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Apple has released an update through its App Store Foundations program.

In the newsroom, the company announces that the 200th German developer is now in the program. The offer was introduced by Apple in 2018 and

offers selected developers additional support to develop even better apps. The developers selected for the program benefit from a tailor-made training plan in which they work closely together in individual and group sessions with leading employees of the App Store on a European and national level.

Expansion of the program to 29 countries

In line with this milestone, Apple is also expanding the program. Soon 29 countries will be part of it – which extends the chances of support globally.

Apple wants to help small EU developers

According to the report, Apple wants to help small companies and individual developers to realize their ideas:

The expansion is another important initiative by Apple to help European developers succeed. It follows on from Apple’s App Store Small Business Program launched last year. The App Store Small Business Program aims to accelerate innovation and help developers grow their businesses. It benefits the vast majority of all developers who sell digital goods and services in the App Store. It grants you a reduced commission for paid apps and in-app purchases. Developers: can qualify for the program and the reduced 15 percent commission if they have generated sales of up to 1 million US dollars in the previous calendar year.

Among other things, the program promoted the nature conservation app Climate. You and other apps that have become reality with the help of the program are presented here in brief portraits.

Photo: Apple


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