16 million CDs sold since his death

Since his death on June 25, sales of “King of Pop” albums have exploded, including a million and a half in France alone. Calendar of a “Jacksonian” return to school?

Like James Dean, Marilyn Monroe or Elvis Presley, the fate of Michael Jackson was dazzling. During his lifetime, he had reached the impressive figure of 750 million records sold to the four corners of the planet.

Since his death, we advance that of 16 million, including a million and a half in France alone! The Thriller album, the best-selling of all time (ahead of the Beatles and Elvis Presley) with nearly 104 million copies is experiencing a resurgence of interest with more than 220,000 copies sold in five weeks, and the hit of the summer is undoubtedly I Want You Back, a single released in 1969! The History I and II and King of Pop CDs are currently at the top of Fnac sales.

In the midst of the record industry crisis, Michael Jackson appears a bit like a savior, a sort of Nicolas Flamel of pop, all of whose productions are transformed into gold, even platinum or diamonds. Would he be greater dead than alive? What is certain is that the singer, who was however on the decline in recent years, is experiencing a kind of resurrection. And an unexpected windfall in the midst of economic slump and in the summer!

As a result, fans are eagerly awaiting the announced reissues: Icons Jackson 5 (two volumes, released today), Hello World-The Motown Collection (August 31), Moonwalking-The True Story of Michael Jackson (August 28), Off The Wall? not to mention the products stamped Michael Jackson, such as Bad, Thriller, Dancer t-shirts.

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A film about his last rehearsals

Another important information, the release of the film from the forty-two hours of rehearsal of the show which was to mark Michael’s comeback on stage. Signed Kenny Ortega (director of Highschool Musical III), this feature film should be released in theaters in October.

On August 29, at 9 pm (date of Michael Jackson’s birth), the Grand Rex will offer a tribute evening called “King Of Clip”. On the program, around thirty clips on the big screen, an exclusive 52-minute subject, in the presence of the original statue from the Grévin Museum. That same evening, the Olympia displayed Le Memorial Jackson-MJ For Life and, on November 8, the Zénith de Paris got in tune with King of The Pop-The Show.

Also note that the portrait of Jackson made in 1984 by Andy Warhol (exhibited on August 6, 7 and 8 at the O2 Arena in London) will be auctioned on August 18 at the Vered Gallery in New York. The starting price is set at 800,000 dollars (approximately 560,000 euros). Already scheduled for mid-July, the sale had been postponed temporarily, due to the flood of potential buyers.

Other projects are underway, but the Sony ATV label, which manages the editions, still keeps the secret. Let us remember all the same that the generous Michael always arrived with 80 or 100 songs for each album and chose only fifteen of them during the recording. What will come out of many unseen in the decades to come?

VIDEO – Jackson’s last rehearsal on video


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Jackson would have been buried in Hollywood

“Yann Moix:” He has never been so alive as since his death “

»SPECIAL REPORT – The King of Pop is dead




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