160 more graves of indigenous children discovered

IIn Canada, dozens of anonymous graves have again been found on the site of a former boarding school for Aboriginal children. More than 160 graves were discovered on the former school grounds on Kuper Island, said the chief of the Penelakut tribe, Joan Brown. At the boarding school on the island west of Vancouver, Aboriginal children were educated from the late 19th century to 1975.

“It breaks my heart,” said Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau after the discovery became known on Tuesday. “We cannot bring back those who have perished, but we can and will bring the truth to light and continue to work with indigenous communities to fight discrimination and structural racism.”

In the past few weeks, more than 1,000 anonymous graves of indigenous children near four different former boarding schools had been discovered in Canada. The finds caused horror across the country.

In Canada, since 1874, around 150,000 native and mixed couple children had been separated from their families and cultures and placed in church homes in order to force them to conform to the white majority society. Many of them were ill-treated or sexually abused in the homes. According to previous information, at least 4,000 of these children died, many of them from tuberculosis. The last of these schools did not close until the 1990s.


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