1st edition of “The Insurance Trophies”: insurers display their innovations

1st edition of “The Insurance Trophies”: insurers display their innovations

The first edition of “The Insurance Trophies” took place on February 15, 2023, in Casablanca. Ceremony for the benefit of insurance professionals, it highlighted the innovations made by the players in the field in 2022 and best meet the growing needs of their policyholders.

Under the chairmanship of Mohammed Fikrat, former CEO of Cosumar and President of GIPSI (Interprofessional Prevention and Industrial Safety Group), the jury of professionals set up reflected the diversity of finance and insurance experts during the year 2022. It is composed, among others, of Youssef Harouchi, creator of the Circle of Innovation; Salah Eddine Mimouni, specialist in the digital world, director of the Richmedia agency; Adil Hlimi, editor-in-chief in the world of finance and Sophie Hozatte who represents the FG2A, namely the Federation of Guarantees and Affinity Insurance, a French body which supports several insurance entities in Morocco.

After several weeks of work, the members of the jury ruled on 21 consecrations which were awarded during this ceremony “Les Trophies de l’Assurance 2023”.

Divided into three main categories, including the Major Accounts area, the markets area and the institutional area, the consecrations are as follows:

In the Major Accounts area

  • AXA Assurance Maroc (Company): Innovation Service Award for “Sehassur”
  • AXA Assurance Maroc (Company): Coup de Coeur Unit-Linked Prize for “Optimis Multisupport”
  • Sanlam Assurance (Company): Product Innovation Award for “School Continuity Insurance”
  • Sanlam Assurance (Company): Societal Innovation Prize for the Ennajah Foundation
  • SCR – Société Centrale de Réassurance (Reinsurer): Innovation Development Technical Expertise Award for “SCR Academy Re webinars”
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In the Markets area

  • AFMA Group (Broker): Technological Innovation Award for its mobile solution
  • AFMA Group (Broker): Innovation Service Award for its Hotline
  • ALPHA Assurances (Broker): Coup de Coeur Award for its architectural innovation
  • ARZ Conseil (RMA Agent): External Communication Innovation Prize for its Web Info
  • ASK Gras Savoye (Broker): Societal Innovation Award for its micro-assistance solution
  • ASK Gras Savoye (Broker): Jury Prize for its Parametric Insurance project
  • Assur’Wi – digiassur (Broker): Product Innovation Award for TPME Union
  • Assur’Wi – digiassur (Broker): Customer Relations Innovation Award for Dayana
  • CFPA – Edukateam (School of Insurance): Knowledge Prize for its Finnish teaching method
  • EBM Solutions (Health Management Platform): Insurtech Innovation Award
  • EPEGA Assurances (Courtier) : Prix Innovation Communication Interne pour sa gestion Covid
  • Anonymous (Insurtech): Prix Espoir 2023, without Trophy presentation in public, because this new concept is being finalized. The Trophy will be awarded privately.

In the Institutional area

  • ACAPS – Insurance and Social Welfare Supervisory Authority: Confidence Award for its role as regulator with insurers and policyholders
  • FNACAM – National Federation of Agents and Brokers of Morocco: Innovation Service Prize for its communication and organization of the Office
  • FSEC – Solidarity Fund against Catastrophic Events: Technological Innovation Prize for its Risk Modeling
  • Bosch Household Appliances: Affinity Innovation Prize for its Extended Warranty Insurance
  • CNSS: Jury Prize for the Generalization of AMO

Unique initiative of its kind in Morocco, because it highlights the latest innovations of the moment, “Les Trophées de l’Assurance” has succeeded in getting several insurance companies, agents, brokers, but also insurance platforms to adhere to their concept. management support, and other professionals who navigate around insurance.

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