Having knowledge of different languages ​​is a considerable advantage. This will open doors to various opportunities. However, with the number of languages ​​existing all over the world, it is almost impossible to master them all. This is why Microsoft has implemented a translation tool that can translate a hundred different languages. It is Microsoft Translator. At the latest news, twelve new languages ​​have been added to the service directory.

A system that continues to evolve

When it started in 2003, Microsoft has set up a translation system comprising five languages: English, French, Spanish, German and Japanese. Over the years, the Redmond firm has added new languages, the most widely spoken in the world. At present, the translation application of the group has exactly 103 languages.

The tool can now translate texts in the following languages: Bashkir, Maldivian, Georgian, Kyrgyz, Macedonian, Mongolian Cyrillic, Traditional Mongolian, Tatar, Tibetan, Turkmen, Uighur and L ‘Uzbek. Those are the twelve new languages ​​introduced recently.

Crossing language barriers

Using this extension of Microsoft Translator, anyone will be able to break down language barriers more easily. You don’t need to know how to speak Tibetan to go to Tibet. Just get on the translation application and communicate without problem with the natives of this country. If you want to go further in language learning, you can perfectly use this artificial intelligence.

The goal of the web giant is not only to break down these language barriers between the world’s population. In the era of globalization, the multinational also promotes cultural exchange between different countries.

Personalized translation of content

Many professionals use Microsoft Translator for the translation of their working documents, despite the presence of other translation tools on the Internet. The application allows personalized translation of data. For example, if you want to translate an English text into French, you can customize your query in Canadian French or European French.

In addition, the content translated by this tool remains the property of its owner. They will not be saved in Microsoft’s database.

By having reached the bar of one hundred languages ​​in its translation repertoire, the group is affirming its enthusiasm. This achievement includes the languages ​​spoken by more than five billion people around the world.

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