116th day of war in Ukraine: “What if the EU disappears by the time Ukraine enters?”, when Medvedev upsets “Aunt Ursula”

While Vladimir Putin’s real state of health continues to fuel the questions of intelligence services around the world, his faithful among the faithful, Dmitry Medvedev, has split an analysis of which he has the secret about the European Union and Ukraine. In his last post published on Telegram, thehe former Russian Prime Minister and President, now Vice-President of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, asked himself the question of the survival of the Union. A watermark reflection of that relating to Ukraine’s accession during which he did not hesitate to bully “Aunt Ursula” and her promises.

On the ground, Russian army troops continue to unleash their deluge of iron and fire on eastern Ukraine. In Lugansk, in Severodonetsk, street fights are raging, soldiers are killing each other eye to eye. But from the neighboring town of Lyssytchansk, on the other side of the river, Ukrainian artillery also fired on Russian positions in Severodonetsk, and the Russians responded with mortars and rockets. In the midst of this crossfire, civilians are trying to survive and prepare for the worst, as the governor of the Lugansk region Sergiï Gaïdaï again underlined on Telegram. Strikes that do not spare farms where surviving livestock roam, often waiting for another cleaver in a region, the Donbass, where quality food is becoming increasingly scarce.

An extremely hard life for the few “10%“residents of Lyssytchansk who have remained there, who no longer have a telephone network, running water or electricity, cook over a wood fire and have taken refuge in cellars.”We try to persuade them to leave“, most “some categorically refuse“. And only one “small percentage“hopes that Moscow will make the region a “russian world“, explained the governor of the region.

A Russia grappling with increasingly growing tensions within its troops. According to the latest British intelligence bulletin, entire Russian units have indeed refused orders, resulting in clashes between officers and their troops. Among the factors that undermine the morale of Russian soldiers are a poor perception of leadership, limited possibilities for unit rotation, very heavy casualties and combat stress.

For their part, the commanders of the Azov regiment captured in Mariupol are being held in Lefortovo prison in Moscow, the Tass agency reported. Among those taken to the Russian prison are the deputy commander of the Azov regiment, Svyatoslav Palamar, and Sergei Volynsky, commander of the 36th Ukrainian Marine Brigade.

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