14 swimsuits with a flat stomach effect that stylize and enhance your silhouette: they are extremely comfortable and reduce one size

14 swimsuits with a flat stomach effect that stylize and enhance your silhouette: they are extremely comfortable and reduce one size

With the summer around the corner, we all have our minds thinking about the amount of bikinis and swimsuits that we will be able to wear this season, and although there are some who are already clear about what their favorites will be, others have decided to bet on a reducer swimsuit or flat stomach effect swimsuit that contributes to a more stylized silhouette.

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This type of swimsuit encourages a more sculpted figure thanks to its compressive materials. In addition, this new spring-summer 2023 season, you will be able to find countless models that simply take your breath away.

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The reducing swimsuits: an option to see you stylized

For those who don’t know what it is exactly, the slimming effect swimsuits are a swimsuit that visually reduces the size of the figure, especially in the area of ​​the abdomen, waist, hips y thighs. These swimsuits are usually made of materials that contain elastane, spandex or lycra, which are fabrics with high elasticity and compression capacity.

The idea behind a reducing effect swimsuit is that by slightly compress problem areas of the body, a slimmer and more toned appearance is created. Some models may also have mesh or lining panels in specific areas to help flatten the belly or smooth cellulite.

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However, it is important to bear in mind that a reducing effect swimsuit not a permanent solution for weight loss or body toning. Also, some people may don’t feel comfortable with the feeling of compression on your body, so it is important choose the right fit and try different styles to find the most suitable for each body. Your favorite cool dress and you’re ready to go on a day at the beach.

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Trends in reducing swimsuits

Despite what is usually thought, swimsuits with a reducing effect have evolved a lot, and although there are classic and timeless models, you will also find:

  1. Mesh paneled designsin specific areas, such as the abdomen, sides or back, which help to smooth the figure and provide greater comfort.
  2. Bold colors and patternsthat certify that these swimsuits no longer have to be boring. Many brands offer designs with bold colors and prints that flatter the figure and add a fashionable touch.
  3. asymmetric cuts They add visual interest and can make the figure look slimmer and more toned.
  4. deep necklines,especially on the back. They help create the illusion of a narrower waist and slimmer figure.
  5. Belts that aim to accentuate the waist and create a more defined figure.
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14 swimsuits with a flat stomach effect that you will fall in love with in 2023


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Reducer swimsuit with sweetheart neckline

If what you are looking for this summer is an original, flattering swimsuit that reduces a size and makes you feel extremely comfortable, this grass green one has conquered us.

Reducer swimsuit with sweetheart neckline from Venca. It costs 29.99 euros.

La Redoute

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Orange reducer swimsuit

Orange is one of the tones that most followers and enemies concentrate this 2023. However, what few know is how much it favors. So it is a good option.

Orange reducing swimsuit from La Redoute. It costs: 29.99 euros.


4 / 14

Contrast V-neck swimsuit

It is one of the most beautiful, elegant and feminine this season that you can get a lot of out of. The best? It is an investment that does not go out of style.

Contrast V-neck swimsuit from Énfasis. It costs: 45.99 euros.


5 / 14

Front slit swimsuit

This type of swimsuit embraces any type of silhouette, enhancing a reshaping effect that reduces one size. Therefore, they are one of the most chosen by women over 40 years of age.

Roxy cut out front swimsuit. It costs 89.99 euros.


6 / 14

Printed swimsuit with Brazilian bottoms

It seems to us one of the most beautiful and flattering that you can use without fear of printing. Stylizes and reshapes contours. They are all advantages.

Bathtub is mapped with Brazilian Selmark braga. Cost: 78.90 euros.

Dolores Cortes

7 / 14

Wine color swimsuit with gold brooch

Keep in mind that dark colors will always tend to look more flattering on any type of silhouette. If you want to avoid black, bet on wine or burgundy.

Wine-colored swimsuit with a gold brooch by Dolores Cortés. Cost: 104.90 euros.


8 / 14

Tropical print swimsuit

It is synonymous with summer, joy and an original touch that, in addition to reducing a size, takes years off your shoulders.

Gisela tropical print swimsuit. Cost: 45.95 euros.

Ysabel Mora

10 / 14

Bandeau print swimsuit

If you thought that reducing swimsuits could not be printed, you were wrong. You just have to choose the perfect model with the most strategic print.

Ysabel Mora strapless printed swimsuit. Cost: 45.95 euros.


11 / 14

Black swimsuit with sweetheart neckline

If you are clear that you want to bet on a flattering swimsuit that does not complicate your life, betting on a black one will always be the best alternative.

Black sweetheart neckline swimsuit from Calzedonia. Cost: 69 euros.


12 / 14

Purple swimsuit with thin straps

Leaving aside the colors that are preceded by amazing fame this 2023, such as magenta, cobalt blue or chroma green, purple is a tone that favors everyone. Therefore, it is quite an investment.

Purple strappy swimsuit from Circus. It costs 75 euros.

Women’s Secret

13 / 14

Red asymmetric swimsuit

Perfect for those who are clear that red is their color, this asymmetrical swimsuit is extremely comfortable and ultra-flattering.

Asymmetric red swimsuit from Women’s Secret. It costs 49.99 euros.

Bo Star Swimwear

14 / 14

Black swimsuit with 3D flower

One of the most commented appliqués during 2023 have been 3D flowers. in summer also in your swimsuits. It’s a very elegant touch that smells expensive.

Black swimsuit with 3D flower from Bo Star Swimwear. It costs 105 euros.

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