100 Colls 2023 edition. The art of paving the way… on a motorcycle!

100 Colls 2023 edition. The art of paving the way… on a motorcycle!


The 100Colls has been Consolidated as a very special weekend, different from all the other events organized on the open road: 100Colls offers each participant a motorcycling challenge of strategy, planning and tourism, a 48-hour challenge for true motards under a guide of total freedom.

Each participant chooses the starting point and freely create your itinerary choosing from a list of mountain passes throughout the Catalan territory. In order to control their pace, each of the registrants had received a “My Rally” satellite tracking device at home, which gave the organization their position at all times during the following 48 hours.

The goal is to arrive Sunday at one in the afternoon to the Món Sant Benet monastery, the geographical center of Catalonia, with the maximum number of points possible!

sport 100 COLLS 2023 227
100 Colls 2023 edition. The art of paving the way… on a motorcycle!

Sport Tracked!

One of the “momentum” of this test is to promote knowledge of the most spectacular places in Catalonia, encouraging the use of motorcycles in its tourism, adventure and discovery aspect, mirroring the itineraries marked out in the Grand Tour of Catalonia proposed by the Catalan Tourism Agency to discover Catalonia with your own vehicle.

The system used by registrants to navigate It is free: by satellite, with maps or through your own roadbook. From the organization, thanks to the control device, they automatically control the departure and arrival times, mandatory rest stops, the exact live location of the participants, as well as the accumulated points, ports or kilometers. In addition, the app installed on the mobile of the participants allows them to know their passage through the ports and their classification with the rest of the participants. Emotion, intensity… and a point of competitiveness that gives the 100Colls its motard sauce!

sport 100 COLLS 2023 9 (Large)
100 Colls 2023 edition. The art of paving the way… on a motorcycle!

Sport Second edition: Overcoming all the challenges!

With more than 270 registered of 8 nationalities different, the 2023 edition was a resounding success both in participation and in the very special ratio of smiles per 100 km.

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Likewise, the challenges chosen by the participants in this second edition surpassed themselves from an already very high level: certainly although the 100Colls is not a race, it is very competitive. The maximum score was achieved by the Italian Davide Sirocchi on top of a BMW S1000XR, and he achieved it by crossing no more and no less than 72 different ports. It was quite a demonstration of determination and rhythm that surpassed that of Jaume Ortís and that of Damiano Ciopettini, also Italian, who was very close to the previous one, after having been second until Saturday afternoon.

sport 100 COLLS 2023 1 (Large)
100 Colls 2023 edition. The art of paving the way… on a motorcycle!

The team classification was won brilliantly the Kawasaki Xperience Team -formed by motoring journalists Lluís Morales, Pere Llorens and Guillem Hernández-, third overall aboard their Kawasaki Versys 1000 SE after a hard fight with the Macbor Team -by Jordi Bordoy, Jordi Piñol , Jordi Traver, Gerard Farrés from Dakar and the very young Ian Samsó on their Montana X5 500- and the Road Team -with Jordi Sala, Ferran Sacristàn and Marc Baurier- and the Tenebres team -carles Soler, Miquel Codina and Miquel Fabregó – that they were putting the teams of both brands on the ropes all weekend.

The prize for the best duo was a full Yamahawith the format by Patrick Joe Bar Fuertes and JL Feijoo, from the Yamaha Trafach team on a Yamaha MT09 and Tracer GT9, and the Yamaha Motos x 1000 team made up of the journalist Josep Chaume and Isaac Cerdà on a Tracer GT9, followed by the Pescallunes Jordi Vilaseca and Jordi Vilarubí.

sport 100 COLLS 2023 23 (Large)
100 Colls 2023 edition. The art of paving the way… on a motorcycle!

Sport ¡Masters!

In reality, there is no single winner. The great prize that is obtained by fulfilling the challenge presented by the 100Colls test is, precisely, obtaining the title of Master 100Colls. Indeed, finishing the 100Colls with 80% of the score achieved by the participant with the most points has the value of being a Gold Master, in a number of participants, all bitterly separated by few ports at the end of the weekend, which this year grew to 20.

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26 enrolled managed to be a Silver Master, achieving between 65 and 80% of the points of the first, a challenge that is not easy because this one set the bar very high. For his part, the Bronze Master, obtained by exceeding 50% of the absolute points, was once again especially valuable, being highly competitive for the reference value set by Davide Sirocchi. All the winners were picked up at the lively end of the party at the Món Sant Benet hotel complex.

sport 100 COLLS 2023 37 (Large)
100 Colls 2023 edition. The art of paving the way… on a motorcycle!

Sport special trophies

oh! And it’s clear special trophies were also released. At 100 Colls each motard sets their own objectives, be it for points, ports or specific Trophies.

The precious Xtrems Trophy For the participant who crossed the three ports located at the ends of the Catalan geographical triangle, Jordi Ortís took it by marking the three ports in his box as well as the SHAD trophy for the most km. (more than 2,200 km!), and the HJC Helmets Trophy for the greatest number of ports covered, a trophy awarded by Damià Serrano, the Catalan Tourism Agency.

sport 100 COLLS 2023 148 (Large)
100 Colls 2023 edition. The art of paving the way… on a motorcycle!

The Women’s Trophy was won by Nuria Balcells, who was also a Silver Master on his KTM 1290 S Adv. The award was given to him by Tato Prats, president of the Catalan Motorcycling Federation. The Trophy for the first classified Passenger was won by the French Alexandra Sebille who participated behind a comfortable Harley Davidson Electra Glide, while the Clice Classic Trophy went to Toni Puntí, who with a BMW R80GS over thirty years old achieved nothing more and nothing less than being a Silver Master with 42 ports.

One of the most special trophies for its symbolism, the 100Colls Spirit Trophy -an award that epitomizes the motard spirit-, was meritoriously awarded to Laurence Boyer, from the very large French participation. Arriving from Brittany together with Franck, her husband, on a small XT500 and SR500, she suffered a setback just after reaching the first port in Andorra that ended with a broken tibia that, according to what they tell us, will not prevent them from coming back! the 2024 edition!

sport 100 COLLS 2023 224 (Large)
100 Colls 2023 edition. The art of paving the way… on a motorcycle!

Sport An unforgettable challenge

As we said, this year the 100Colls It had motards of more than 8 different nationalities, some of which traveled more than 3,000 km to participate in the 100Colls 2023. However, the faces of satisfaction, despite the storms that fell on Saturday and the many kilometers covered at the end of the hard but a rewarding motard weekend, they were the best reward: everyone enjoyed a freely chosen route that allowed them to discover the best scenarios and the best Catalan mountain roads without falling into any overcrowding in a truly motard, convivial and close environment.

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As Josep Maria Espinàs saidgreat writer and traveler: “We are forgetting the art of making the way, dominated by the mania of arriving.”

In the 100Colls, the path is more important than the destination. A very special weekend.

sport 100 COLLS 2023 226 (Large)
100 Colls 2023 edition. The art of paving the way… on a motorcycle!

Sport Trofeos 100 Cols 2023

  • First overall place: Davide Sirocchi, BMW S100XR
  • First classified duet: “Motos Trafach”. Patrick Fuertes/JL Feijoo, Yamaha Tracer GT9
  • First classified team: “Kawasaki Xperience Team”. Lluís Morales/Guillem Hernández/Pere Llorens. Kawasaki Versys 1000SE.
  • Garmin Xtrems Trophy: Jaume Ortís, BMW R1250 GS Adv
sport 100 COLLS 2023 203 (Large)
100 Colls 2023 edition. The art of paving the way… on a motorcycle!
  • Passenger Trophy: Alexandra Sebille, H&D Electra Glide.
  • HJC Trophy with more climbs achieved: Jaume Ortís, BMW R 1250 GS Adv
  • SHAD Most Kilometers Trophy: Jaume Ortís, BMW R 1250 GS Adv
  • Motocard Women’s Trophy: Núria Balcells, KTM 1290 Adv S
  • Clice Classic Trophy (for motorcycles over 30 years old): Toni Puntí, BMW R80GS



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