13 gray and modern rooms that exude sparks of elegance

13 gray and modern rooms that exude sparks of elegance

The modern gray living rooms that will encourage you to change the color of your house

Gray can be completely nondescript or absolutely groundbreaking. Of course, what is clear is that it is one of those perfect neutrals from which to begin to build an aesthetic that, beyond prejudices and clichés, It can be from classic to avant-garde, according to the preferences of each one. How come you don’t believe it? Take a look at these salons and you will be convinced of all the stylistic possibilities of this always elegant color.

  • At his home in Valencia, Enric Marín decided to go for a dark gray that was almost black.  The smaller the spaces...

    bold gray

    At his house in Valencia, Enrique Marin decided to bet on a dark gray almost black. “The smaller the spaces, the darker you have to paint. It is a law that I always explain to my clients. In addition, it is hardly necessary to put pieces on these backgrounds, because they look twice as good,” explains the interior designer. As an example, this corner of the living room in which the dark gray of the walls, ceiling, moldings and sisal carpet coexist with the brown leather armchair.

  • © Manolo Yllera

    Ibizan Brutalism

    With a brutalist shell, this villa in Ibiza makes use of natural materials in warm tones to provide a relaxed style, typical of the Mediterranean. The result is a colorful mix of industrial aesthetics and decoration. vintage-contemporary.

  • Haris Kenjar

    casual refinement

    “With its gorgeous views of the pool and lake, the only thing the living room needed was a round table to enjoy the view from every angle,” Sean Anderson says of this home that shines with casual sophisticated refinement. In the dining room, an ottoman armchair #124 (The New Traditionalist) and two large bespoke curved benches designed by Sean Anderson (Grant Trick) surround a table Industrial Cone Pedestal (Mark Jupiter). On the wall, to the left of a Sean Anderson work, a sconce Court II (Allied Maker). Hanging lamp Talisman 14 (Apparatus). Custom made rug (Rosecore).

  • ©Ricard Lopez

    renewed classicism

    Personal, intimate and very bright, this house in Barcelona maintains its original essence after the reform, which has been combined with an elegant and cozy interior design in which natural materials predominate. Gray delimits the space, which opens on the ceiling thanks to the white delimited by the moulding. In the photo, the face to face by Tacchini, in front of the Artisan sideboard and the Dac Rugs rug, creates the perfect cozy corner for the photography of the artist Andrea Torres to shine.

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