At a public viewing of an EM soccer game in the Trier restaurant “Louisiana”, several people were infected with the corona virus. According to the Trier health department, 14 new corona infections in the past few days can now be traced back to it.

“Unfortunately, we have an outbreak in a restaurant after a game in which Italy was involved,” said the head of the Trier health department, Harald Michels.

Michels said there was a big party mood during the soccer game. “Unfortunately, all of this led to the fact that distances were not kept, despite warnings from the restaurant staff.” The health department will now try to identify the contact persons.

According to the health department, there should have been problems recording the guests’ contacts on the evening in question. Some guests would have entered the lists with a false name. Others had registered for the evening via the contact recording app “Imnu”. In total, the health department had around 600 contacts today.

Assignment problems

However, according to a spokesman, the problem is that the data can no longer be assigned to specific tables. Many guests would have moved freely around the room without mouth and nose protection and lay in their arms. In addition, many guests were booked out after a two-hour stay. That is not very credible, so the health department.

Health department advises guests to get tested

In this restaurant in Trier, several people are said to have been infected with the corona virus.


Martin Schmitt

“We are now trying to get very close to the people. We are taking the operator of the restaurant with us. We will also publish the name with his consent.”

In addition, people who were in the restaurant would be asked to take a quick test, whether they had symptoms or not. Guests who have symptoms should do a PCR test straight away. However, no further infected people had reported by Wednesday afternoon, according to the health department.

Delta variant could be an infection driver

Overall, it can be stated that more and more younger people are currently infected with the corona virus, according to the Trier health department. This could also be due to the fact that the more contagious Delta variant is spreading more widely.