Because of the tightened Corona measures, tens of thousands took to the streets in the Netherlands and Belgium. The authorities take stock.

A corona demo escalated in Rotterdam. Four people were injured by police bullets.


  • Because the corona measures were tightened, protests broke out in the Netherlands and Belgium.

  • Some of the demos degenerated into violence. In Rotterdam, four people were injured by gunshots from the police.

  • The authorities declared a state of emergency in the Dutch municipality of Enschede.

During the protests against the Corona requirements in the Netherlands, the police arrested dozens of rioters over the weekend. As reported by the police and local media, rioting broke out in numerous cities on Sunday evening for the third night in a row. The police have arrested a total of 145 demonstrators since Friday. The demonstrators threw fireworks at the police and started fires, among other things.

According to police, 15 people were arrested in Rosendaal near the Belgian border after demonstrators started a fire in a primary school and set a car on fire. According to media reports, the fire in the school has now been extinguished.

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Protesters set cars on fire. The protest in Rotterdam escalated.

Killian Lindenburg/ANP/dpa

Four people were injured by police bullets.

Four people were injured by police bullets.


Police cars became targets.

Police cars became targets.


Enschede declares a state of emergency

According to the police, five people were arrested in Enschede near the German border for inciting violence. The authorities declared a state of emergency. The police asked the demonstrators to go home via Twitter. In Groningen, several “small groups” rioted through the city on Sunday evening, as a police spokeswoman announced. The riot police were on duty.

A football game in Leeuwarden had to be interrupted after fans who were not allowed into the stadium due to the corona conditions threw fireworks. In Rotterdam, the police arrested 26 people at a game after fans threw fireworks, garbage cans and a guardrail at the officers during the half-time break.

Partial lockdown and planned 2G regulations

In the Netherlands, a partial lockdown has been in effect again for a week due to the increasing number of corona infections. Citizens are only allowed to meet a maximum of four other people in their apartments, employees should work from home if possible. Shops have to close earlier. In addition, a 2G regulation is being planned for some locations. This means that only those vaccinated against the coronavirus and those recovered from Covid-19 would have access.

Numerous people have taken to the streets against these measures since Friday. On Friday evening, the police in Rotterdam opened fire during the riots, four people were injured by the police bullets, according to the prosecutor. However, the intensity of the violence decreased by Sunday.

Riots in Belgium too

In neighboring Belgium, too, tens of thousands of demonstrators took to the streets against the new Corona requirements on Sunday. According to a reporter from the AFP news agency, the protests were initially peaceful, but later riots broke out near the government district. Police used water cannons and tear gas against demonstrators who threw objects at officers, set wooden pallets on fire and attacked police vehicles. The Belga news agency learned from the police that three officers were injured.

On Sunday there were riots in the Belgian capital, Brussels.

(Video: 20min/h)

According to the police, around 35,000 people took part in the demonstration in the Belgian capital. They protested against the tightening of the corona rules announced by the government on Wednesday. Her anger was directed against the fact that unvaccinated people are no longer allowed to go into restaurants and bars without a negative test.

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