By @Alvy – November 23, 2021

On Free Icons the folks at IconShock claim to have collected no more and no less than 100,000 icons with free and free licenses, from all kinds of collections. Using them is as easy as scrolling through the list on the left to see what they look like and then selecting:

  • Icon size
  • Colors
  • Download in svg / png / webp formats

They are organized by purpose (applications, geometry, meteorology, system …) or by styles (elegant, pixelated, linear …). If you register in the service you can use the symbol (+) to add them to a personal icon collection, which can come in handy if you use iconography often.

The licenses for these icons are all free: Creative Commons, MIT, Apache, public domain and the like, and they are also free. Apart from that on the same website they have some others premium packs payment, but having hundreds of thousands to choose from, you don’t even need it.


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