Philadelphia | Film Review

USA: 1993
Original title: Philadelphia
Director: Jonathan Demme
Scenario: Ron Nyswaner
Actors: Tom Hanks, Denzel Washington, Anna Deavere Smith
Distribution: TriStar Pictures
Duration: 1h59
Genre: Drama
Release Date: March 9, 1994

Overall: [rating:4.5][five-star-rating]

Tom Hanks, a great figure in American cinema, won the Oscar for best actor for Philadelphia, directed by Jonathan Demme. Philadelphia, a film that marked an entire generation as one of the first to deal with AIDS.

Synopsis : Andrew Beckett, a young lawyer with a meteoric career, finds himself promoted as a sign of recognition by his peers. Yes, but there you are, the day they discover that he has AIDS, they do not hesitate to dismiss him for “professional misconduct”. A great lover of the law, sure of his rights, Andrew calls on Joe Miller to take legal action against them for unfair dismissal.

A landmark film

Philadelphia tells the story of a man, Andrew Beckett, a brilliant gay lawyer with AIDS. Everything seems to smile at him, fulfilled in his relationship, formed with Antonio Banderas, surrounded and accepted as he is by all of his family. The film is set in the early 1990s, when people are starting to understand what this disease is, which is very well explained in the film! We see the ignorance and fear that this disease spreads. Andrew is a son to his mother and he tries to keep her away from her illness by explaining to her that all is well and that he is going to get out of it, which is far from being the case …

Overnight, just after being promoted, Andrew finds himself sacked by his bosses, men whom he deeply respects and admires, for non-existent professional misconduct. In fact, they learned from a reliable source that he is both homosexual but above all suffering from AIDS, which does not match brand image of partner company. Andrew, sure of his rights, decides, despite the disease which makes him weaker and weaker, to sue the said company in court and chooses Joe Miller, interpreted by Denzel Washington, lawyer who pierces, young father of family and relatively closed to the idea of ​​working for a homosexual AIDS patient. Nevertheless, Joe manages to get over his fears and decides to take the case.

The case was quickly publicized and raised crowds insofar as it answers extremely contemporary questions of the time. Anti-gay and even anti-AIDS protesters are massing in court and booing Andrew Beckett. Ultimately, this film is less about a man who is fired for no reason than about people’s acceptance of homosexuals and AIDS patients in society. Thus, the case, publicized, manipulated, opposes and forces to position, in order to change customs and mental representations, but which remains extremely violent for the applicant, Andrew Beckett, and his family as a whole.

A love story

Philadelphia it’s also a story about love in the broad sense. The love of his partner, Miguel Alvarez, professor, who supports him despite all the difficulties, a love made of tenderness and admiration. Without deflowering the suspense we can nevertheless say that the latter remains very loyal to Andrew, very integrated into the family of his lover, and present until the end, despite everything. Antonio Banderas who plays Miguel is really amazing, you don’t necessarily imagine in this kind of role, and yet it succeeds rather well.

There is also the love of his family, extremely touching by his openness but also by her solidarity in the worst trials she has to go through. The family scenes are both funny and moving. The actors play very well and we feel real group cohesion which strengthens the film! This family, undoubtedly a little idealized, remains an example to follow and is a dream! Andrew’s father and mother are excellent.

More broadly we can also speak of love in the sense of tolerance and friendship, two aspects seen through the prism of the relationship between Andrew and his lawyer, Joe. While Joe remains relatively distant at the start, a real friendship is formed between the two men, beyond their differences, going beyond Joe’s prejudices.

A brilliant film

So, yes this film may be a bit long, yes the subject is not the funniest in the world, but it impresses in all its dimensions : the story, the actors, the monologues, the music too (hence the Oscar for best song for Bruce Springsteen!).

What is really striking is Tom Hanks: what an actor! It transforms, transforms into the character, and serves the story magically! This actor is really exceptional and deserves the Oscar he won thanks to this film! It’s funny, moving, strong and fragile, it goes from one state to another and upsets the viewer: it’s really impressive! I would particularly like to remember two high-flying scenes, one on a reinterpretation of opera where you feel like you’re flying away (but where?), And the other on a monologue in court where it transgresses all prejudices!

And the theme: AIDS. In the early 1990s, you have to imagine, put yourself in context, to really understand the scope of this film which is part of the pantheon of committed films.


A very good film, committed, carried by an exceptional actor, Tom Hanks, to see at least once in his life!


Orlando Bloom, the green pirate!

Written by Aurore, Nov 10, 2011, at 17 h 25 min

Successful actor Orlando Bloom was born on January 13, 1977 in Great Britain. He explodes on the cinematographic scene thanks to his role of Legolas in The Lord of the Rings.

Charming and courageous in Pirates of the Caribbean, he caused a sensation alongside Brad Pitt in Sluts. Appreciated by the fairer sex, the actor forms a glamorous couple with the model Miranda Kerr who gave birth to their first child a few months ago, a little boy named Flynn.

A promising career and a fulfilling private life that does not prevent Orlando and Miranda from caring about the environment.

Orlando Bloom: Antarctica and awareness

Orlando Bloom – DR Promiflash

Orlando Bloom could have devoted himself to his acting career, or else enjoyed the joys of celebrity life. But it is not. The planet, Orlando loves it, and wishes to protect it in its own way.

Orlando Bloom et Global Green

In 2007, Orlando Bloom’s rend and Antarctic with the association Global Green on board the ship Ice Lady Patagonia.

The actor takes part in the trip with the aim of observing this territory that is ultimately little frequented by man and discovers alongside the photographer Sebastian Copeland (his cousin), the consequences of global warming. Touched by what he saw, this trip will have had the effect of an awareness: ” These icebergs were majestic, but they looked like dinosaurs to me, like an endangered species. I can come back next year or in 10 years and I will see that some will no longer exist. It’s terrifying« .

Since this trip, the actor has remained very involved with the Global Green association and regularly promotes theeco-citizenship and all these small gestures that everyone can do at their own level to preserve the planet.

Recently, the actor was also present at the 15th Millennium Awards ceremony organized by Global Green with the aim of rewarding associations, companies and individuals who set up actions in the interest of the planet. He was also present to support the association during the 8th Pre OSCAR PARTY, a party bringing together many personalities and responsible for raising funds and rewarding smart initiatives to fight global warming.

An eco house for Orlando!

Orlando Bloom et Miranda Kerr – DR Global Green

Green at heart and aware of the impact of global warming after his trip to Antarctica, Orlando Bloom has embarked on the construction of a maison eco-friendly in London.

The green house in question is provided with solar panels on the roof and D’low consumption light bulbs. The actor also said about his green house: ” It is as green as it gets. This house is equipped […] of all new environmentally friendly technologies. It may not be possible for everyone to live a completely green lifestyle, but there are little things we can do to help slow global warming.« .


The continuation p.2> Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr see life in green!

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Dr Murray convicted

The memory of the king of pop restored in fine, honored posthumously and a little derisively by American justice. The twelve jurors at the trial of Dr. Conrad Murray, the last doctor of Michael Jackson accused of manslaughter, reached a verdict on Monday in Los Angeles. The jury in the California State People’s Case against Conrad Murray has found the doctor guilty of the star’s tragic death. The judge ordered his detention. The 58-year-old doctor left the courtroom in handcuffs.

A clamor of joy from the fans gathered in court greeted this announcement. By condemning the last of the doctors at the bedside of this star weakened by an extraordinary lifestyle since childhood, justice with black and white Manichaeism thus erases the dubious chapters of celebrity. Michael Jackson victim of his entourage, it is more acceptable than Michael Jackson deposed. From the mistakes of a shattered genius who has gone far too far in the metamorphosis and manic control of his appearance, we go to the fault of a third party, a secondary character at the end of a long chain of complacent relatives. What shocks, today as yesterday, is the irruption of the trivial in a glamorous life entirely dedicated to performance.

The verdict designates a culprit. He could hide the forest and make people forget the anxieties of this immense star, devoured by his own legend on the eve of a phenomenal tour which was to mark his return on stage after years of absence. The stakes were colossal for this frail man with excessive demands and steel discipline. What role can an attending physician then play in the face of his permanent demands for substances and tacit permissiveness? American justice does not fit into this too human debate. Judge Michael Pastor had decided to allow two hours to elapse between the time the jury reached a verdict and its reading, time for the Jackson and Murray families to go to court, located in downtown Los Angeles. According to the site, Michael Jackson’s children should not come to court and it is their grandmother, Katherine Jackson, who will announce the verdict to them. Joe and Katherine Jackson, Michael’s parents, arrived together, hand in hand, to hear the already popular verdict.

“Michael was not dependent”

The seven men and five women on the jury took two days of deliberation to determine whether “criminal negligence” by the practitioner contributed to the sudden death of the “King of Pop” at the age of 50. Dr Murray, a 58-year-old cardiologist, was charged with manslaughter and faces up to four years in prison by this conviction. The prosecutor’s office accuses him of showing “criminal negligence” in the care of Michael Jackson, for whom he was the personal physician during the two months preceding his death. The singer died on June 25, 2009 of “serious poisoning” with Propofol, a powerful sedative that he used as a sleeping pill with the help of Dr. Murray, who admitted to having administered it the morning of his death.

In a television interview broadcast on HLN, the star’s dermatologist, Arnold Klein, denied that the singer was addicted to the drugs. “Michael was not addicted. Michael Jackson had no problem with pain relievers, ”he said. Cited several times during the trial, due to frequent visits by Michael Jackson in May and June 2009, Dr Klein also denied having administered the high doses of the analgesic Demerol described by Dr Murray’s defense during the debates. The dermatologist said he was in Paris for most of May. “I would never give anyone these attributed doses. The doses mentioned during the trial are not mine, ”he added in his defense.

“Criminal negligence”

Like the debates, broadcast live and in their entirety – at least when the jury was present – the reading of the verdict was filmed by cameras in the courtroom and picked up by hundreds of television channels and websites. worldwide. The Los Angeles police (LAPD) had announced that they would come to reinforce the Los Angeles sheriff’s forces, responsible for the security of the court, on Monday, after the tensions observed on Friday. The tone has indeed risen between a handful of defenders of Dr Murray and fans of Michael Jackson, who came by the dozen brandishing, in front of the television cameras, signs on which one could read: “In prison and throw away the key!”

Thursday, in his indictment, prosecutor David Walgren said that “the evidence in this case” was “overwhelming” and showed that Conrad Murray had acted with “criminal negligence”, depriving the children of Michael Jackson of a “father” and the world of a “genius”. Dr Murray was only a “little fish” in this case, assured the lawyer of the doctor, Ed Chernoff, affirming in his closing argument that the witnesses of the prosecution had agreed to manufacture all. exhibits a version of the facts incriminating the practitioner. During the six-week trial, which began on September 27, 49 witnesses took the stand. Dr. Murray preferred to exercise his right to silence and did not testify.