The cabinet is continuing the plan to introduce so-called 2G policy for catering, events and culture. Everyone must be either cured or vaccinated. The House of Representatives has yet to debate it. According to the Outbreak Management Team, 2G can help reduce hospital admissions, but the exact effect is very uncertain. More about this at the Gelderlander.

The number of hospital admissions as a result of the infections in those locations is about 82 percent lower with 2G than with 3G. A system where everyone has to prove that they have a negative test result (1G) reduces both the number of infections and the number of hospital admissions by 35 percent. RTL Nieuws reports.

The cabinet has received the 130th advice from the OMT, containing the calculations of the effects of 1G, 2G and 3G on the number of hospital admissions.

The OMT indicates that it is essential that people comply with the basic measures and not to extend the closing time of the catering industry because that creates too many contacts, which in turn causes more infections. The OMT wants to ‘avoid the closing of schools’ as far as possible.

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