‘2.0 segregation laws’ undermine Biden presidency

He couldn’t back down any longer. Party-pressed Joe Biden spoke publicly for the first time this week about what many in the country are beginning to call “Jim Crow 2.0” – a modern version of racial segregation laws such as those enacted in the southern United States from the 1880s. In a long speech Tuesday evening in Philadelphia, city of signing of the declaration of independence in 1776, the successor of Donald Trump was angry against the attacks “to the most fundamental democratic right of all, the one without which nothing is possible”. He was indignant at the “big lie” (“the big lie”) uttered by his predecessor aimed at making people believe in massive electoral fraud during the last presidential election. President Biden called on Congress and the states to a “uprising” against these measures “hypocrites”.

Because it is the shadow of Donald Trump that hovers behind the attempts of Congress in the hands of the Republicans to rigidify the procedures for access to the right to vote.

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