118 infections after Chin Chin Festival: “We are the victims of the mistakes of the government”

At least 118 visitors to the Chin Chin Festival, organized on 3 July, tested positive for corona afterwards. This is evident from a new overview of corona clusters related to catering and events, made by the Ministry of Health.

There were 10,000 visitors at the festival in the Gardens of West. Visitors all had to show proof of a negative test or full vaccination in advance via the CoronaCheck app. Everything went according to the rules of Testing for Access, but many infections were still detected afterwards.

The organization of the Chin Chin Festival says it is very annoying, but emphasizes that they have done everything according to the rules. “The fact is still that it went safely. There were 10,000 visitors and afterwards 118 tested positive. It is not at all certain that they were infected here, they have indicated that they went out the days before at other places in the city.”

People would have come regularly to oversee the Testing for Access rules, which always left satisfied. According to Chin Chin Festival, they are the victims of the government’s mistakes: “We also did not know that the tests should only be valid for twelve hours according to the OMT. We have always followed the rules imposed on us by the government very carefully. If, according to experts, those are ultimately not good, it’s not up to us.”

Risk level ‘very serious’

Last week, the number of positive tests in the city rose by as much as 754 percent compared to the week before. In addition to Zuidoost, all city districts now fall under the ‘very serious’ risk level. That means there are more than 250 positive tests per 100,000 inhabitants.

Due to the large increase in the number of infections, large-scale events such as festivals have been canceled again.

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