109-111: The UCAM embitters the exhibition of Huertas

109-111: The UCAM embitters the exhibition of Huertas

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He UCAM Murcia took the victory of the Sports Pavilion santiago martinby defeating Lenovo Tenerife 109-111, in a vibrant clash that was decided after a five-minute extension and in which the display of a masterful Marcelinho was insufficient orchards who scored 42 points, 23 of them in the fourth quarter, and finished with a valuation of 43 credits.

After a bad third quarter and where the visiting team managed to take a difference of up to twelve points (59-71), the Lenovo Tenerife got back into the fight with a recital from the veteran Brazilian point guard and even had a shot to win the duel at the last second, but the ball touched the ring and the victory went to Murcia.

Although the UCAM Murcia began the game with a slight dominance on the scoreboard (3-7, min3), soon Lenovo Tenerife would begin to grease their machine and, based on opening up the rival defense and looking for good outside shots, would take control of the game and the score.

Although the Lenovo Tenerife was still in command of the party, the UCAM Murcia always remained alive, thanks to the foreign launches of Chiozza y McFaddenscoring leaders for his team in the first two quarters.

He Lenovo Tenerife did not hide either and was successful in the launches and with a good direction from Marcelinho Huertas. The insular team maintained a high percentage in foreign pitches, but also the visitors, especially with Chiozza and McFadden.

The break was reached with a score of 49-42 in a very intense first twenty minutes and with two teams that did not hide their intentions to try to dominate the clash.

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After the break, the UCAM Murcia turned the score around. From the 49-42 with which they reached the break, they went to a draw at 57 (min.25) and a 59-69 with a Murcia Very successful and a Tenerife that did not get anything, not even free kicks. Chiozza, Radovic y McFadden they scored easily against a weak local defense.

When his team needed him the most, the reaction of the people of Tenerife arrived at the hands of Huertas. The defense of Murciafocused on shooters and Shermadini, so orchards he saw the way clear to score and of his 42 points, 23 were achieved in that last period, scoring the free throws that led Tenerife to extra time.

In the five extra minutes maximum equality in both hits and errors, but it was the visitors who were more successful to end up winning, although with orchards throwing the last ball, which did not hit.


Lenovo Tenerife, 109 – UCAM Murcia, 111

Lenovo Tenerife 109 (24+25+12+35+13). Fernández (9), Sastre (10), Cook (7), Doornekamp (14), Guerra (6) -initial-, Abromaitis (6), Huertas (43), Shermadini (8), Rodríguez (-), Bolmaro ( -), Salin (6).
UCAM Murcia 111 (18+24+29+25+15). Chiozza (26), Anderson (6), Radovic (20), Jelinek (12), Pustovyi (11) –initial-, Bellas (8), McFadden (21), Sakho (4), Diop (1), Rojas (1). -), Nikolic (2).
Referees: Calatrava, Bultó and Fernández. They indicated technique to the UCAM Murcia player Sakho (min.10) and to Doornekamp (min.34). They eliminated Doornekamp (min.34)
Incidents: Game ahead of day 32 of the ACB League, played in the Santiago Martín Sports Pavilion, before some four thousand people.

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