11 Russian brands of soda and lemonade

With the departure from Russia Coke and Nestle we will not be left without soda and lemonades. The local market has enough large manufacturers with a long history, and craft craftsmen, and small companies, where they rely on unusual tastes and natural ingredients. We have collected Russian brands producing sweet sodas, lemonades, tonics and kombucha.


Price: of 145 R

Carbonated lemonades based on juices and extracts of fruits and berries are natural and not too cloying. Classy has no sugar, sweeteners, flavors or colors. Flavors: plum-coriander, ginger-pear, strawberry-lemongrass and others

spinning top

Price: from 55 R

Craft lemonades and tonics from Volkovskaya Brewery. A huge selection of flavors, among them quite unusual ones like watermelon, raspberry or mango-coconut. There are bottled and cans. The most popular flavors are found in supermarket chains

Caribou Kombucha

Price: of 157 R

Moscow brand of kombucha, a fermented refreshing drink made from kombucha. Caribou Kombucha has a cute Scandi label design and unusual flavors: tarragon cedar, lavender, green tea kombucha and others


Price: from 150 R

Lemonades, tonics and kombucha from Moscow producers. Without excess sugar and with natural ingredients. Ginger ale, shu pu-erh kombucha, strawberry-sage lemonade, match-yuzu and other unusual flavors

Wild Soda

Price: from 170 R

Fruit and berry lemonades without sugar and dyes. The production is very small, there are several flavors: tangerine-pomegranate, grapefruit-strawberry-mint, orange-passion fruit, red orange and yellow grapefruit


Price: from 45 R

A large concern produces sodas with popular flavors: tarragon, lemon-orange, classic with notes of vanilla cream, Siberian herbs, and so on. Kalinov uses classic recipes that meet the requirements of GOST


Price: from 80 R

The most popular Russian producer of lemonades, sodas and waters. The classic line includes a dozen flavors – from the familiar “Baikal” and “Pinocchio” to new products like “Vostochny”. All drinks are quite sweet, but drinkable and fragrant.


Price: of 149 R

Lightly carbonated lemonades and tonics without dyes, preservatives and added sugar. The flavors are not too sweet and natural. There are classics like Duchess, several types “Coca Cola” and rare flavors like Burdock Dandelion

HQ Kombucha

Price: of 139 R

A popular brand of kombucha that can be found in cafes and large supermarkets. It differs from other manufacturers in a huge selection of flavors: there is kombucha with jasmine, hibiscus, osmanthus, thyme, masala, buckwheat tea and anything else


Price: from 125 R

Canned lemonades with a beautiful design and original flavors. Choice of grapefruit lemon mango chili and guava kaffir lime. Natural, sugar-free, very soft and refreshing. Can be found in bars and cafes

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