17 wooden works – talent and true craftsmanship!

In the modern world, there is so much plastic everywhere that sometimes you want to surround yourself with natural products. Therefore, it is not at all surprising that wooden furniture and various household items are in high demand today, even despite the fact that they cost much more than their polymer counterparts. There are also quite a few masters who work with wood. Moreover, some of them have become real virtuosos, whose work causes delight and admiration. They invest in their products not only skill and experience, but also soul, and this is felt every time you admire such beauty.

“I made this little wooden boat with my own hands. I will use it not only on the lake, but also along the coast of the Sea of ​​Japan”

“My boyfriend and his future wife love rowing. So, as a wedding present, I made them this pair of wooden oars”

Map of a lake made of wood and epoxy resin

“I made a creative crib for my daughter who is only one month old”

A statue of a forest deity, made entirely of wood. Very complex and beautiful work!

This coffee table is much more interesting with the top decorated with epoxy resin

Each of these leaves is carved from the type of wood it represents: bay, maple and oak

It is a mistake to think that wooden furniture is necessarily a boring classic

In fact, you can create something creative and ultra-modern, like this chest of drawers.

“We made a mini-hotel out of wood for bees. So far, there are no guests in it, but I hope they will appear in a few days”

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“I spent a lot of time making this wooden Lamborghini. It’s very detailed, so it took a lot of work”

“I made this yarn bowl as a gift for someone who is passionate about knitting”

“We used a huge amount of twigs and hot glue to create this crocodile. It turned out cute, didn’t it?”

Wooden figurine of the big wolf, the symbol of House Stark from “Game of Thrones”

A wooden table in the shape of a person who supports the table top with his hands – very creative and unusual!

Wooden cat in minimalist style

“For the past two years, I’ve been making books from wood and other natural materials. In the photo, one of my latest creations – a sketchbook with an oak cover”

“Portrait of a man carved directly into a tree. I was lucky to see this beauty in Iran”

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