10 new cryptocurrency projects to invest in 2023

These are the most promising cryptocurrency projects for this year, according to industry analysts. Each of these investment options offers its advantages as they target specific market niches.

Likewise, this guide analyzes the top 10 digital currency launches with bullish potential, taking into consideration their tokenomics (token economy), utility, and investment capacity.

1. Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG)

It is considered one of the best and newest cryptocurrency projects for 2023. This project seeks to revolutionize the way you play using cryptocurrencies by creating truly immersive games that capture the user’s attention. It differs from others because its goal is not just to attract players to get rewards.

MEGA is currently on pre-sale, so investors wishing to purchase the token at a discount can order today. In the first nine days of the second phase, after its successful launch, the project has managed to raise more than 750,000 USD. The current price of the token is $0.013.

Analysts believe that Meta Masters Guild has all the conditions for a formidable takeoff this year. The project includes playable NFTs and hopes to mainstream web3 games designed for mobile devices.

The first three titles of the ‘game guild’ are: Meta Kart Racers, Meta Masters Word and Raid NFT. In each game, the Players have a chance to win GEMS and NFTs. Likewise, every time a player completes a challenge he gets rewards.

MEMAG tokens can be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies such as USDT or ETH. In this way, players can convert their rewards into real money.

2. Fight Out (FGHT)

This project pays to stay in shape. During the first phase of the pre-sale stage, FGHT has managed to raise close to 3 million dollars. The price of the FGHT token is 0.0166 USD. By purchasing it you can claim a pre-sale bonus of up to 50%.

The main objective of Fight Out It points to a constantly growing market niche: the fitness industry. The project is creating a web3 M2E (move to win) ecosystem in which token holders earn cryptocurrencies and NFTs by doing physical exercises.

Within the ecosystem there will be a community, as well as custom training and tournaments. It will also feature a fabulous metaverse app and offer multiple ways for users to earn free cryptocurrency. As the community adopts a fitness-oriented approach it will be able to earn rewards.

The community will have access to M2E and Fight Out training programs. Programs include a variety of fitness goals in the areas of general wellness, cardio, strength, and endurance, among others.

The training offered is personalized and the user determines the physical goal he wants to achieve. For example, to tone or increase your muscles, lose weight or stay healthy in general. Fight Out programs offer online lessons with live remote access.

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3. C+Charge (CCHG)

This project is aimed at electric vehicle drivers who can earn carbon credits for charging an EV. The fundamental objective of C+Charge is to democratize the growing market for carbon credits.

The change of the world towards purer energies that contribute to reduce the risks of climate change, is one of the long-term advantages of this innovative crypto ecological project. The price of the CCHG token in the first pre-sale stage is USD 0.013.

The philosophy of the project establishes that the key to strengthening the future of electric vehicles is through blockchain technology and offering carbon credit incentives to users.

The project will have a network of charging stations to benefit drivers. Through a joint venture between C+Charge and Flowcarbon, users will obtain tokenized carbon credits by using the latter’s GNT (Goodness Nature Token).

C+Charge users will have access to a digital wallet that will be available in the CCHG app. Through the application they will be able to pay for the charging of their vehicles at the associated stations, for which they will obtain GNT tokens as a reward.

4. RobotEra (TARO)

This is another of the new cryptocurrency projects to invest in 2023. RobotEta it is a multiverse and P2E project that could become the next Sandbox. There the players have the mission of rebuilding a planet devastated by war, within a metaverse made up of several continents.

RobotEra’s TARO cryptocurrency can be pre-purchased currently at USD 0.020 per token. This means that investors can acquire 1000 tokens for as little as 20 USD. But if they miss this opportunity, in the second stage of pre-sale, they will have to pay an additional 25%.

In the opinion of critics, TARO is one of the most promising new cryptocurrency projects. Fans of P2E games can reap benefits as they search for resources on each continent they explore.

Players are represented by NFT bots. Although they have the option of creating other robots to help them in the task of rebuilding the planet Taro. Robots can be sold on the RobotEra marketplace and even rented to other players.

Another feature of the game is that the native TARO token allows players to purchase NFT plots of land that can also be traded. In addition to asset trading and other monetizable options, players can practice mining.

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5. Skull (RIA)

The RIA cryptocurrency has raised over $2.7 million in the first five pre-sale stages after its launch. For every dollar invested, investors can acquire 30.77 tokens.

The project Skulls promises future earnings by buying this game-based token as well. It consists of a series of high-performance P2E card games powered by the Polygon network.

The new cryptocurrency is expected to boost an ecosystem where players will reap great rewards by earning eRIAs. For this, Calvaria created Duels of Eternitya card game featuring a wide variety of collectible NFT characters and tools.

Players can build their own army of playable NFTs. The idea is to collect cards with the characters that allow the player to face and defeat his enemies on the battlefield in order to earn the rewards.

When playing Duels of Eternity players can purchase any NFT card, including upgrades or those obtained through rewards. In this way, players can monetize the game. Cards can be bought, sold and traded on OpenSea and Rarible.

6. Lucky Block (LBLOCK)

This crypto project is the first to reach a market capitalization of 1 trillion dollars. The new cryptocurrency is one of the best purchase options for lovers of casino games, including poker, blackjack and slots.

Lucky Block It owns a sports betting and casino platform launched last year, which is based on the entire blockchain. The brand has a diversity of exciting and entertaining games as it is associated with more than 80 software providers.

For online betting, players can use a very varied basket of cryptocurrencies. Lucky Block offers players very fast deposits and withdrawals, as well as security and privacy due to its technology.

Since its launch in 2022, the casino-backed LBLOCK token has become one of the most successful cryptocurrency launches. To the point that it managed to reach 1 billion dollars in market capitalization.

Those who invest in LBLOCK can claim a 15% refund on losses, after one week of play. On the other hand, the platform offers various promotions such as the recently launched 10,000 USD airdrop for new players.

The casino features thousands of slot titles, live dealers, table games, sports betting and much more to ensure players are entertained and thrilled.

7. Tamadoge (TAMA)

Another of the new cryptocurrency options available on the market this year is TAMA. The project Tamadoge is enrolled in the P2E space as well, it’s just that it’s a mix of online gaming and NFT characters offering rewards to players.

After a successful pre-sale run, the metaverse battle NFT mascot project managed to raise over $19 million. In this game, the player is in charge of raising the pets and making sure of their care.

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The fun gameplay involves the player feeding and training his pets well to participate in the battle. Tamadoge matches take place in the metaverse, with players earning prizes for their victories based on the weekly leaderboard.

The platform offers players a wide collection of NFTs that can be purchased to improve in-game performance. In the second stage of the game’s development, players have the opportunity to access modernized arcade-style P2E titles.

8. Frax Finance (FRAX)

This is the first hybrid stablecoin protocol that is supported by algorithms and financial collateral. It has been called the first central bank on the blockchain. Only it does not regulate fiat money but the new algorithmic fractional stablecoin FRAX.

The innovative cryptographic project Frax Finance it is a combination of stablecoin backed by digital assets and algorithms. FXS and USDC are used for the creation of FRAX; therefore the stablecoin differs from the other stablecoins.

The FLAX cryptocurrency does not have a fixed supply and it fluctuates according to supply and demand.

9. Grove Coin (GRV)

It is a green or ecological cryptographic project. Grove Coin It is trading at USD 1.16 and claims to be a secure and decentralized green token. Its orientation is also towards the green market and it is specially designed for investors who support the fight against climate change.

The intention of this token is to focus on offering a fully green blockchain solution. Hence, it offers a digital currency obtained outside of mining. Grove takes into account concerns about the effects of cryptocurrency mining on the environment.

The project, which has an ecological wallet, establishes as a principle the adoption of sustainable and environmentally responsible virtual money. Those who invest in the GVR token can access a variety of options such as lending, farming, P2E gaming, and others.

10. Proxy Swap (PROXY)

Finally, for those who are looking for new and innovative investment options in digital currency projects, there is Proxy Swap. At the time of writing this article, the PROXY token was trading at 0,003376 USD.

The platform behind the popular cryptocurrency offers traders a high level of privacy. It allows fully protected transactions from third parties, since users do not have to reveal the addresses of their wallets.

It seeks that users can quickly exchange any cryptocurrency token without the need to use a centralized exchange. The platform is associated with Uniswap, the popular decentralized cryptocurrency exchange.



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