Michael Jackson’s will unveiled

In his last wishes, the king of pop leaves aside his father, very hard on him during his childhood, but also his ex-wife Debbie Rowe.

The mystery that hung over a will of Michael Jackson comes to an end. The document was handed over to justice on Wednesday. In this document dated July 7, 2002, the “king of pop” entrusts custody of his three children to his mother and all of his property to the Michael Jackson Family Trust, according to documents consulted Wednesday at the Los Angeles court. .

In the event of incapacity of Katherine Jackson, now aged 79, singer Diana Ross will take care of the children. Katherine Jackson is also a recipient of the Michael Jackson Family Trust, while Debbie Rowe, the artist’s ex-wife and mother of his first two children, receives nothing. No mention is made of the artist’s father or donations to charitable organizations.

Lawyers John Branca and John McClain were appointed executors of this will when it was made. Interviewed on CNN, they affirmed their desire that “the legacy of Michael Jackson be treated with dignity and respect”.

The singer’s fortune is believed to be $ 236.6 million

On Monday, a judge granted the singer’s mother, Katherine Jackson, 79, temporary custody of her three grandchildren aged 7 to 12, as well as temporary guardianship of part of her son’s property, currently entrusted to a third party whose name has not been revealed. The magistrate, however, had not yet pronounced on the long term, given the uncertainty concerning the will. Meanwhile, pickup trucks and a large moving truck have been seen entering Michael Jackson’s 1,000-acre Neverland Ranch.

The will could play a decisive role in unraveling a complex financial web. The succession risks turning out to be a real legal and financial headache given the complexity of Michael Jackson’s heritage. A report obtained by the Associated Press indicates a debt estimated at 331 million dollars. The amount of assets owned by Michael Jackson is $ 567.6 million, including his Neverland ranch, his stake in Sony / ATV Music Publishing, including the rights to Beatles songs. The singer’s fortune totaled $ 236.6 million (168.5 million euros) as of March 31, 2007. However, according to the Associated Press, the star only had less than $ 700,000 in cash, a paltry sum given his opulent lifestyle to say the least.

As for the rumors about the causes of the death of the interpreter of “Thriller”, they continue to abound on the web. According to the gossip site TMZ.com, which had exclusively revealed the death of the “King of Pop” Thursday, investigators have found at the home of the star of “Propofol”, a powerful sedative. The drug which is administered by intravenous can lead, especially if it is associated with painkillers which Michael Jackson is said to have been very dependent on, cardiac arrest. Going in this direction, the nutritionist with whom the star was preparing his return on stage tells, without his testimony being verified for the moment, that the singer would have asked him for “Diprivan” (generic name of “Propofol”) for the relieve unbearable insomnia.

Cherilyn Lee claims to have refused. But four days before his death, an excited call from someone close to Michael Jackson made the nurse fear that he had finally managed to get hold of “Diprivan” or another similar sedative. “This person was very agitated and said to me? Michael wants to see you immediately.” I could hear Michael behind saying, “One side of my body is hot, really hot, and the other side is cold; very cold’. At that point in the conversation, I knew someone had given him something that works on the central nervous system. ”

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