Joaquin Phoenix relaxes far from his French sweetheart … Rupture?

Bearded, gruff, untenable even violent, Joaquin Phoenix had shown himself in a very particular light in 2009, as a novice and failed rapper. This attitude was the heart of a mock documentary made I’m Still Here : The Lost Year of Joaquin Phoenix, by her friend and husband of her sister Summer, Casey Affleck,. Since the end of filming, Joaquin has regained its charm of yesteryear, to the delight of his partner Aria Crescendo, singer and ex-teacher of Star Ac. However, the lovers did not show up together at the Cannes film festival where Aria shone. Why ?

As his beloved wiggled on the red carpet, Joaquin had missions of the utmost importance: pushing a cart and eating with his pals. Admittedly, he’s no longer the rapper bear from before, but he shouldn’t be annoyed either, even if he’s shaved. Mister Phoenix did not want to tire in front of the photographers in Cannes with his sweetheart, preferring the manly atmosphere with his friends in Los Angeles. Casual look, Joaquin seems light years away from the frenzy of the world of cinema and his lover … Is there water in the gas?

In addition, when will we find it on the big screen? Joaquin Phoenix has signed on to star with Philip Seymour Hoffman, in upcoming director Paul Thomas Anderson (There Will Be Blood). Temporarily titled The Master, this work follows a charismatic leader in the 1950s, founding a new religion and his follower.