2 million crossover: Taos or 2008?

But while sculpting these exuberant forms, the designers forgot about the fundamental things. The high and wide threshold makes you stumble when embarking and disembarking; multimedia is miserable to the point of impossibility of use – it slows down, makes you wander and draws a low-quality picture of the rear-view camera; the armrest overlaps the mode selection rocker (almost useless, by the way); the engine start button is insensitive (but prudently does not allow the engine to be turned off in the absence of a radio key nearby); the gloss gets dirty and scratched, and the uncoated pseudo-carbon looks like a 3M film from 2008 (the year, not Peugeot).

At the same time, the Peugeot speaker system produces amazing sound for this class, and the noise isolation is worthy of the hackneyed “premium” characteristics. Taos lags behind in both parameters (music plays worse, tires are louder), but at the same time is devoid of ergonomic punctures: the cabin has an excellent balance of keys and sensors, adequately working multimedia, more versatile and tenacious seats (although they do not look as pretentious as in Peugeot), laconic and clear digital interfaces, a cozy central tunnel with an organizer. The only annoying thing is the low-power USB ports and the boring overall design.

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