2000 people in quarantine: Hamm prohibits first family celebrations

Hamm is tearing the corona upper limit significantly. Private celebrations must now be registered after the mass outbreak as a result of a wedding. The city has already made use of the option to ban festivals in several cases.

To contain the corona wave in Hamm, the city has banned three private celebrations. It is about two hen parties and an engagement party, said Mayor Thomas Hunsteger-Petermann. The prohibition is based on the provisions of a new general decree of the city. It had come into force earlier this week after the sharp increase in the number of cases as a result of a major wedding.

The decree provides for a permit for private celebrations with 51 to 150 participants. Celebrations with 25 to 50 participants must be displayed. According to Hunsteger-Petermann, more than 70 applications and notifications had been submitted by Thursday noon. A lead time of three days applies. The city has set up its own hotline for questions about private celebrations. According to the mayor, five employees answer questions from citizens there alone.

As a result, the number of new corona infections in the city of Hamm climbed to the highest nationwide. The city recorded 96 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants within seven days on Friday. The trigger for the corona wave with currently almost 200 infected people is considered to be a large wedding and associated other festivities that took place in Hamm and Dortmund at the beginning of September and a week later in Werl. According to a city spokesman, the wedding couple was also infected.

In order to curb the further spread, the authorities have ordered further restrictions in addition to the notification and approval requirements for celebrations. Currently, a maximum of five people or members of two households are allowed to be in public space together. The mask requirement was also reintroduced in class. Hunsteger-Petermann said that the measures were “very much accepted” by the population.

According to the city spokesman, almost 2000 people were in quarantine in Hamm on Thursday. The city monitors compliance with them, for example by calling the landline. “So far, I am not aware that anyone is not following it,” said Hunsteger-Petermann.