12 official stocks such as Wistron and Evergreen are buying at a low price-Business Times

12 official stocks such as Wistron and Evergreen are buying at a low price-Business Times

Foreign investors have returned to the team. According to statistics, since May 16, when they began to increase their shares in Taiwan stocks, until June 6, their total buying exceeded 220 billion yuan. Be one of the profitable winners. However, official stock brokerages still bought Wistron (3231) with a maximum of 1.1 billion yuan on bargains, to resist the tens of billions of foreign capital oversold.

Investment experts point out that the eight major state-owned stock brokerages can be regarded as policy trends. Official stocks and foreign capital often fight against each other. Either you throw it away and I pick it up or I throw it away. Foreign capitals have recently started to cover Taiwan stocks and still sell specific stocks. Abandonment of stocks by foreign capital has become the target of policy protection.

According to statistics, from May 16 to June 6, foreign investors bought 220.83 billion yuan in the over-the-counter market, sold 5.08 billion yuan in the over-the-counter market during the same period, and sold 43.7 billion yuan in the over-the-counter shares sold by the eight major official stock brokers during the same period. .

During the screening of the above-mentioned bands, there were 12 official stock brokers who bought more than 300 million listed OTC stocks, including Wistron, Evergreen, MediaTek, ZTE, Creative, Datong, Yaohua Pharmaceutical, Baorui, Material-KY, Taiban, Jiajia Ze and UMC, etc.

Among these 12 tranches, 3 tranches such as Yaohua Pharmaceutical, Baorui, and Taiban are OTC stocks. Foreign investors sold more than 5.87 billion yuan in these 3 tiers alone, exceeding the 5.08 billion yuan of all OTC stocks sold by foreign investors during the same period. It can be seen that foreign capital concentrated their firepower to adjust these three stocks, and the official stock brokers increased their stakes slightly by more than 300 million to 400 million yuan during the same period.

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In addition, among the 9 listed stocks that bought super, both Wistron and Evergreen sold more than 10 billion yuan. Evergreen sold more than 11.5 billion yuan, which was more than Wistron’s 10.1 billion yuan. Official stock brokerages knocked in on dips.

Judging from the network of foreign super sellers, MediaTek and Evergreen plan to ex-dividend 76 yuan and 70 yuan respectively on June 20 and June 30, both of which will hit record highs. Let the foreign capital abandon the interest rate and sell the pressure out, especially Evergreen will have the false interest rate ex-dividend pressure in the second half of the year. If the financiers sell aggressively, it may increase the pressure on the stock price. Foreign capital has recently taken the lead in actively adjusting.

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