15 members of the yoemia troop disappear in the yaquí reserve of Bácum, Sonora

Bácum.- Members of the Yaqui ethnic group denounced that after the recent incursions by the Army into indigenous territory in the community of Loma de Bácum, 15 members of the yoemia troop are missing.

Only one person has been reported missing to the State Attorney General’s Office (FGJE).

The Search Commission for Persons of the State of Sonora issued a location card for the member of the Yaqui ethnic group, Artemio Arballo Canizalez.

The 60-year-old man was last seen on July 14, 2021.

According to file: SC / CBPESON / 0191/2021, he disappeared on the way from Loma de Bácum to the El Coyote ranch.

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Fabricio Alvarado Cajeme, activist, pascola dancer, promoter of oral traditions, art and culture of the Yaqui tribe, commented that the issue is being treated with great care to preserve people’s lives.

Since illicit incursions by the Army into Yaqui territory began, members of the Yoemia troop have disappeared, as well as inhabitants of rancherías, he denounced.

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The traditional authorities continue the searches and consider that they may have been kidnapped.

So far, Artemio Arballo’s family is the only one that has filed a disappearance complaint.

Artemio Arballo is a highly respected, honest and hardworking friend and member of the Yaqui tribe, said Fabricio Cajeme.

After the illegal incursions of the Mexican army in our Yaqui territory of our traditional guard of Loma de Bácum, a member of the cattle ranch also belonging to our heroic people disappears, he said.

“Curiously, the latest reports of his whereabouts belong to the area of ​​a ranch that belongs to our Yaqui territory and neighboring ranches where these illegal incursions took place by the armed forces of the Mexican Army.”

“We demand from the Federal Government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador and the State Government, the prompt clarification and clarification of these illegal acts that threaten the autonomy and internal security of our Yaqui tribe,” he said.

Yoemia troop on alert

Due to the Army’s incursion into indigenous territory, on the night of Friday, July 9, the Yoemia troop from Loma de Bácum – one of the eight Yaqui communities – declared itself on alert.

Guadalupe Flores Maldonado, legal advisor to the indigenous Traditional Guard of this town, warned that since that night intimidation acts against the ethnic group have been registered.

He considered the incursions as violations of the Mexican Constitution since the indigenous authority has powers of self-government and internal norms fully recognized also in international treaties.

He reported that there was a confrontation between elements of the Army and the Yoemia troops, in addition that some soldiers had stayed in Cerro El Bacate and would climb up them.

Flores Maldonado denounced that the Army tried to disarm the tribe, but they did not allow it. Now 15 members of the tribe are reported missing.



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