15 real AliExpress hits you’ll want right now (prices)

AliExpress Secrets:

  • For new customers, a promotional code is valid until the end of July ALINEW300SUMMERgiving a discount of 300 rubles (valid for purchases from 600 rubles).
  • To buy the selected products even more profitable, you can use center coupons. Also appeared on AliExpress WOW coupons, with which you can get a discount from 200 to 100,000 rubles. Coupons are issued randomly every day. The quantity is limited.

Why buy: A quick charge is one of the most important things in every room. Moreover, if the room is a car. You can spend quite a lot of time in it in one trip, or literally half an hour. And if you got to the second option, I would like to make the most of this time. And at least get full charge.

What they write in the reviews: Fast shipping. No more than five days.

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Why buy: We never hint at an increase in the crime rate. But, it’s worth protecting yourself. For example, a fairly popular anti-theft backpack. All zippers are inside. That is, they lie directly against your back. So, the backpack can be trusted with everything. From laptop to apartment keys.

What they write in the reviews: A small mouse pad as a gift.

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Why it is worth buying: If you are old enough and love compotes, spins and more, you have found an essential gadget for you. To create all of the above or save in winter, for example, on berries, you need reasonable packaging. The vacuum will save the situation and will help both save food and save space.

What they write in the reviews: A slightly rumpled box.

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Why you should buy: Our 1635 edition of the Ride Wheelbarrow program is back with you. And today we are changing the wardrobe of your “swallows”! After all, summer is the open windows of the car, which means that you can show off a little. Moreover, if the salon can look much better than even when purchased.

What they write in the reviews: Strong elastic bands and hooks. Will hold on.

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Why buy: Everything in our life is getting smarter. From speakers to houses. But the smart bottle appeared on AliExpress for a long time. But it is still popular. The bottle’s IQ is, of course, small. And in fact, it can only show the temperature. And we don’t need more!

What they write in the reviews: There may be a slight scratch on the display.

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Why buy: The most popular gadget right now is wireless headphones. First, it is much more convenient than the wired option. Secondly, now it is sincerely strange to have any others, with such a huge choice. If we talk about compact options, then the AirBuds format is very good, like that of Xiaomi. The case is very small and will fit into your pocket, while, despite the size, it will be able to charge the headphones more than 4-5 times. The headphones themselves do not differ in some incredible sound, but if you tweak the equalizer and choose the right ear pads, everything will be fine.

What they write in the reviews: Drives efficiently. Ideal for a gift.

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Why buy: Various cases on AliExpress are just in bulk. Prints, accessories, unusual colors … A huge amount of everything for every taste. There are useful things too. For example, for those who don’t like pop sockets, there is an option with a bracelet. Of course, it is impossible to put the phone on it as on a small stand, but the function of a stronger hold remains. And it looks more interesting than a pop socket.

What they write in the reviews: The chain is naturally light. So, the weight of the cover is practically the same as the usual one.

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Why buy: There should be an update for the headphones too. For example, appearance. It’s a pretty good idea to change cases, especially when they’re pretty fun. There are plenty of options. From famous brand packages to cute cats and other animals.

What they write in the reviews:

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Why buy: We also added practical things. For example, our favorite holders. Yes, yes, they are not only automobile. Home options are even more practical. Here, for example, there are hooks on the bottom of the holder. On which you can hang the wire from the charger or some other little things.

What they write in the reviews: The colors are just like the pictures. The brightness does not change.

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Why buy: An excellent purchase for summer residents or those who live in a private home. Surely everyone had a situation when the keys to the house were left at home or were lost. To save yourself somehow, you can hide one set somewhere on the territory. But in order not to worry about someone using these keys to get to you, there is a safe. It will take a long time to find the code, the thief is more likely to find another option.

What they write in the reviews: Russian Post slows down slightly. Delivery about 20 days.

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Why buy: In fact, we did not lie in the name of this product, and it really is, to some extent, laptop tablets. First, the shape is vaguely reminiscent of them. Secondly, if tablets save a person, then this option is also possible with a laptop. Such “pills” can save your device from overheating, and this will save you from losses.

What they write in the reviews: Convenient to carry with you, because they take up very little space.

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Why buy: There are also many humidifiers. From huge “bottles” to very small formats working via usb from a computer. In appearance, there are also quite a few options, but it seems to us that we have found one of the most unusual. Above are unusual crystals that perfectly refresh the look of the entire device.

What they write in the reviews: Perfectly quiet.

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A very interesting action has begun in Russia. You can get a modern robot vacuum cleaner with a wet cleaning function at a special offer with a huge discount. The main thing is that it is not noname, but from a reliable brand with proven quality – this is important, because you do not want to change the equipment often, and it is better to buy a good thing right away. Moreover, if such a cool device is now being sold for half the price.

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A pleasant moment is control from a smartphone, including activity control, programming cleaning time and monitoring the condition of the filter and brushes. In addition, this is the thinnest model with a height of only 6 cm, which means it will not get stuck anywhere. At the same time, the manufacturer did not save on functions, everything is 100%: three modes of intelligent operation, automatic detection of carpets, a powerful turbo brush for any type of surface and the Aqua Force 2 in 1 system for simultaneous dry and wet cleaning.

Why buy: Electric toothbrushes are a pretty good thing. Both according to the recommendations of dentists and in the opinion of ordinary buyers. Cleaning is much more in-depth and quality. If we are talking about teeth, you need to monitor them from childhood, so you need to buy electronics for the jaw. There are many options for the little ones. Starting from brushes, ending with a comfortable plate that immediately engages the entire jaw.

What they write in the reviews: Better to buy immediately with additional attachments.

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Why buy: Naturally, we’ll start with gadgets. Of course, from small ones. For example, from an adapter for phones and laptops. Watch movies, TV shows, work, and so on … With the adapter, you can do it in general from any device. If, of course, the connector is suitable.

What they write in the reviews: It fits a little tightly into the connector.

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Why buy: One of the most popular cases in TikTok, and on AliExpress itself, is an anti-stress case. If you haven’t heard the new buzzwords and don’t know what “Pop it” is, you have to catch up. The thing is actually pretty funny. And if she does not help to cope with stress, then somehow she will be able to occupy her hands for sure. And it looks very interesting. So at least the look of your phone will dilute.

What they write in the reviews: It sits on the phone very tightly.

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