10 tons of luggage, 1000 pairs of skis: This is how the ÖSV stars travel to Chile

Logistics partner Schenker loaded the containers for the trip to Chile on Tuesday. The Austrian men’s teams travel with excess luggage and take ten tons of material to South America, for the 60 ÖSV runners 1000 pairs of skis are flown to Chile. “We also need gate poles, time measurement, the material for ski preparation,” explains ÖSV Alpine boss Herbert Mandl. “The logistics are a huge chunk in these times.”

On the other hand, there is no alternative. Given the conditions in Central Europe, skiers are forced to make the long journey. The top nations can all be found in South America. This results in costs in the six-figure range for the ski association.

The ÖSV hopes to be able to resume snow training on the local glaciers at the end of September.

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