16 cute wild animals that would be perfect as pets!

In everyday life, we are used to meeting animals that live in people’s houses and apartments most often, and in most cases we are talking about cats and dogs. However, the animal world is much more diverse. It is enough to go to the zoo, visit a farm or take a walk in the forest to be able to meet other representatives of the animal world. Some animals in the wild are so cute and good-natured that they could definitely replace “traditional” cats or puppies.

This lamb was born only 15 minutes ago, but it has already conquered hundreds of hearts

Who would have thought that hedgehogs not only have a very cute face, but also such charming paws

The meerkats at the zoo are always very attentive to everything that happens around them

Squirrels, before the arrival of winter, always add a few extra pounds, and this “obesity” makes them very funny

I wonder if this squirrel smells this flower or will it eat it?

This capybara doesn’t seem thrilled to meet her, but she looks really cute

“This wild bunny is the perfect size for my palm”

“When my daughter’s rat is nervous, she likes to keep her paws on her finger”

“He has a good day every day, that’s why he’s smiling”

“This cute squirrel comes running to me for a treat every morning”

“This chick was found by mom on the balcony this morning and now we’re getting ready to take it to the zoo”

“The calf was very pleased with a few caresses”

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This bird looks disapprovingly at the photographer trying to take its picture

How cool it is to sit on a blanket spread out on the grass and bask in the warm rays of the sun! Even the little lambs agree!

This duck seems to be very happy!

When it’s cold and windy at the same time, my face looks exactly like this

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