Dr Barizien insists on the need for rapid treatment. “If we wait six or eight months, it’s much more complicated to get back to a normal state,” he says.

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Nicolas Barizien, head of the functional rehabilitation service at Foch hospital in Suresnes created a Rehab-Covid consultation for patients suffering from symptoms several weeks or even months after being infected with Covid-19. According to him, to treat these patients with a long Covid, it is necessary “a multi-disciplinary approach”, he explains Sunday, September 12 on franceinfo.

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Patients with a long Covid often suffer from “feeling of shortness of breath at the slightest effort”, but also “muscle and joint pain”, details the doctor or headaches, nausea, vomiting and neurocognitive disorders. To treat them, we must act on several levels, according to Nicolas Barizien, co-author of the book Covid long, how to get out of it (Marabout).

“These people need to learn to recover. They no longer know how to sleep well, how to rest well.”

Dr Nicolas Barizien

to franceinfo

It is also necessary “take stock at the dietary level because certain types of food will promote fatigue, hypoglycemia or joint inflammation”. Physical activity is also an important way to “put your body back in the right direction”, boasts this sports doctor. Finally, psychological support is essential, underlines the head of the functional rehabilitation service at the Foch hospital in Suresnes.

“The latest most recent studies say that around 13% of patients will develop prolonged symptoms after Covid, ie more than one to three months after their infection”, he explains. “They remain seriously impacted in their daily life.” He calls on patients not to wait to be taken care of. “The care and support is all the more effective when it is fast. If you wait six or eight months before being taken care of, it is much more complicated to return to a normal state.”

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