100 percent effective drug

Elaf from Beirut: The Israeli company “Pons Bio Group” for pharmaceutical industries announced that its anti-corona virus drug was 100 percent successful in the first 10 patients who participated in its clinical trials.

According to what was reported by Al-Hurra website, from the Israeli newspaper, the Jerusalem Post. Acute from a corona infection. And 90 percent of those patients had other diseases, in addition to corona.

The trial data showed a 40 percent decrease in lung infections after receiving treatment, and it reached 1 percent after five days. Patients also showed improved respiratory function, and blood oxygenation increased to 95 percent.

This drug comes in conjunction with the emergence of other treatments for Corona around the world, which heralds an end that may be close to the danger of the pandemic, according to the report.

And new experiments carried out by researchers from the United States and Australia carried promising results for the possibility of finding a “treatment” for the emerging corona virus that is 99.9 percent effective, and it can be used for patients who suffer from severe symptoms.

What distinguishes this medicine, which is an injection, is that the active substance can be stored at room temperature, and it only requires small doses for the patient according to his need, and he can also treat all viruses of the Corona family, such as the original SARS-CoV- virus. 1) As well as SARS-CoV-2, as well as “MERS”, as well as any new strains that may appear to Corona because it targets “the gene responsible for the virus directly,” according to the researcher involved in the experiments from Australia, Professor Nigel MacMillen.

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