prestigious university center located on the banks of the Charles River, close to Boston. It is 10:15 p.m. this Thursday, and Djokhar Tsarnaïev enters a 7/11 store, a small convenience store open 24 hours a day for campus needs. Despite his adolescent looks, his gray sweater and his hood on his head, this young man of 19 years with wavy black hair and dark eyes is not a student who came to refuel in anticipation of a long evening of work, in full revision of the spring exams.

Since 5.30 p.m., he has been identified as one of two suspects actively sought by the FBI in the Boston terrorist attacks. During an extraordinary press conference, the American counterintelligence agent in charge of the investigation, Richard DesLauriers, released photos and videos showing him in the company of his older brother Tamerlan, caps screwed on his head, harnessed in backpacks and walking in the crowd, just before the attacks. The 26-year-old elder is apparently the “brain” of this sad duo, wearing black caps on Monday’s photos. He was identified as “suspect number 1” by the FBI. Djokhar, who wears a white cap on the day of the marathon, is “suspect number 2” and the FBI said he had a photo of him putting his backpack on the side of the road where the bombs will explode for a few minutes later.

“They are trying to kill me”

The two brothers, whose names will not be revealed until Friday morning, spent the previous three days going about their business as if nothing had happened, Djokhar even going to the campus of his university, UMassDartmouth, and to the gymnasium for exercise, so many decisions which strike by their extraordinary naivety and which seem to indicate that the two brothers acted alone, in “solitary wolves”, according to the American formula devoted.

But this Thursday, on the MIT campus, while their photos are going around the media of the world, understanding, very late, that the vice of the FBI will close on them. Their attempted escape leads them inside 7/11 of Kendall Square, very close to where they live in Cambridge. Did they try to buy something before being identified by the seller? The fog still hangs over this first episode of a crazy night that will turn into a surreal manhunt, which continued on Friday afternoon. What we do know is that the two brothers are going to attempt a burglary of the store, which will degenerate into an altercation with the police officer Sean Collier, on patrol in the sector.

At 10:20 a.m., a science student in MIT building 76 heard gunshots, according to the campus student newspaper. He calls the police emergency at 911. When another police officer arrives at the scene, he discovers Sean Collier, who has been shot several times in the head, at the crossroads of Vassar and Main streets. He was 26 years old.

The two suspects fled in his vehicle. While the alert is given and an armada of police forces converges on the crime scene to try to catch them, Tamerlan and Djokhar intercept a Mercedes SUV and continue their mad breakaway. For thirty minutes, they keep the driver hostage before releasing him on Memorial Drive, near a gas station. Seated behind his counter, the seller Tarik Ahmed sees the miraculous, livid and frightened tumble down, according to a story reported by the New York Daily News. “Call the police, call the police!” he shouts at her. These people are trying to kill me. ” Ahmed lets him call. “He was shaking, he was very scared.”

Meanwhile, the two suspected terrorists head west along the Charles River towards Watertown, a quiet town of 32,000 people with individual homes and gardens, 12 kilometers from Boston. The police are chasing them. In a few minutes, the small town will turn into a war zone.

Around 12:45 am, an extremely violent exchange of gunfire broke out at the crossroads of Laurel and Dexter streets. The shots are apparently very heavy. An amateur film, which was broadcast on YouTube, captured this surreal shooting. You don’t see much in a dark night like an oven, apart from the yellow headlights and blue beacons of police cars. But the crackling of the balls is impressive.

The suspects allegedly threw explosive grenades from their car, seriously injuring a police officer. The suspect number 1, Tamerlan Tsarnaïev, falls in his turn. He was rushed to Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, where he died of multiple gunshot wounds later that night. On the other hand, his younger brother Djokhar escapes with his car, which he ends up abandoning on a street in Watertown.

Dawn is pointing to an amazed America, which has been able to follow live events, all American channels having worked live, all night at the scene of the battle. At 4.30 a.m., a police officer held a press conference to call on the population to seal their homes and not to open the doors under any circumstances, except of course in the event of a visit by the police.

These converged by hundreds towards Watertown, deploying everywhere for a meticulous grid. In the streets, the shocked residents can see at each crossroads the men of the special forces of the Boston and Massachusetts police, dressed in black, harnessed with bullet-proof vests, helmets and protected to the chin.

Hundreds of other police officers and the National Guard are present with various uniforms. They deploy, submachine gun in hand, knocking on doors, inspecting the houses. Curious residents stick their heads out of the windows.

“They are barbarians”

“Here is the view from my house, it’s crazy,” wrote Shawan England, a resident who tweeted an image of her garden, where we can see two men in stashed trellises, guns in the shoulder. The entire Boston area is like a curfew. Transportation has been stopped, schools closed, and most businesses have decided to stop their activity for the day. It looks like an American television series, except that it is reality. “It is very unsettling to see Boston in this light. It’s such a friendly place, ”says Evan Diamond, a former Boston resident.

At the White House, the president was briefed all night and morning in the situation room by his counter-terrorism adviser, Lisa Monaco, and the heads of all the agencies involved. “All this week, we have been in direct confrontation with evil,” said Secretary of State John Kerry, a former Massachusetts senator.

Information is beginning to emerge on the past of the two brothers, from the small Caucasian republic of Chechnya. What is striking in the information that emerges is that they spent a large part of their lives, children, in America, where they arrived in 2002, fleeing the horror of war between Chechen separatists and the Russian army. They studied at an American school before joining a local college.

In the community of Chechen refugees from Europe and America, usually very integrated, there is dismay. The friends of Djokhar’s university and school do not believe their ears either, speaking of him as a nice owl, always smiling and good comrade. “I am deeply shocked, devastated,” says Ruslan Tsarni, uncle of the two brothers, from the small town of Gaithersburg in Maryland, where he learned the news. “I am without words. They don’t deserve to have lived, they are barbarians, I am ashamed, they are my brother’s sons, I have nothing to do with these bastards “, he says still horrified, calling them” losers “,” Unable to find their place in society and hating everyone for it “.

In Dagestan, their father Anzor says that he does not believe in their responsibility. “They were trapped by the special services,” he says, in complete denial.

For long hours again this Friday, the fugitive was not found. “You can leave your home, but remain very vigilant”, announced the police during a press briefing, a little before seven o’clock.

The sequel looks like a thriller scenario: a few minutes later, a resident decides to go out to cool off in his garden at the back of his house, at 67 rue Franklin. As he walks towards his boat, a “toy” he adores, jokingly confides in one of his neighbors on twitter, he discovers traces of blood on the white cover that covers him. Not the kind of fearful, our man decides to lift the cover and sees the fleeing teenager wanted by thousands of police, crouching deep and injured. He rushes into his house to call the police, who run in large battalions to surround the boat. Detail that says a lot about the technological means of the US special forces, a helicopter that spins above the garden and detects the heat of a body with an infrared camera, confirming the words of the owner of the boat.

A heavy shooting begins, which seems endless on amateur videos posted by neighbors on the Internet. At 8.45 a.m., the tragic and insane team of Dzokhar Tsarnaev ends. Seriously injured, police say, he is taken into custody at Beth Israel Hospital, where his brother died the day before his injuries and where he will be interrogated. “We have it,” tweeted Boston Mayor Thomas Menino. In the streets of the city, it is the explosion of joy. People go out into the street and applaud the armored vehicles and the Swat police patrols, which withdraw. Some people hit the bodies to express their gratitude, shouting “USA”. It is true that the investigation and the hunt were carried out with mastery and in record time – barely 4 days – by the FBI, in collaboration with the Boston police and many other agencies.

At 10 a.m., the president appeared before the cameras at the White House. He expresses his “deep gratitude” to the police. “The hate agenda of the two terrorists has failed because the Americans refuse to allow themselves to be terrorized,” says Barack Obama, who calls on the country to remain faithful to “the unity and diversity that make it strong,” so to say that recent events should not lead to the ostracization of Muslims. He also points out that many questions remain unanswered and that the investigation must continue to understand “why” two young people who grew up in the United States were able to turn against their adopted country.


Internet “vigilantes” in search of a culprit for Boston

Update, April 19 : this article was written and published before the release, on the evening of Thursday, April 18, of photos of two suspects by the FBI. This broadcast has led to a change in the rules for posting on Reddit, where only messages or photos relating to these two suspects are allowed.

Since the explosion on Monday April 15 of two bombs near the finish line of the Boston Marathon, which killed three people and left nearly 170 injured, two questions have been on everyone’s mind: who is / are the guilty) ? And for what purpose were these two bombs placed?

The FBI and the Boston police, in charge of the investigation, have so far been able to provide very little information. “We don’t have all the answers yet. We don’t yet know who did this or why”, explained Barack Obama on the day of the attack, while the Boston police spoke of the “most complex crime scene [qu’ils aient] never had to examine “.

Yes the Boston Globe assured Wednesday that investigators now have “image of a suspect carrying, and possibly depositing, a black bag at the site of one of the two explosions”, the authorities subsequently denied having arrested a suspect, false information disseminated by confused American media.

That same day, as speculation raged about the possible role of the “Islamist jihad” or some “white supremacists”, the FBI only said they found “pieces of black nylon that might have been a backpack, and pieces of lead and nails, possibly contained in a pressure cooker.”


The authorities nevertheless specified that the call for witnesses launched on Monday to receive the “thousands of photos and videos that have been taken” before, during and after the attack (accompanied by a reward of 50 000 dollars for any information allowing to find the culprits) allowed them to receive “a lot of information” and permit“study a large number of clues and tracks”.

It is in this context that thousands of people participate, on American community sites (Reddit and 4Chan, for the best known), in what appears to be the largest online participatory survey ever carried out to find the author (s) of the Boston Marathon bombing.

This amateur investigative work draws on photos and videos taken and posted online by the thousands of race watchers in Boston. “Please send all photos related to the attack,” posted Tuesday on Reddit – an American community site which had 30 million posts, 400 million unique visitors, and 37 billion page views in 2012 – a Richard Herold, collecting over 1,000 comments in response. Since then, all the messages related to the subject are found in the same “Let’s find the Boston terrorist”.

On his album “Boston Marathon Bombing” on the photo publishing and sharing site FlickR, Aaron Tang, a resident of Boston, explains his approach: “I was watching the marathon from my office when the bombs went off. I rushed to my camera to see if I could get any clues. Here’s what I have. You can share these images if you think they contain evidence, especially the photos taken before the bombing in the area where the first bomb went off. The FBI and police already have them, but you can send them information if you notice anything weird. ”

Her album can be seen below:

From these stories and these “raw” images (see another example on the Dead Spin site: “I was watching the marathon from my window, here are my photos”), members of these communities are prospecting in the digital field by quest for explanations, for the sake of real collaboration with the police, or sometimes just as a game.

They spot the odd details, the people walking in the opposite direction of the race before the explosion, the smallest backpack likely to be the one in which there could have been a bomb, and sometimes believe they recognize one of the three victims of the explosions.


“Look at the photo of the backpack published by the FBI”, publishes “jacdan” on Reddit on Wednesday. “It shows that it is clearly a black backpack, with black straps with a silver stripe. Now go check out this photo, which shows where the bomb went off. You see the guy at the brown jacket and the red and purple shirt? He’s holding something big in his left hand, but he’s also wearing a black backpack with black and silver straps. Three minutes later, he appears in another photo. At this point, he no longer has his backpack. He has a cell phone in his hand. The FBI should definitely be looking for this guy. “

“It’s not times”, replies “basegate”, but if you look at the time when the photo where he no longer has his backpack was taken, it is 2:18 pm Can we reasonably think that no one noticed his backpack? abandoned before it exploded? “ (according to New York Times, the first explosion occurred at 2:50 p.m. local time).

Others prefer to directly highlight on these images the details they consider more or less significant (by circling them in red, comparing them to other photos). Then, they post them online, without knowing whether they are also sending them to the FBI or the police (on sites like

We can see on imgur, a popular image hosting service, a compilation of dozens of such montages from 4Chan, a site with various very active forums, where tens of thousands of images are posted every day. anonymous:

“It’s not much. But you never know”, can we also read on Reddit, as the title of an image where the author says he recognizes a battery model in the supposed debris of the bombs (analyzed elsewhere by a certain “ericnot” on imgur). He explains that he then contacted a seller of this product on eBay, in order to find out if he had, in any case, recently sold such a model in the vicinity of Boston.

Nothing is left to chance, and all leads are recorded. The most redundant and serious are found in a Google document freely searchable and completed by anonymous users. We discover the main information, deductions or speculations, classified by subject: the bombs, the victims, the evidence, but also the main “suspects” with their backpacks or devices that are difficult to identify in their hands (“Is it really a cell phone, or a detonator?”).


The methods are reminiscent of some very detailed demonstrations that we have seen crop up in major conspiracy theories, such as those on 9/11, supported by photos, videos and graphics supposed to demonstrate that the official version is false.

Except that for the Boston attacks, no official thesis is yet to be dismantled: it is precisely to find it. And some of the leads are then picked up by American media, also looking for explanations. Thursday the New York Post has, for example, diffused in “one” the image of two suspects who would be wanted by the authorities: the “backpack bros” (backpack brothers) from the Google Doc document, which can be found originally on one of Aaron Tang’s photos on FlickR. The CBS channel then denied this information :

The site Gawker reported on Thursday that one of the two individuals displayed in this way has “panic” by discovering pictures of him on the internet and in newspapers, and explained on his Facebook profile that he should “go to court to explain that it is not him” (at the same time, Reddit users concluded that he couldn’t be guilty).

A development that recalls the hunt for Adam Lanza after the Newtown massacre, and which testifies to the possible abuses of what some American media denounce as a “manhunt”. “There is a big difference between doing a service to the community and investigating a crime. False assumptions beyond their control could cause a lot of damage.”, worries the site Wired, reminding : “The transmission of data will be collective. The investigation will not be.”

“They want to solve the investigation! Like the real policemen on television”, mocks the magazine The Atlantic, for whom all these “vigilantes” budding haven’t understood the significance of their actions, and believe that what they’re doing online doesn’t have the same impact as in real life. ”

The social media manager for the Reuters agency finally recalls, in a video presenting the details, that all these photos and research can be edited, tampered with, and posted by anonymous people with various motivations:

In response, many messages on Reddit condemn the sensationalism of the press which takes, without verifying, images from the site “to be the first to get the scoop out”. Users are also redirecting readers en masse to the “Find the Terrorists” forum rules. Among them: the fact of not posting any personal information, the imperative relay of all hypotheses based on evidence to the FBI, and the reminder of an elementary rule of an investigation, however participatory it may be: “Everyone is innocent, until his guilt is proven.”

Who are the victims of the Boston bombings?

As investigators continue to piece together clues to find the blast on Monday, April 15 at the Boston Marathon, Americans’ attention has turned – at least for now – to those killed or injured by bombs.

All of them have a story, stories reported today by the media that seek to give a face to an event that seems deeply inhuman. The sad part is that most of those names and faces will soon be out of the headlines – once the name of the person or group responsible for the Boston explosions is known.

We therefore decided to compile the beginning of the list of victims. What jumped out at us immediately, even though this list is only a rough outline, is that most of the injured – and the three dead – were not competitors. They had come to cheer on their friends, family and other runners as they crossed the finish line. We will be updating this post regularly, although the size of the attack will not allow us to do a full recap.

The dead

Three people were killed by the explosions: an 8-year-old boy who watched the race with his sister and mother; a 28-year-old woman who had come to see her best friend finish the marathon; and a master’s student from Boston University who has not yet been identified.

• Martin Richard, 8 years old (Dorchester Reporter): “A much loved Dorchester family were watching the Boston Marathon near the finish line in Copley Square and were hit by one of two bombs that went off Monday afternoon. Martin Richard, 8, was killed in the blast while his sister, Jane, 7, suffered a serious leg injury. Their mother, Denise, was also seriously injured in the explosion and had to undergo emergency surgery yesterday to save her life. In a press release on Tuesday, Martin’s father Bill Richard said: “We thank our family and friends, those we know and those we have never met, for their thoughts and prayers. I ask you to continue to pray for my family in remembrance of Martin. ”» (Read more)

• Krystle Campbell, 29 ans (ABC News): “Campbell’s parents William Campbell Jr. and Patty Campbell initially thought their daughter was injured. Then they learned that it was their daughter who was the victim … “My daughter was adorable. She was helping everyone and I’m completely in shock right now. We are devastated ”, William Campbell Jr. told Yahoo News. “She was really wonderful. Always ready to reach out to you. ” Parents find it hard to come to terms with their loss … Campbell told WCVB that her daughter works 16 hours a day in the food industry. “ (Read more)

• The Boston University student (BU Today): “One of the victims killed in Monday’s Boston Marathon blasts has been identified as a Boston University master’s student. The student’s name has not been released, pending permission from his family. The student was with three friends who were watching the race near the finish line. Another of these three students, also in master’s at BU, was injured and his condition is stable at Boston Medical Center. “

The wounded

According to the most recent official estimates, at least 183 people were taken to hospital for treatment for injuries related to the bombing. Several dozen of them were in critical condition. Given the nature of these explosions, the doctors implied that they had done a number of amputations.

Brothers (Boston Globe): “Liz Norden, mother of five children, (…) realized the horrifying reality that would change the lives of her two sons, as well as her own. (…) “I never imagined in my worst nightmares that something like this could happen”, said Norden, sitting on a bench outside the Beth Israel Deaconess emergency room on Monday night. As she looked at her feet, her socks mismatched because she had dressed in a breeze before leaving home, her tears fell on the sidewalk. (…) Both [frères] studied at Stoncham High School and had just lost their job in construction. The oldest, 33, still lives in Stoncham; the youngest lives in Wakefield. Both are passionate about fishing. Norden did not want to publish their names without speaking to them. ” (Read more)

• The mother who encouraged her daughter (Highland Community News): “Beth and Ken Roche of Highland were sitting in the VIP seats at the end of the Boston Marathon on Monday cheering on their daughter Becky Roche as she crossed the finish line. Less than a minute later, two explosions near the stands seriously injured Beth, herself a diligent runner, changing the lives of this family. Ken, who was already walking on crutches because he had a broken foot, was not injured. Beth had her left shin broken and her left knee is shattered. ” (Read more)

Girls who encouraged their mothers (Charlotte Observer): “Nicole Gross, a renowned fitness expert in the city of Charlotte, was mutilated in the Boston Marathon explosion, and underwent leg surgery at the Boston Brigham and Women’s Hospital. His sister [Erika Bannock, 29 ans] is in intensive treatment a few blocks down at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. The two women were in the crowd at the finish of the famous marathon to cheer on their mother, Carlo Downing, who was still running the 42 kilometers when the two explosions pierced the crowd. Nicole Gross’ husband, Michael, was with the two sisters: he suffers from burns. “ (Read more)

• Families (Lowell Sun): “On Monday, shrapnel from the bombs that exploded during the Boston Marathon went through both Sydney Corcoran’s legs, inflicting serious arterial injuries, according to his big brother Tyler Corcoran, interviewed Tuesday morning (…) Sydney, his mother Celeste and his father Kevin were in Boston to watch his aunt, Carmen Accabo of Westford, finish the famous sporting event. Celeste was also hit by shrapnel and had both legs amputated below the knee, Tyler added. ” (Read more)

• Students (Boston Globe)Among those injured in the Boston Marathon were several students from the area, administrators said Tuesday, as schools and students began to hold memorials in solidarity. Three students from Tufts University, seven students from Emerson College, three students from Northeastern University, a student from Berkeley College of Music and a student from Boston University are among the injured, according to these institutions. Earlier on Monday, the president of Boston University announced that a BU student was seriously injured. According to a report from Tuesday, this student is now in stable condition. “ (Read more)

Josh Voorhees

Translated by Daphnée Denis