Philadelphia storms the Nutella monopoly

Philadelphia with Milka will be marketed in France from March 15, 2012. – Kraft Foods “What, salty chocolate cheese ?!” At the announcement of this innovative concept, reactions are sometimes perplexed. The taste will perhaps convince them more. In any case, this is the bet of Kraft Foods, which claims to have already had great […]

The Florida, Agen temple of music

Creativity, commitment and proximity are the key words of Florida, the iconic concert hall in Agen, which is both modern and steeped in history. At first glance, passers-by are struck by the gray of the building, which is quite impressive, and which above all does not seem to adapt well to its exotic name. However, […]

Philadelphia releases a Milka chocolate recipe / The products

This is exclusive information from Linear. After launching three fragrances in April 2011 (plain, garlic & herbs, cucumber), Philadelphia will double its range on March 15th. Kraft will offer four new products: two light versions (plain and chives) containing 11% to 11.5% fat, a salmon / dill specialty and the surprising Milka chocolate recipe. Which […]