17th century fountain found in excavations for the metro rebuilt in Praça da Galicia

The elements that are being found in the archaeological excavations taking place in Praça da Liberdade, in downtown Porto, for the construction of the Pink Line of the metro, are being removed and will be reassembled for the decoration of various public spaces. The Fountain of the Nativity, for example, which was found in March, will beautify the entrance to the future station in Praça da Galicia.

“Initially, it was thought that the fountain could be inside the station but the truth is that the dimension of the structure is greater than what was documented”, explained to JN Iva Botelho, archaeologist at Metro do Porto. Contrary to what happened at the beginning of the construction of the network and the Blue Line, in which the structure of the old Poço or Arca de Água de Mijavelhas, a water reservoir built in the 16th century, was used to decorate the interior of the Campo 24 station. August here the solution will be different.

“The Campo 24 de Agosto Station was built from scratch and already with the objective of housing these ruins. Here in the construction of Linha Rosa we already have an execution project, with dimensions already established that do not support the size of the Fountain of the Nativity” , adds the archaeologist.

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