Piem, designer of the “Little protractor” and “The Cross”, is dead

The cartoonist Piem, who mischievously sketched the news in the 1970s show “The Little Protractor”, died Thursday, November 12, the day of his 97e anniversary. “Press cartoonist, humanist”, Piem, whose real name is Pierre Georges Marie de Barrigue de Montvallon, also had “Worked for 36 years at Le Figaro, then at The cross ยป, recalled […]

what happened to his children?

Prince Michael, 15, Paris, 14, and Blanket, 10 lead the lives of affluent but serious teenagers with their grandmother in California. And prepare to take over from their father. Given the way they had been hidden by their father who hid them behind sheets and masks, during a hypothetical outing, the three children of Michael […]

Nashville on the rock!

She calls herself “Music City”, the city of music, and an electric guitar is her logo. The first glance confirms the speech. Posters of rockers in the window, neon instruments, vinyl and CD stores not found elsewhere, posters of upcoming concerts … The legend takes on its full thickness at the level of the pavement. […]

Test veste Columbia The Compounder Shell

Test of the Columbia The Compounder Shell jacket equipped with in-house Omni-dry technologies for waterproof-breathability of the jacket and Omni-Wick EVAP for the evaporation of perspiration. Eight days of testing, especially in Auvergne with heat, wind and rain. A good laboratory live! Posted the : June 18, 2012